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Simple Truths and Sincere Praise
Posted November 02, 2018
By JasminPatterson_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Renowned worship leader and songwriter Chris Tomlin
releases his eighth album, Holy Roar, featuring the previously released singles "Nobody Loves Me Like You" and "Holy Roar."

What It Sounds Like
On Holy Roar, Chris Tomlin consistently points us back to the worthiness of God and His love for us, while also drawing us into praise in a way that is accessible for everyone. Yet again, he delivers on the congregational singing with a church worship band style that we've come to love him for. The title track "Holy Roar" sets the tone for the album really well by declaring that we are approaching God to give Him what He is worthy of: a holy roar of worship. "Praise Him Forever" is a fun, mid-tempo, four-on-the-floor song that would be powerful for congregations to sing together. "Goodness, Love and Mercy" has a Gospel music inspired bridge that will take you straight to church, and it's a great moment on the album. "How Sweet It Is" features fellow worship leader and songwriter Pat Barrett, who also wrote "Good, Good Father" from Tomlin's previous album, Never Lose Sight.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
"Is He Worthy?" is a standout song on the album. The lyric pulls from Romans 8:18-24, which is about humanity and creation groaning for Jesus to come back and free us from sin and suffering. It also references Revelation 5:1-14, which is a prophetic passage declaring Jesus is the only one worthy to break the seals on the scrolls in Heaven that unfold God's plan at the end of this age. That plan includes Jesus returning to earth, ending sin and suffering, and establishing His reign of peace and righteousness. It's a theological theme that is lacking in much of worship lyrical content today, so it's refreshing to hear Chris tackle this type of song and keep it so sing-able and biblically grounded.

Best Song On The Record
best song on the album, it's a tie between "Is He Worthy?," as mentioned above for its rich and much needed theological content, and "Praise Is The Highway" for its hopeful declaration of how praise ushers in the move of God.

For Fans Of
Pat Barrett, Lincoln Brewster, Passion

Final Word
Holy Roar is an album that is sure to create many moments of believers singing praise together. Simple truths declared and sincere praise expressed are powerful, and this album is full of both.

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