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Ted's weakest
Posted June 04, 2008
By Ghoose,

As a Ted Dekker fan, I love the little references to the Circle Trilogy that are tossed into his books on occasion. Paradoxically, I do not like the Circle Trilogy and Black, in my opinion, is the weakest book.
Now, understand that this is only my opinion. I know some people who Love the Circle Trilogy and hate Ted's other books. That said, if you are interested, check the book out from a library. If you like it, buy it. If you don't return it. If you are interested in reading the Circle Trilogy you can not skip this one, it is the foundation of the series.
Nevertheless, I believe the colored forest in the book creates a beautiful picture of what the garden of Eden may have looked like. This is a reason to at least take a peek at the story

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