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Greatness Exemplified
Posted December 10, 2018
By JoshuaGalla_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know:  
Ty Brasel was homegrown between Memphis, Tennessee and Olive Branch, Mississippi in a region known as “Memphissippi" by the local residents. Brasel fell in love with hip-hop during his high school years. This love came at a personal price for him as he began to glamorize the “rapper lifestyle.” Drugs and multiple law enforcement encounters delayed Brasel pursuing his love for hip-hop and God until 2015 when his mixtape Cloud 9 Raps released.
His passion for the genre and skill set thrived annually as in 2016 Brasel released his first EP (1994 Until…), followed by his debut independent full-length project in 2017 (Young T) leading up to this year’s dual part release collectively titled, Destined For Greatness. This project consisted of two parts, Sides A and B. Side A released on March 30 as a standalone release, then was reintroduced along with Side B on December 7 as a full-length concept album. Amidst all of his personal success, Brasel was signed to a major recording label, 4 Against 5 (IVAV), in December 2017.

What it Sounds Like: 
Brasel relates his most recent release to a life-long journey. He desires to provide life music as a soundtrack for individuals who experience both the valleys and mountains, triumphs and defeats day in and day out. His passion for hip-hop matured during the height of southern “trap-style” rap around 2013. Therefore, Brasel has brilliantly meshed sounds from trap-infused production and lyrically-focused bars from the east producing an overall eclectic sound pleasing to a variety of listeners.
The project borderlines a concept storyline as Brasel encourages fans to buckle up for a ride throughout his personal journey detailing his early humble beginnings to the spotlighted success enjoyed currently. The “sides” of Brasel as a sinner and divine redeemed son of God are detailed from start to finish. Highlighted tracks that expose his transparency include “The Game,” “Phoenix In Exile,”  “Meant For Me,” “God Son,” and “No Escaping.”
Other moments of brilliance showcase his pure lyricism as an artist including “Praying Hands II,” All At Once+,” and “444+333 (God Is Perfect).” It’s often rare an emcee can rattle off bars effortlessly with flawless execution coupled with explicit emotional detail.  
Spiritual Highlights: 
Spiritual concepts like faith, love, relationship, and God, in general, are pinpointed throughout this project. Unlike most other CHH releases, a fine-toothed comb is unnecessary to discover Brasel’s refined faith and admiration of God.
One track stands above others serving as the climax to Brasel’s difficult journey through life, “Through The Fire.” He explains, “When my soul is low, I look to the hills. When I’m lonely when I’m hurting – I call on You.” Regardless of countless struggles faced, Brasel finds victory in Jesus and his increasing faith.
Overall, listeners feel a call to worship throughout the project.
Best Song on the Record: 
From Side A (tracks 1-7), I’m partial to “444+333 (God is Perfect).” The track is a mixture of praises to God and a transparent side of Brasel relating failures with successes. Also, the production of the track screams originality producing a sound unlike anything else in the genre.

From Side B (tracks 8-18), I’d chose “Praying Hands II” since raw lyricism is a gift few other artists possess. Brasel unleashes a pure rawness to his bars absent from the overall refinement found everywhere else on this project. The production aides the brilliance of the track tagging it as one of my favorite offerings from Brasel since his start in 2015.

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Final Word: 
Even though this project released towards the end of 2018, Destined For Greatness stands out as one of the top five projects released this year. From the storyline of the project to the refined lyrics combined with unique track production, everything together produces a rarity—a near perfect release.
Brasel’s honesty is refreshing and relatable to listeners from various age groups regardless of background. His personal faith exposed is refreshing proving an artist can interject God’s name and deities without tarnishing the remaining content.
Also, the project’s replay value adds a timeless factor, again unseen in most music released in our era. The relevancy of the tracks, concepts, and Brasel’s talent shall only improve with time and much more is on the horizon for this promising artist from 4 Against 5.

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