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Ready. Aim. Review.
Posted April 07, 2020
By RyanAdams_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Bayless is a husband-wife-led hard rock band from the wonderful state of Wyoming. Jared and Vanessa Bayless have a passion for bringing hope through music while challenging faith and worldview. Their new album, Ready. Aim., has earned a lot of attention in the Christian rock community lately, especially with winning the 2019 Grizzly Award for Fan Favorite. 
What It Sounds Like
The duo's new album pulls musical inspiration from Evanescence, RED, Disciple, and other well-known rockers. The lyrics are reminiscent of Disciple's loud and proud lyricism, in particular. Vocally, Jared has a deep and echoing voice with a lot of range, while Vanessa is able to pull off melodic and soaring vocals. The duo can shine on their own, but can also harmonize well together. The music is captivating and heavy, which improves upon the excellent lyrics. Worth noting is that the last song is an instrumental piece.
Spiritual Highlights
Each of the songs is full of passion, intentionality, and spiritual truths. The title track opens up the album's battle for one's mind and soul with a chorus of surrender, "Too long you controlled my mind/Too long been buried inside/And I don’t need your lies. This time I surrender my soul/To the one who’s in control."

"My Declaration" is exactly what the title suggests, a declaration. It's a declaration to remain strong in the truth and when facing your enemies. Perhaps the catchiest chorus in the album is found on "Save The World." Along with the attention-grabbing riffs, the chorus encourages us with, "Brace yourself, it’s gonna be insane/Save the world, save it from the flames/Stand your ground, proclaim the Name."

"Game Over" is the most symphonic song, both musically and vocally. The first chorus in the hit single, 
"No More Suffering," cuts away from the music to focus entirely on the words that boldly proclaim, "One day there’ll be no more suffering/And one day there’ll be rest for me/But not today/Even when I feel my hope is gone." Ready. Aim. is full of great spiritual content.
Best Song
Each song evidently received enough focus and time to make them excellent, even on their own. Any of the songs could be regarded as the best, considering the musical prowess and songwriting found throughout. The opening title track does a fantastic job of showing off what Bayless is capable of. "Ready. Aim." highlights Jared and Vanessa's great vocal talent, as well as the distinctive sound that the album has as a whole.

For Fans of
Disciple, RED, Evanescence
Bottom Line
Bayless's Ready.Aim. deserves all the attention it has been earning, rivaling the likes of Skillet and Disciple, as seen in the Grizzly Awards and Billboard. This album excellently combines signature vocals, impressive music, and empowering vocals. Bayless has written bold songs that deliver solid rock music and foundational spiritual truths.

Listen on Spotify here
Purchase on Itunes here

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