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Posted February 24, 2016
By KaitlynBarbour_NRT, Staff Reviewer

Sometimes it can seem like we're watching an endless feed of cookie-cutter Christian chart-toppers. Enter Chandler Roberts, a Belmont University graduate and songwriter with a passion for Jesus. In this EP she sings over a rich landscape of music while exploring themes such as identity in Christ and overcoming fears through Him. 

"Lionheart," the confident opener, expresses Chandler's heart behind the entire project. Like every other song on The Color EP, the music transports listeners to another place-- a rare phenomenon in today's Christian music industry. The theme of "Lionheart" is best expressed in these lyrics: "Won't be afraid, won't fall apart / 'Cause nothing breaks this lionheart."

My personal favorite, "Rising Setting," contains the perfect combination of uplifting lyrics and musical genius. Its dreamy guitar riffs and slight campfire-ish feel make it a great song for late-night drives and long walks. It also serves as a wonderful reminder of how Jesus is always enough for us, no matter what.

More reflective and meditative, "Fight Your Fear" gives a slight musical nod to The Digital Age (think "All the Poor and Powerless"). The lyrics inspire listeners in every line to boldly step out in faith ("There's a song to sing / Don't let it go unsung"). Its thematic counterpart, "Victory Song," puts a slight spin on the typical song about victory in Christ. Using Scripture, its focus is on the collective body of believers standing together in the victory found in Jesus, despite the hardships faced in this lifetime. It is also heavy on the percussion, which is to be expected of a song about victory. However, the rhythm is innovative enough for it to work well in this context.

The opening line, "In a world of black and white, You come in with Your color shining bright," begins the metaphor-driven "Color." Complete with wonderful harmonies, rich lyrics and ethereal guitar patterns, this song is a must-have. It would be amazing if Christian radio stations played more songs like this one.

The Bottom Line: The Color EP fuses heartfelt and vulnerable lyrics with unforgettable musical soundscapes to create a wonderful worship experience that showcases CCM at its finest.

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