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Passion and Freedom
Posted June 21, 2018
By JasminPatterson_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need To Know
Here Be Lions is the Nashville-based ministry collective led by songwriter, worship leader and pastor, Dustin Smith. Here Be Lions makes their major label debut on Integrity Music with their new album, Only A Holy God.

What It Sounds Like
This is an album full of gems for corporate worship settings. Whether expressing passionate worship of God's nature ("Only A Holy God," "We're Singing Holy"), prayerful cries to experience God's presence ("Wildfire," "Encounter"), or powerful declarations of hope and victory in Christ ("Wonder Working Power," "Arise & Shine"), each song facilitates a conversation of prayer and praise with God. Listeners will recognize the song "Miracles," which originally appeared on Jesus Culture's Let It Echo (Live) album and was co-written by Here Be Lions front-man Dustin Smith. The drums, bass, electric guitars, and pads serve the songs well, helping to create an atmosphere of worship. 

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
The lyrics on Only A Holy God are faith-filled. Confidence and thankfulness for the power of Christ in our lives fill every line of each song. Each lyric is crafted with vivid imagery that will immediately speak right to your heart and draw you into worship.

Best Song On The Record
"Wildfire" stands out as the best song on the record. It's joyful midtempo and lyrics crying out for the presence of God make it a great choice to open a worship set.

For Fans Of
The Belonging, Jesus Culture, Planetshakers

Final Word
It's evident that Only A Holy God is an album created by people who are passionate about the presence of God and desirous to walk in the freedom He brings to our lives. That same passion to experience God will be inspired in everyone who listens to this album.

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