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Lincoln Brewster [Today Is The Day]
Posted October 07, 2008
By christianmusicreview,

Lincoln Brewster is back with his 6th album Today is the Day.† With several songs reaching the top of the charts from the other five albums this one is sure to follow suite.† We have already seen major radio play from the albums title song, ďToday is the DayĒ.

Since a young age Lincoln has been interested in music.† His mother taught him to play the mandolin at the age of five and then onto electric guitar by the age of nine.† Lincoln didnít quit there.† By the age of 22 he had reached a level that most musicians never reach.

Lincoln didnít always have Christ in his life growing up.† It wasnít until he started attending church with his high-school sweetheart and eventual wife that Lincoln gave his heart to Christ.† After being on the road for some time he started listening to Godís true calling on his life and accepted a job at a church in California.† That was what eventually led him to being the churches music minister.† Lincoln and his wife Laura currently reside in CA where he still leads worship at his church.† They have two sons Liam and Levi.

Lincolnís music really ministers.† Ever since I first heard his music I have been hooked.† There is something so pure and full of passion that grabs you and doesnít let go.

I was excited to know that this album was going to be arriving in the mail.† I couldnít wait to come home and listen to it.† I must admit that I wasnít disappointed.† This album is a great follow up with the work he has done.† I have to say that my favorite song is ďThe Arms of My SaviorĒ.† This song is powerful.† The structure of the song is so simple and really focuses on the message God provided Lincoln.† The chorus of this song says ďThereís no other place that Iíd rather be / than safe in the arms / the arms of my Savior.† Thereís no other place that I can be free so I run to the arms / the arms of my Savior.Ē† This is so true.† If we would go about our day and live our lives knowing and thinking about this imagine what we could do.† Imagine others being able to see you glowing with Godís grace.

I couldnít have been more excited about writing a review for anyone else.† I have been a Lincoln Brewster fan since the beginning.† I would love the chance to see him in concert or to meet him.† This album just adds to what makes him and his music so great.† From what I have heard and read Lincoln is a very humble and gracious individual.† He stays grounded and obedient to Godís will.

Lincoln knows he is blessed. †He says, ďIím truly grateful to be able to do what I do. I know I donít deserve it, but I am committed to doing my best with what God has put before me.Ē† We donít have to be musicians to live by this.† We as Christians need to have this philosophy with any and everything we do.

I would like to take a minute and say to Lincoln, ĎThank Youí.† The music industry is one of the hardest there is.† It definitely takes a true man of God to do the things you do.† I pray that you continue to follow the will of God and always remember we were created to worship.

Rating: 9.6 out of 10 (96%, A)

Review written by: Ben Collins | Review can also be found here.

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