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I Still "Stand" with Smitty
Posted March 14, 2008
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

I still "Stand" with Smitty. Due to the overall quality of his body of work, sometimes people overlook the newer releases by Michael W. Smith, myself included. I've had this album "Stand" for over a year and I was originally drawn to the songs co-written with Leeland Dayton Mooring "Cover Me", "Open Arms" and "Be Lifted High" and those are certainly highlights. Recently I've been very touched by the middle of the album, particularly "How To Say Goodbye" written for Michael's daughter when she left home for college. I'm moved by that song since I have 3 daughters myself. I also really love "Grace", co-written by Martin Smith of Deliriou5?, "Oh Lord You're Beautiful", written by Keith Green and my favorite song on the album is "The Stand" which is a great worship anthem based on Romans 5:1-3 which is one of my favorite passages from The Bible. Find comfort and blessings here:
Romans 5:1-3

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