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Unashamed Kingdom Soundtrack For The Misfit
Posted October 29, 2020
By JoshuaGalla_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Social Club Misfits have been a mainstay in the Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) culture for nearly a decade (2011). Beginning with solo EPs, they’ve amassed a discography of over 15 projects between solo efforts, EPs, and albums. They even experienced a name change during 2016 when they signed with a major label, Capitol Christian Music Group (CMG); adding Misfits to the end.
Marty and FERN represent the Miami, Florida region as their home base, yet reside in the hearts of their fans (Misfits) worldwide. Marty is known for his playful wordplay and skilled rhyme schemes while FERN continuously spits solid bars igniting witty punchlines and street-relevant content. 
Feared By Hell is the fourth studio project released since being known as the Social Club Misfits. Fans are treated with a taste of the unique sound the new album illuminates during their two recent EPs titled, Doom and Mood. Framed within the bold statement of the cover art and title, Feared By Hell showcases the talents of the duo and their rooted faith unashamed in full display. Marty even had his creative mind working overtime as he either produced or helped produce nine of the overall tracks.

What It Sounds Like
FERN and Marty present to the people a collection of chapters from their soul fed to the mind and delivered through the lens of God Himself. These songs reveal how God has worked through these two, seasons that felt like hell, and how God brought them atop hands raised over and over. In the chaotic state of our society, these songs are needed. Healing. Victories. Difficult seasons. Praise above all. It’s a journey from the heart outward. A peek inside to see how God works through all situations for His glory!
Even with their extensive catalog of releases, Feared By Hell is their most eccentric and musical project. The variety of soundscapes, production, and featured artists adds to the unique album experience. Core fans will reign praise for the classic lyrical exchanges of the duo. Cultural fans will appreciate the strong Latin presence. Experimental moments exist throughout between production, rhyme schemes, bar for bar, and instrumentation.  
Some highlights include “Young Guns” featuring Davies which interjects infectious handclaps and high hats. “Act of God” featuring nobigdyl. kicks off the project and resonates as one of the strongest tracks throughout. “Somas Familia” featuring Blanca is quite refreshing. The driving sounds of an acoustic guitar and various live drums force your body to move melodically with the track. The project wraps up with “Without You” featuring Riley Clemmons. It enforces why hell fears strong belief and practical faith lived out daily. Focus on God and allow the rest of your life to align with His Word and the beauty that Jesus interjects.

Spiritual Highlights
The entire premises of the album speaks to the spiritual walk of Marty and Fern. Feared By Hell in a sense of Christians living out their faith to a point where the devil is trembling. Listeners hear multiple situations and life experiences where God brought the duo literally out of hellish situation one after another.
“I know who to call when I need help / I talk to God I ain’t talking to myself” from “God On My Side” featuring Ty Brasel packages everything perfectly realizing we all need help. When we do, go directly to the source–God. I won’t spoil the beauty within the track titled “Savior” featuring Jeremy Camp, however, it’s basically a worship song to our Jesus rescuing us from the old forming us into something beautifully new.
No worries here, misfits. As usual, the album reeks of God’s fingerprints and outward love for His children.

Best Song On The Record
Quite a few gems exist on Feared By Hell. However, I kept returning to the opener “Act of God” featuring nobigdyl. With this banger, we are treated to Marty’s melodic hook and classic flow. Fern blesses us with some of his strongest bars out of the 12-track buffet of content. Finishing out the track is indie tribe’s nobigdyl. You can always expect witty wordplay smothered in God’s promises and revelations from Dyllie.
Sound-wise, I appreciate the uniqueness of the track. The slowed-down tempo, the calm before the storm. Almost reminiscent of trap meets LOFI. I love how the song speaks to what God does in our lives pre and post Jesus. For most of us, it truly takes an act of God for us to alter our ways and begin a righteous walk with our Creator.

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Final Word
This isn’t your atypical Social Club Misfits album. It’s transcendent. A barrage of cultures coexists throughout. Listeners are injected with a dose of the Latino community, CCM spectrum, and hip-hop vibe mixed into a range of talents expanded. Marty and Fern develop a recipe for success with sprinkles of various sounds across multiple genres. This album cannot be tagged in a specific direction. It’s sonic experimentation and musical prowess reign prevalent. A consistent theme points to God’s supremacy and the call on believers to live loudly. To display faith so extreme the depths of hell tremble in fear. To remain Kingdom-minded. Social Club Misfits continue to remain impactful as artists in multiple creative spaces.

Stream the album on Spotify or purchase the EP on iTunes.

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