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Light Makes A Way EP [edit]
by Remedy Drive | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 10, 2011

Piano-driven rock band Remedy Drive returned in 2011 with a new lineup and new music. This five-song EP entitled Light Makes A Way is a poignant, honest release for Remedy Drive frontman David Zach, who says: “These five songs are some of the more honest songs I’ve ever written and I love the way they sound.”

Zach’s heart and soul ring through the lyrics and blend perfectly with impressive new vocals and instrumentation from Remedy Drive’s fresh lineup. Listeners are treated to a new side of Remedy Drive when listening to the heartfelt “Follow Me.” The catchy, fast-paced tracks “Disappear” and “Hold On” are fan favorites on tour, and the title track of the EP, “Light Makes A Way” inspires audiences across the country to sing along.

Track Listing
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01. Light Makes A Way
02. Hold On
03. Don't Wait Too Long
04. Follow Me
05. Disappear

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Same Sound, New Band | Posted July 11, 2011
Remedy Drive isn’t a band that’s unfamiliar to change, not by any means. Starting off in 1998 as The Aslan Band, the four Zach brothers--David, Paul, Phillip, and Daniel--would undergo several name changes before being introduced to the world as Remedy Drive in 2008. 
The band charted several songs, including “Daylight” and “All Along,” but after their debut success, the band seemed to have disappeared. Fans questioned whether the band was still together. 
Their answer came in early 2011, but not without it’s share of surprise. After seven years of nonstop touring, three of the four brothers--Paul, Phillip, and Daniel—announced they were leaving the band to spend more time with their families. 
Remedy Drive front-man, David Zach, continued the band and welcomed three new “brothers” in their place. Fans were unsure about the change, as is normal in any such case, but it wasn’t long before they’d get a taste of the new of Remedy Drive, with the release of their May 2011 EP, Light Makes A Way.
The EP starts off with the title track, showcasing the band’s signature sound--an underlying groove juxtaposed against gritty guitars. My favorite track, “Hold On” comes next, and talks about our dependency on God when all everything else around us is gone. Lyrically, it showcases a raw depth from primary songwriter David Zach. The chorus declares: “You give me something better, more than just a feeling. You give me something real to hold on to.” It’s a maturity you’ll see throughout the entire project.
“Don’t Wait Too Long” gives off a musical vibe reminiscent of secular counterpart Coldplay, while the acoustically driven “Follow Me” is a song written to Zach’s son. In it, he confronts some of life’s hardest questions. He ultimately responds that he doesn’t have all the answers, but how he hopes that his son will follow in his footsteps by seeking the face of God. While lyrically, it’s a bit unconventional, it has a beautiful heart behind it. 
The EP comes to a close with “Disappear,” which tackles the subject of fear and reminds the listener of the hope we have in God, and the burdens (fears) He wants to bear for us.
Closing Thoughts: 
Often times, when a band must undergo a drastic transition, it leads to a drastic change in sound. But despite all changes Remedy Drive has made in the last several months, their style, somehow, remains the same. The only difference that stood out to me was the lack of a polished studio feel. While pop/rock driven, this EP is very raw and unfiltered sounding, which might be the deciding factor in whether people like it or not. 
All that aside, Light Makes A Way is something longtime fans of the band will enjoy, and it will certainly whet their appetites for new music while the band continues to tour and write new stuff. The next chapter in the story of Remedy Drive has yet to be written, but it’ll be exciting to see how it all unfolds.

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YC (5)

Good Return | Posted March 09, 2015
  After the news that the christian rock band Remedy Drive was going to release a new album with new band members. I, like most, was a little skeptical. Remedy Drive had already climbed to the top of the charts with thier hit album Daylight before 3 out of the 4 Zach brothers had decided to leave for an easier lifestyle. When that happened, all fans of Remedy Drive waited for what was next. Light Makes A Way is the newest edition from the group as it tries to rebuild. after listening to it, it was almost hard to tell if this was the new or the old band. the title track is outright the best of the album as it gives the best of what they can offer.

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Light Makes A Way | Posted October 24, 2012
Light Makes A Way is an amazing album, with a way to every persons heart. Guide You Home leaves the listener with an open heart and the thought of I can do anything. Speak To Me is a great song with the beat that most would think it could be a up beat tempo song.  

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