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A new sound, but still a great album
Posted November 09, 2007
By Nathan,

Five Score and Seven Years ago: the name has few meanings. First it's their fifth studio release, and it's the first time they have used five members on an album. Secondly, seven years ago Releint K came out with their first self tiled album. The most important thing for the fans is it's another Hit for the increasingly popular Pop/punk/ rock group.

It was evident from the first single "forgiven" that a new sound was going to be in use on this album, and it was a switch to a more punk sound to a more refined style. Five score and seven years ago, unlike other Reliet K CD's, the CD does not have very many lights out songs, which may be because most of the songs are top notch. "Forgiven" is a spectacular sounding song, but it doesn't sound like tradition Releint K, but "why don't you come out and say it" and "bite my tongue" will remind fans who is singing.

The disc has two heavier songs, like other releases, which are "devastation and reform" and "I need you", which are very good. The single "Give" is about the lightest song one the album, and the only one with a remotely worshipful tune on the album. While "faking my own suicide" has a clever sound but its gets old quickly, it's similar with "I'm taking you with me" in that it falls of the album as weak. "The best thing" and the single "must have done something right" have a punk sound and are very fun and up-beat.

"Crayons can melt us for all I care" and "plead the fifth" is the joke of the CD, both of the songs does not break a minute thirty combined. So the band had their joke but when it came to the last song on the album this got mostly locked in. "Deathbed" is a superb sounding song, as they used a bunch off different types of music for the long song, even Jon Forman of Switchfoot came out to help. Deathbed is Releint K's pinnacle song right now, both lyrically and musically.

With Releint K having hits on mainstream music, they certainly didn't compromise their standards with writing songs. Relient K set a personal record with four songs that are about girls, which is disappointing. However God shows up in the album more than once, and just good lyrics surround the CD. "I need you" and "Give" are firm songs, and so is "forgiven". Mathew Thiessen does a good job as always of having smart lyrics to his songs, but on the redemption "Deathbed" he did his best.

The special edition has a bonus DVD about the group performing acoustically at Capitol records headquarters, where they perform a number of different songs from past and present. "I so hate Consequences" was not great, especially since they cut out the end of the song. Most of the songs were, of course, better un-acoustic, but it was interesting is watch. They also preformed a new song.

With their fifth studio release, its unsure weather or not Releint K will keep with this sound or go back to the 80's style of music. Five score and seven years is good Releint K album, but not the best.

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