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Praise and Worship with a HEAVY Southern Rock Sound
Posted October 31, 2010
By Oregon_Falcon,

As a fan of Third Day who first watched them perform in Medford, Oregon way back in October of 1996 I must give my 2 cents on Third Day's new album MOVE:

The choir, the orchestra, the HEAVY southern rock sound, the great addition of a banjo, the brilliant praise and worship, the amazing voice of Mac Powell and the catchy hooks of Dr Mark Lee makes this Third Day album THE best! I am personally a fan of the albums "Wherever You Are" "TIME" and "Revelation" so this album is an excellent mix of the three. I also must point out that's it's wonderful that "JESUS" is back in "Christian rock music." So many bands in the Christian industry have simply become inspirational bands so it's nice that Third Day doesn't hesitate on mentioning Jesus in their music.

David Carr and Tai Anderson have the perfect sound on this record! The bass and the drums always stand out and the mix is just perfect. It honestly reminds me of the great rhythm section featured on Jars of Clay's "Much Afraid" album.

Dr. Mark Lee shines on this album! I honestly think he has more of those little guitar solos then on any other Third Day album.

Mac Powell...can the guy get any better? Honestly, this is by far the best work he has ever done! His voice is more southerner then ever and his writing is some of the best work he has ever done.

And the choir....WOW! This is something new for Third Day and it works! Now you would think that a choir and a southern rock sound wouldn't work but it honestly sounds great!

Children of God, Surrender and Trust in Jesus are by far the greatest Third Day songs ever recorded! Adding the children's choir on Children of God was a nice little treat and gave the song a wonderful ending. I also must point out that the last portion of "Surrender" reminded me of one of Metallica's songs with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra (yes, I like all kinds of music).

As for the bad (and every album has it) a couple of the songs sound the same and a few of the songs end very abruptly. The idea of adding the Blind Boys of Alabama on Lift Up Your Face is just okay with me, I do love the song but the Blind Boys just don't match up with the sound.

All in all this albums just works, some of the meatiest stuff Third Day has ever put out (TIME is a close second). If you enjoy Audio Adrenaline, Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, Styx, U2, Bon Jovi, or Lynyrd Skynyrd then you will love this album!

One finale note: Third Day is coming up on nearly 20 years of Christian Music Ministry, something that very few bands have accomplished (Petra, Newsboys, uuummm...). Here is my question, will Third Day end the Ministry as the headliner or will they keep on going until they are performing for little crowds as has-beens? The song "Gone" makes you wonder.

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