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Worship Forever His Name
Posted September 09, 2021
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know
Known for his live worship albums, Worship, Worship Again, A New Hallelujah, and Surrounded, in tribute to the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001 (the date Worship released), Michael W. Smith has delivered Worship Forever, an intimate and stirring recording that will make you feel like you’re in the room. This collection brings Smitty back to the heart of what he does best-- leading people in worship.

What it Sounds Like
If you’ve always enjoyed Smitty’s corporate worship anthems, you’re in for a treat with this album. The exciting Tomlin-penned opener "Forever" sets the tone with the spoken word Bible verse intro, the upbeat orchestral musical arrangement, and the crowd reactions (that is, clapping and singing along).

There's an energetic and urgent tone in every song, starting with the stirring lyrics “Forever God is faithful/Forever God is strong/Forever God is with us, Forever." The call to worship flows seamlessly from song to song, as I find myself frequently singing these catchy and familiar choruses throughout the day.

The songs all have catchy and singable melodies, so you’ll want to crank the volume. Not to mention you'll want to sing along with Smitty and the choir, which can be heard throughout each song. I found reconnecting with these songs an enjoyable experience.

Spiritual Highlights
Each song includes tender and powerful vocals and takes listeners on an emotional and spiritual journey with every lyric sung about our faith in Jesus. Every song is completely anointed, spirit-led, and emotionally captivating. A sincere desire to experience the presence of God can be heard in every song.

Recent popular songs “Surrounded” and “Waymaker” are reminders that our worship of God should not be based on our circumstances and instead is based on who God is. Commit your life to Jesus and offer Him your heart and your life as you sing along with these great songs. I'm really engaged by the emotional vocals and the deep, prayerful lyrics throughout the album.

Best Song on the Record
There are several standout songs on the album. Many of the songs are arranged in a very singable and catchy style. My personal favorites are “Above All,” and “Agnes Dei” featuring Amy Grant. People can certainly relate to the "This is how I fight my battles" imagery of the song “Surrounded (Fight My Battles).”

The lyrics in the chorus, "It may look like I'm surrounded but I'm surrounded by You" have been resonating with me since I first heard this compelling song (it makes me realize that Jesus commands us to trust God completely no matter the circumstances or personal distractions or concerns).

"Surrounded (Fight My Battles)" was written based on scriptures that any follower of Jesus can sing and say yes and amen to every word. The song represents life and includes some great challenges to step out in faith and trust in God--even when you want to give up or can't see where you're going.

We aren't the source of the power to overcome our challenges. God is our greater power source that brings true power. In our weakness, God's strength is perfect. Remember that if God is for us, who can be against us? The beauty and majesty of our King Jesus is reverently captured throughout the album with anthem after anthem.

For Fans Of
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Final Word
This is a completely worshipful album, in the passionate style that Michael W. Smith has become known for. This is a must-own collection for worship leaders looking for congregational friendly arrangements of recent and classic standout worship songs ranging from songs by artists Upperroom and Leeland to popular songs by iconic artists Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, and Paul Baloche, and Smitty’s original classic, “Agnes Dei.”

These are very passionate worship songs sung with vocal sincerity and reverence with biblically-based lyrics. Musically, this album is very soothing, and the songs are all edifying, challenging, and filled with very biblical lyrics. Backed by an orchestra and choir on every song, Smitty’s personal and vulnerable vocals have never sounded better.


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