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  • "Atmosphere" from Resonate: Ripple to a Wave
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  • "I Don't Want It" from Tired of Basic
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  • "Mother of the Son of God" from Fa La La Christmas
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  • "Resonate" from Resonate: Ripple to a Wave
    Views 427 Views | Comments 0 Comments
  • "Storms" from Resonate: Ripple to a Wave
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  • "Wildfire" from Tired of Basic
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    (Thursday, April 21, 2016)
    "God's Not Dead" Film Producer Launches National Christian Music Tour
    (Friday, May 15, 2015)
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    “The goal of our music is to inspire others to live an abundant life through an authentic relationship with an authentic God. Our mission is to awaken a movement to ignite a wildfire passion for Jesus in the hearts of this generation and those to come.”

    The sound of today’s most current pop infused with rock and worship, plus hearts sold out for Jesus Christ equals LoveCollide. Two sisters, Lauren and Brooke DeLeary want the sound of revival to be so loud that it resonates throughout the world.

    “We have a huge passion for Christians to be bold in their faith,” they explained, “for people to draw a line in the sand and choose living for their King. We want to encourage those who feel lost or alone that there is Hope—and someone who loves them—and his name is Jesus.”

    LoveCollide releasead their first album April 2014. Lauren was in college at Belmont Universtiy and Brooke was in high school. As soon as they graduated May 2014 they hit the road touring and haven't stopped except to write more songs, drawing from their own struggles, faith, and devotion.  Two years later they released their next project RESONATE.  RESONATE consists of 2 separate albums. RESONATE - A Ripple to A Wave April 29, 2016. and RESONATAE a Spark Into A Flame is scheduled to release in the fall. 

    “We want our music to reach people on all levels of their faith journey” say Lauren and Brooke. “We all have lives that are messy, and hurts that are real. We also have a God that sees into the depths of our lives, the places that people may not see. We want our music to reach those places.” "Revival begins with one person, one drop can start a ripple that begins a wave of revival.  We believe each person can be that "one".  It begins with me, it begins with you" adds Brooke.  Follow LoveCollide on their website and social media to see all the new music videos and devotions LoveCollide is putting out to reinforces the theme to resonate Jesus! 

    Why “LoveCollide”? Lauren and Brooke explain:
    Everything boils down to the cross. The cross is where God’s incredible LOVE for us COLLIDED with our wretched sin! When you finally understand that kind of love you cannot help but fall more in love with Him and that is when real abundant life begins! We also have a passion for others to see who they truly are in the eyes of Christ and to find their identity in Him. When you begin to see how much He loves you, it changes your life forever.

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    Healthy Care | Posted May 02, 2018
    The right choice is right here => cara mengobati kanker endometrium <= Health is Wealth – Keep this treasure Safe

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    I totally appreciate | Posted April 20, 2018
    I totally appreciate your mission as “The goal of our music is to inspire others to live an abundant life through an authentic relationship with an authentic God”. As a music lover, I am very happy to see hare discography album of LoveCollide. Those students who want to make career on music field and come to design personal statement from me on various subject such as medicine -, law, marketing, psychology, graduate, economics, and nursing as I am best UCAS personal statement writer at Personal Statement Folks, should be very happy after reading this musical blog. Looking forward to read such kind of blogs.

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    Talented | Posted March 23, 2018
    What can I say - that is one of the most incredible young groups I have ever met

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    rbrown13 (224)
    :) | Posted March 23, 2018

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    good | Posted March 17, 2018
    I am a regular visitor here for collecting some information about different artists and their life. Your article is a very good reference to get the celebrities personal as well as professional life. Keep continuing to share more. Google Chrome running out of memory

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    LOVECOLLIDE | Posted February 26, 2018
    This band is ranked in the top place. I have read the best dissertation writing service reviews about this album. Most of the people are like their albums.

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    love LoveCollide | Posted December 28, 2014
    Was great to see you perform & meet you when you came to do a show at The Contemporary Music Center in Nashville this past spring. You both are super talented & your performance was incredible! Looking forward to more music from you. keep it up!!

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    belisbud (93)
    Bright Future | Posted July 29, 2014
    I really appreciate the fact that they promote people being passionate and open about what they believe in. Combine that with their powerful lyrics, talented vocals, and pop rock music, and I think their future and the future of their music is bright!

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    fesh (93)
    Music | Posted July 25, 2014
    Best wishes on your career. May God use you for His kingdom.

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    Muchas gracias! | Posted July 01, 2014
    Hey, LoveCollide! =D Thanks for your music! ;)

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