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Control Volume 2
Posted May 13, 2019
By BrendanBurke_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:
Joel Vaughn is an artist who plays pop/rock praise and worship music. He has released three studio albums to date; this EP is Control Volume 2 which is a follow up to Control Volume 1 from 2018.

What It Sounds Like: 
With a variety of styles on Control 2, there is something special for each person who listens. The first song “Unreserve” is an upbeat pop song that reminded me of 
Mercyme and The Afters. The second song “More Than Good Enough” reminds me of an energetic pop song, while the third song “Something New” reminds me of a Tobymac song with it's EDM style. The fourth song, “I Look to You,” is an uplifting pop song that makes me feel loved and full of hope. The last song, “I Give It All Back,” is my favorite song. With the piano and amazing vocals, it reminded me of Danny Gokey’s "Tell Your Heart Beat Again."

Spiritual Highlight: 
This album was inspired by the song “More Than Good Enough.” With lyrics like, “You are strongest at my weakest” and “I’m more than good enough,” it makes me feel loved and reminds me that God isn’t done with me yet. 

Best Song On The Record:
I Give It All Back” is an amazing piano ballad, and now resides on my daily playlist. I instantly feel loved and appreciated when hearing this track.

For Fans Of: 
The Afters, Tobymac, Mercyme, Danny Gokey

Final Word:
This is, by far, Vaughn’s best release to date. Every song is great to listen to and a great addition to your daily shuffle. Put this on at the start of your day, and watch the sun shine a bit brighter! 

Buy Control 2 on Apple Music or stream it on Spotify.

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