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Christian Music Is Finally Awake!
Posted April 24, 2010
By skilletrockshard,

Skillet's latest album, "Awake", packs the punch of 1,000 freight trains and yet also beholds the beauty of incredible CCM music at it's best! Along with this CD being the most anticipated album of their entire career, their fanbase, Panheads, has had a major increase in members. The CD itself has crisp, intense instruments along with the soaring, snarling voice of frontman John Cooper. The addition of the beautiful Jen Ledger as drummer and backup singer has gotten Skillet even more won with her angelic, sweet voice that also has a sound of urgency and power.

The beginning track, "Hero", shoots the CD off with a hip-hopish sound to it with fast, almost rappy vocals, but with chugging guitars and frantic drums. Their second track and also second single, "Monster", is definitely their darker song on the album but also gives people a chance to look inside of themselves and see the monster that they want gone in their life. It is also one of the hardest songs they have ever made, which may turn some people off to it.

"Don't Wake Me" brightens up the disc with a lovely power ballad which talks about the times when love really hurts, but we can all overcome that. The incredible and demanding "Awake and Alive" uses the beautiful vocals of Jen Ledger again and is a declaration of faith, saying that as Christians, we must stand up for our faith and stay strong through the hard times. The strings give a Comotose-ish glare to the song, but still does not fail what-so-ever.

"One Day Too Late" again shoots off the power ballad with a thoughtful song that sings about making a difference to the world as well as, in a way, evangelism. The power ballads fade away with the militant "It's Not Me It's You", which is an angry song about people who try to put you down for your beliefs, such as Christ or the way you dress. Another quite hard song that may give some people a dark feeling, but looking at it all around, it is a strong declaration of faith as well.

The poppy and, in a way, sassy "Should've When You Could've" is about relationships and how holding on once broken up has bad effects. Although it has a very exciting beat to it, the lyrics tend to be a little bit stangely rhymed. "Believe" again is about relationships and how drama gets in the way, but there is always a time to start over. The acoustic mixed with the electric really sounds awesome.

A much more happy and worshipful song, "Forgiven" deals with sinning and how no matter how many sings you have committed, God still loves you and he will forgive you if you repent. The instruments jam this song with a great piano intro with strings. The opposite of "Forgiven", "Sometimes" deals with the dark side that all of us have that we sometimes let win. It is, from the first note on, a dark song but is very realistic and is incredibly truthful. The line that might get families a little questioned, "I want someone to hurt like the way I hurt. It's sick, but it makes me feel better" serves a purpose, for it shows the angry side trying to overtake him. Songs aren't always made to be happy, but to serve a purpose.

"Never Surrender", a very hopeful song but also deals with hurt and trying to fit in, shows that someone is always there for you, whether it is the Lord Jesus Christ or someone you just want to talk to. The intro gives off some beautiful qualities Skillet has mastered, with a moving violin introduction, but then a drum solo adds in the guitars and bass. The final song, "Lucy", is a heart-wrenching piece which talks about the loss of a loved one, but trying to cope with it. It also deals with getting a second chance for a brand new start. It is beautiful, happy, and sure to get people crying in a heartbeat.

In conclusion, the fantastic album, "Awake", shows off many different genres, ranging fom head-banging hard rock to slow, moving pieces for all emotional people. Anyone who loves "Comotose" NEEDS to get "Awake". These rockers have matured in Christ over the years heavily and show it. I'm awake, I'm alive!

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