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A Thousand Times Better Than The Previous Foot Krutch
Posted September 26, 2007
By art10,

The most noticeable change right off the bat is less screaming, and less anger. Sure there's still lots of emotion, it's just less angry. You're not going to find any songs like "Rawkfist" or "Hit The Floor," but there's still some harder rock, i.e. "Falls Apart," "My Own Entity," and "Inhuman." These songs and others are usual TFK fare. Sure they might be toned down just a bit, and depending on your love for the group, this is either good or bad.

The lowest point in the album is "Broken Wing" which is a... well, I don't know what it is. But it doesn't work. "The Safest Place" comes a close second with the strange voice in the background. I won't even try to figure out what noise he's making.

Sure, TFK had slower songs like "Breathe You In," but this album completely departs from that, and has a good 3 songs that are slow. And when I say good, I mean great. If you haven't heard this album, imagine Trevor McNeven singing with violins in the background, in a slow and steady song, with, get this, acoustic instruments. WHOA! That's different. The change in my eyes is very welcome, and breaks TFK out of their hard rock shell. The results are excellent.

"What Do We Know" is supposed to be about the recent disasters in the world, and about how God's in control, and we're not. The result comes out interesting. The chorus gets repetitive, and the children's choir in the background is very out of place for a TFK album. But the musical style is great. It's very similar to another song on the album, which brings us to.

The HIGHLIGHT! 15 seconds after "Wish You Well," comes literally, "The Last Song." This is the best serious hidden track of all time. It's better than the whole album, combined, for me at least. The lyrics, the vocals, the musical style, the catchiness all succeed in amazing ways, and makes for the most surprising and best track of the record.

Hopefully it isn't the last song for TFK. They hit their stride in this album, and it'll please long time fans. The new shift with some of the songs is a breath of fresh air, and there's enough hard rock for the TFK fans. Disappointment on anybody's part? Nope. If you don't like hard rock, get the album off of I-Tunes. If you do, buy it, you won't be disappointed in the least bit.

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