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3000 | Posted April-23-2013
 In his thriller Sinner, Ted Dekker sticks to what he does best: challenging the reader of what they know to be good vs. evil. Shining the light on the truth the story leads 3000 believers to a hole of a city called Paradise where the light battles the darkness in the ultimate showdown. This novel is frightenly relevant to what is happening not only in todays world but in our very neighborhoods. Will you be part of the 3000? I know I will!

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| Posted April-23-2013
 When I heard Ted Dekker's newest novel Kiss was coauthored I was scared! He is by far my favorite author and I was afraid his style wouldn't shine through. The line between Dekker's voice and Erin Healy's cannot be found. Their styles flow together brilliantly, creating an unforgetable thriller. (I'm sure their prior work together helped). 

Healy gives some great insight into the mind of the main character, both being female. Or is it Dekker's alter-ego Samantha? (Any Thr3e fans out ther)? Severed family ties; a possibly corrupt family corporation; presidential race; political scandal; family tragedy; human-trafficking; drug trafficking; and lost love gives this story it's tag line of 

Heart pounding meets heart warming!

Did I miss anything?

From the first page I was hooked. Every touch revealed a secret, opened Shauna up to an unknown world that I could not get enough of. With every chapter I became more invested in the story and more desperate for answers. Each day I wanted to race home to read more. 

Using real world issues and a bit of imagination, Dekker again creates a great thriller. His collaboration with Healy, I'll gladly admit, did not disappoint. The countdown beings...One year till Burn!

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A look into ones soul | Posted April-23-2013
 I read House for two reasons: One; because it’s a Ted Dekker book; two: I kind of want to see the movie. And let me tell you I am not a fan of anything even slightly related to horror. The preview for the movie almost makes me pee my pants! How could I handle a book?! Yes I can handle suspense, but not horror.

I could not set this book down. It really reaches into the heart and directly reflects the battle between evil and good that happens daily in each human heart. I have never seen nor read anything that so vividly reflects what sin does to the human heart and soul. I am so glad that I have found the Light and that the Light has penetrated the darkness that was once in me.

If you ever want to “dive deep” into the waters of the human soul, anything Dekker is a good read-especially House. The end will leave you longing for change, maybe even teary. I sincerely hope that each and every one of you find the Light that can change the darkness and allow you to find your way out of this House. Another “Dekketti” 

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I'm Obsessed with this book! | Posted April-23-2013
 I’m sitting here wondering why I hadn’t read “Obsessed” by Ted Dekker sooner. A generational story spanning over a time of thirty years is one of the best Dekker books I’ve read thus far. 

This novel is about two equally obsessed men. One, a real-estate agent living in America with an odd “birthmark” and no clear past. His “birthmark” leads him to his mother after her death and the news that she possessed one of the Stars of David, a very expensive religious relic. He starts his search for the Star and for answers only to find himself in over his head obsessed with a picture of a woman. His obsession turns to finding her, the other star of David.. The other man grew up in a camp ran by his Nazi father. There he learned to hate and obsess over power. Thirsty for this power he obsessively searches for the Stars of David, figuratively and literally. 

. Dekker takes you back and forth to each world-that of the parents, who new each other, and their own. The two eventually collide. If you don’t already have an obsession, you better get one. It’s the only way to truly have LIFE.

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Carlson truly was given a heart for the teenage girl | Posted April-23-2013
 Dear Mom, by Melody Carlson, is the perfect read for any mom who has moments of struggle or absolute frustration in her relationship with her teenage daughter. While I was never the stereotypical teenager I do think that any mom can find at least something to take from this book and strengthen her relationship with her daughter. 

Carlson might have her teenage self stuck in her body, and for your benefit! Through this book she opens the door to a teenager’s mind to the mother. Mom, if you read this book you will know what your daughter is thinking, how she does NOT want you to respond, and ways that will be useful in responding. Written as a letter from daughter to mother Carlson never loses the voice of a stereotypical teenager, even going so far at the beginning of the book to plead with mom to put this book down and not read it because it will not help, and mom’s too busy anyway. So if you two got into a fight because she wants to go to the movies on Sunday but you want her home with you to spend time on Mother’s day, go get this book!

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You won't put this one down | Posted April-23-2013
 When I first received the novel Enduring Justice, by Amy Wallace, I really wanted to read it but was nervous because I had not read her previous works to the series. The summary intrigued me so much that I just went for it. While I may have had a better understanding of the back story and characters if I had read the first two books, I do not think having not read them ultimately took away from my understanding and enjoyment of the story. I could not put this book down!

This novel deals with so many pivotal issues in today’s society. These issues range from sexual abuse to hate crimes that stem from racial discrimination. A main character’s haunted past leads her to healing, truth, love, and the courage to save others from the same tragedy she has had to face. These hate crimes turn person, and a tight-knit group of FBI “families” struggle with the difference between vengeance and justice, leaving the reader to wonder if healing is still possible. Could these brutal attacks have ruined these friendships, co-working relationships, and romantic relationships? I am a reader that loves a good thriller, and Amy Wallace most certainly delivers.

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"Imagine your life without fear" | Posted April-23-2013
 Fearless, by Max Lucado, is about more than just living fearless; it’s about reacting to every circumstance with faith. Surprisingly enough, Max Lucado books fill my house, yet this is the first one I’ve read. I could not put it down! This is a book in which there is no question God spoke every work through Lucado. I highly believe that every believer needs to read this book. We live in a society that teaches us to do things for ourselves if we want to them to be done right. We really should be surrendering every circumstance and situation to God. This book masterfully points out that a life where every first reaction is faith causes that life to be a fearless one. Once one lets go of that complete faith they tend to fall. Fear is something I do struggle with so I definitely related to this book; I ate up every word and have since been trying to react with faith. It is something we can only continuously strive to become. Just imagine how freeing it would feel to have no anxiety, no fear. The cover’s punch line best sums up this book.“Imagine your life without fear.” 

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extraordinary | Posted April-23-2013
 I’ve gone through bible studies using John Bevere books before, so I was really excited when his newest, Extraordinary: The Life You’re Meant to Live, came in the mail. We all look up to someone, and whoever that someone is to us they are great because of something they have done, because of who we are. There is an inner longing in us to be extraordinary too, to be someone that others look to for inspiration. This book is about that need God has placed in our hearts to be extraordinary. Bevere biblically points out that God not only put that there but he made us to be extraordinary! He doesn’t put a desire in us without giving us the capabilities to be it.

I don’t know of anyone who does not need to read this book. It will definitely change your life for the better, I know it has mine. How much more joy will you have when you live the life God gave you to live? We miss those teachings of HOW, we learn what God gives us but not how to use us. With biblical examples Bevere shows us the how. So now go out and be Extraordinary.

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My first impression proven wrong | Posted April-23-2013
 Author Robin Jones Gunn started out writing articles and children’s’ books, and then was persuaded to write teen fiction. Secrets is her first adult novel and it kicks off “The Glenbrooke Series.” Honestly, after I read the summary I thought the book would be decent but I wasn’t overly excited to read it. Main character Jessica is looking for a new life in a small town, but will her secret keep her from the new start she dreams of? Throughout the book I could not for the life of me figure out what that secret was. The plot is good, the characters and relationships are intriguing, and I was hooked. I could not set this book down. I particularly enjoyed the small touch of romance throughout the story. I wanted to know what would happen next, what Jessica’s secret was, and what would happen between Jessica and the fireman that saved her. I’m thrilled that this is only one of a series and can’t wait to read the next. I like the fact that the next book is about a different character from this story, however I do hope I still get to read about the same characters as well. I’m invested. 

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Read this if you are "stuck" | Posted April-23-2013
 I normally would not pick up the book Dancing With My Father, by Sally Clarkson, simply because of the title. The word dancing draws me, however my first thought is that it’s a book about father-daughter relationship. Maybe it should say heavenly father. When I read the back of the book, it really interested me. “Are you overwhelmed by weariness, fear, or discouragement?” I’m at one of those “stuck” times in life. Yes, I have hope for the future but I would like to have more joy! The answer to that, Clarkson says, is dancing with God. Did you know I’m a dancer? God definitely placed this book in my lap! It is Scripture based and has wonderful real life stories that make the points real to me. Each chapter ends with the most thought provoking questions I’ve ever had a book ask me, and a beautifully crafted prayer. Clarkson definitely knows the heart of a woman. This book came out of her life. She was at a down place and realized she needed to let go, take God’s hand, and let Him lead her through the dance of life. I would and will definitely recommend this book to every Christian woman out there!

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