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Behold by My Epic Behold by My Epic

Until last summer, I had never heard of this band. I picked up a demo of this album to get a taste for what style of music they played. I was very surprised with what I heard. It is a heavier style...

Legend of Chin by Switchfoot Legend of Chin by Switchfoot
The Legend of Chin is where it all started and it was a fine start for the once three-piece band from San Diego. Switchfoot brought a sound to the table that was raw, but also powerful and well presented....
Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest by As Cities Burn Son, I Loved You at Your Darkest by As Cities Burn
Let me start by saying that this was the first hardcore album I ever bought. I am a music lover and I has always despised hardcore, but suddenly developed a curiosity about it. I decided that I was going...

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Excellent Album | Posted October-21-2015

Until last summer, I had never heard of this band. I picked up a demo of this album to get a taste for what style of music they played. I was very surprised with what I heard. It is a heavier style of rock with very Christ-filled and thought provoking lyrics. Some of these songs have bone crushing guitars, but each with powerful lyrics that complement the melodies of the songs. The musicality of this album perfectly complements the lyrics written. Each song bears a unique and beautiful quality. For those who are not particularly fond of hard rock music, this might not be the album for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for something different and you are willing to try something new, you might really enjoy what you hear. Behold is a masterpiece using heavy guitars to enhance powerful messages of God’s power and greatness.

Arise: This song serves as a prologue of sorts. It is a call to worship the One true King. “He reigns in infinite dominion enthroned with no rival.” Piano and synthesizers are used to accompany these words as the singer announces the coming of the King. After he is finished announcing Him, there is an instrumental that leaves the listener with a sense of awe. This leads to us to the next track which is all about the most High King entitled “Hail”

Hail: This song begins with a marching beat from the drums as the singer begins to describe the scene. He describes how he feels in front of the Almighty God. He feels worthless. He tries to sing, but all he can do is bow his head because he is in the presence of God Himself. This is then followed by heavier guitars as he describes the greatness of God and how little he is in His presence. God is so holy and beautiful that it causes him to see how unworthy he is. He deserves nothing from God. He deserves death, but instead of condemning Him God gives him mercy through Christ. The song ends with the singer worshiping Jesus for all of His mercy and grace.

Curse: This song is more thought provoking in nature. Many people have questioned the disciples of Jesus and why they were so quick to run when He was arrested. This song asks the question “Aren’t we the same as them?” The singer begins by saying that he is watching as Jesus is torn apart in everyday life. This is not literal, but metaphorical in ways such as watching people act in hate, starting wars, and people not practicing what Jesus asked us to practice. He says that he always thought he would be one to die by the side of Jesus, but he realizes that he would have done the same as the disciples. If he doesn’t stand up for injustice and act as Jesus did, then it is the same as the disciples leaving Him to die alone. The song ends with the singer realizing just what it means to be a follower of Jesus. “You’re alive and we’re the flesh you’ll wear till the worlds end.” Jesus has chosen us to be imitators of Him and to show the world who He is. This is a huge task, but this is what we sign up for when we decide to follow Jesus. He has chosen us to stand for Him.

Confession: This song speaks against putting your stock in what you can accomplish and what you can gain on earth. The singer talks about the strong man and the rich man, but for each man when they die, their works will fade. The singer then pleads that God would help him only trust in Him. He wants no part in Himself. He wants God and God alone. “I don’t wanna find my life cause You say that’s a deadly thing. I know every time I try I always end up losing everything.” He only wants God because he knows that He is the only One who can offer fulfillment. He asks that in the end he could die as the thief next to Jesus where his greatest joy would be to die for Jesus. Because of this life he has found in Jesus he thanks God and pledges his life to Him.


Royal: This is another song about God’s greatness. The use of heavy guitars gives the feeling of power throughout the song. The singer expresses that he is overcome with the greatness of God. He asks that God would call to him and fill his mind. He is then overcome again and realizes that he is in the presence of the Almighty God. He asks that God just condemn him. He is reverent before Him. God then reminds him of His grace and that He has called him his child and made him a part of His royal family.

Approach: This song serves as a transition into the next song. Like the first track it introduces the Most High King. This time they describe how the earth reacts as He approaches. The singer gives amazing imagery of what creation might do in the presence of God. It portrays the greatness and beauty of God.

Liturgy: The singer sings about his struggle to sing songs that are worthy to be sung about God. No matter how hard he tries he can’t sing a song perfect enough for His creator. Although he knows he never will he will never stop trying. This shows true worship. Always pursuing God and wanting to give Him praise because He is worthy. This song is a personal favorite. Sometimes I think about how no matter what I sing, I will never sing a song worthy of Him. It causes me to sing even more. All we do should be for His glory. He fills us up with praises so that we might pour them back to Him.

Lament: They touch on something very heart wrenching here. They talk about the loss of a friend who took their own life. The way they arrange the music in this song really compliments what the song is about. The singer feels confused and lost as they struggle with the loss of their friend. He knows that God is good, but it doesn’t seem that way at the time. He feels as though man is just a dot on the map. Their life is here then gone. He then contemplates how God has great love for man. He knows that the truth is no one will have peace till they find their place in God. He then responds by asking God to give him strength to show people the light and the love of Christ so they might know Him. He will not watch others die and be silent.

Zion: This is a much lower key song. It is about waiting for Jesus to come back and rescue us. We eagerly wait for His return so that we might be one with Him. Although we will continue to do the work He has given us on earth we will not become too attached to our lives because we are waiting for Him to return for His bride.

Selah: This song is more reflective in nature. The singer asks that he be made new. He wants to be fully emerged in Christ. He wants nothing of his former self to exist. He wishes only to breathe for Christ and for the glory of Christ. He only desires to belong to God and not man or their worldly systems. This song is also one of my favorites.

Arrive: To close the album they sing a song about seeing Christ. It is a song of triumph when we finally get to be with Christ. We know He will come back for his Sons and Daughters and we eagerly wait for Him to come. This song builds better than any other song on the album. It starts low and continues to build throughout the course of the song. By the end of it you really feel overcome with the thought of getting to see Christ for the first time. He ends with lines about seeing His face and the glory of seeing Him. It is a great way to end the album.

Personally I think this is one of the best albums I have ever heard and I wish this band were more popular because all of their albums are very good. For all you rock fans this is a must buy. For those of you who love great lyrics, you should also give it a try. This is a great album with refreshing lyrics about Christ and our desire to be One with Christ.  


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Great start | Posted November-04-2009
The Legend of Chin is where it all started and it was a fine start for the once three-piece band from San Diego. Switchfoot brought a sound to the table that was raw, but also powerful and well presented. The lyrics were not as strong as they are on the albums following them, but in a way I was glad to see that because it has shown progression for Jon Foreman and his writing. Switchfoot has been my favorite band for many years now and they have never disappointed me. From the fun bass line in “Bomb” to the closing echo of “Don’t Be There” Switchfoot brought a sound that showed a lot of promise. The songs are easy to listen to and are also very fun to sing to. My favorite track is “Life and Love and Why”. I thought that lyrically, this was the best song. It asks the question why are we here? What is the purpose of life? It then relates the purpose of life to Jesus and his cause to love everyone. “Chem 6a” is also a very good song. It serves as a wakeup call to America’s youth to stop being lazy and to start living life with a purpose. The guitar line for this song is also very cool. As far as I am concerned, any Switchfoot fan should own this album. For one it shows where they started from and when you listen to their latest albums and the upcoming “Hello Hurricane” you will see the beautiful progression that this band has made. Well done Switchfoot.

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Unbelievable | Posted October-02-2009
Let me start by saying that this was the first hardcore album I ever bought. I am a music lover and I has always despised hardcore, but suddenly developed a curiosity about it. I decided that I was going to try it, but not put both feet in the water. “Son, I loved Your at Your Darkest” is not the heaviest album, but it was a great introduction to hardcore for myself. The guitars are very well put together as well as the vocals. The screaming takes getting used to, but after awhile you develop and understanding of the passion behind the whole thing. The clean vocals are also very passionate and well done.
The album starts with very low guitar sounds, but is kicked into gear with the screaming vocals from T.J. The song is “Thus from Your Lips, My Sin is Purged”. “I got a will, but I want yours” he screams. This is cry that screams for help. He goes on to say “I have a growing heap of crosses and burdens I’ve simply lost heart to shoulder”. The whole song is a beautiful masterpiece with so many challenging lines and catchy guitar hooks. “Oh how sweet is the sound. I know it saved, but is it changing a wretch like me?” The whole song is screaming for a divine change that only comes from Jesus Christ.
“Love Jealous One, Love” is an unbelievable song. It speaks of us as men trying to hold ourselves above one another. “This is me at my darkest, looking down from my tower to heaven”. It speaks of how many of us try to build our way to heaven. It also says that instead we must wear compassion as Jesus did. This is a reference in the Bible when the disciples asked Jesus which of them was greater. He told them to be like a child if they wished to enter the kingdom of heaven thus, having the compassion and the innocence of a child.
“Incomplete Is a Leech” is an extraordinary look at sin. It speaks of how sing feeds upon our bodies like bloodsuckers and how in sucks everything of worth from us. The end is a cry for change much like the first track, but different. “Part my ribs like the sea and change me”. The last few lines are a baffling experience to listen to. The lyrics are so well written and mysterious. “Cause stone doesn't beat
and rock hearts don't pump anything. But I've grown not to mind because at least stone doesn't sling like blood. Or spill like guts across the floor. Where the bloodsuckers want more and more and more. It refers to stone being innocent and free from pain unlike us. It’s a great track.
“Bloodsuckers Pt 2” There is more clean vocals to this song which adds to its uniqueness. It speaks of turning everyone inside out and making them all the same. It speaks of the machine which refers to the world. “No one wins against the machine, so get back in line.” It sings of letting the world win. It is a challenging track.
“Terrible! How Terrible for the Great City!” This song is one of my favorites. The message is so profound and needed to be said. “Forgive me darling, but love has nothing to do with this, it has nothing to do with why I can’t stop, until I get what I want from you.” It speaks of how men become slaves to lust and use woman as toys. “How long will we blame the devils on our shoulders?” That is a great question that can only be answered by the individual listening.
“The Widow” A very sad, but poetic and beautiful tune. It is about a father who becomes a slave to his desire for drugs. He leaves his family behind because he is addicted to it and has put it before his family. It is sung in the perspective of one of his sons. He sings of all his father has done, but in the end forgives his father as God forgives us. “My God, what a world you love. Men bury their sons, and without thought, just walk away.” What a world he loves indeed.
“Wake Dead Man, Wake!” This song’s main focus is truly hard to capture and somewhat hard to find as well. Its main focus though, is love. It speaks of loving no matter what happens. This is much like God’s love for us. “Will you still love me in famine, as when love began at the harvest, or would you gain the whole world. Son, I love you at your darkest” It is a very loud and passionate song with the final words screaming “What is love without trust?” It really finishes strong and brings out a lot of questions about love.
“Admission: Regret” Has sort of an awkward beat, but is a very good track. It is one of the heavier songs on the album musically and lyrically. It speaks of how fear keeps us out of the world and in a box. “I keep hearing there’s a whole world out there, but I’ve grown to love this bed too much to leave it” It says we are too comfortable being in a box rather than going out into the world and ultimately obeying what God commands us to do which is not to fear the enemy. The song is relatable and well written.
“One: Twenty-seven” Speaks of shame and against pride. It speaks of how God’s love is what keeps us upright and living true. It is probably my least favorite, but it is good none the less.
“Of Want and Misery: The Nothing That Kills” This is a beautifully composed love song. It is about how a lover is drifting away on things they want and desire. It in the end seems to speak of someone trying to someone from killing themselves.” I will hang my life in the space between the noose and your neck
I won't let you die just yet.” It is a great song with such passion and the singing is incredible. The lyrics speak of how it is hard to watch someone fade, but they still love them anyway. It could also just be about someone dying and it being hard for someone to let them go. This was a great ending for the album.
Over-all this album is unbelievable and very well put together. The band truly showed their abilities as well as their faith in Jesus Christ.

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Pretty much awesome. | Posted February-15-2009
This album is just a great take on Christian scremo music. Sweet lyrics, good guitar riffs and some good clean vocals. Also the gang vocals made this album awesome. I love how the first track "Blessed Be Our Ever After" serves as a sort of into to the whole album. "Pt. 2 Sometimes They Do? is a good starter with a kind of hopeless song about a shootout. They bounce back with a hopeful song about fighting for each other in "Sorry Secrest its Casey's Countdown" which that one "Battle For Hoth" and "Monsters Amoung us are my favorites. The whole album is really good. The songs don"t sond the same and they have a good use of clean vocals. One of my favorite albums.

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This was really awesome | Posted December-21-2008
Lets start out by saying I think The Classic Crime is just really awesome. I've been a fan ever since Albatross and I really enjoyed their acoustic EP. This album was really well done. It was not as heavy driven as Albatross, but I think that it was better. I think lyricly they have really grown and musicly they have also really grown. The album kicks of with The End. The voice effects on Matt McDonald's voice makes a really cool haunting sound to the song. The song is about how a person will always let you down. It really sets up the next track which is "I'm Just A Man" It has some great lyricly content about reducing God to tv and things like that. I really thought the chorus on it was very good. Next is "Grave Diggers". The song itself is kind of depressing because it is about giving in and no longer fighting for life, but the guitar on the song is really good. "The Way That You Are" adresses not letting other people say who you are as a person and trying to find who you are rather then giving in to what people say about you. 5805 is just kind of a good song about remembering times with friends and such. My favorite on the album is "Salt In The Snow". I really love how in the song he is talking to God and asking him for peace. I think this is really a great track. "Abracadavers" is a great track as well. Talks about how we can't go on serving ourselves. "R and R" is good as well. It starts off slow and builds. "God and Drugs" is another one of my favorites on this album. It talks of looking for God in the wrong places such as addiction to drugs, but it also talks of how God never leaves your side even through all of it. "Medisin" is another very good track. This one adresses drinking. "Sing" is one of those songs that gives you hope. It's just a very hopeful song. "Everything" is very catchy and really kind of that rock alternative style that I really believe is their best sound. "Closer Then We Think" is another one of those songs full of hope. It speaks of how there is hope for us and how we are closer then we think to home. The final track "The Beginning" is really nice and very well done. It was about a girl, but I really liked it. I thought that they tackled some real important topics on this album and they did really well. This is one of my favorite albums of the year tied with Anorexia and Nervosa from Showbread. Great stuff.

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The best Showbread ever | Posted May-18-2008
Both of the new albums are great, but I really like Nervosa. The conbination of the music with the story is just incredible. "The Journey" kicks off the story with Nervosa starting to dig a hole and it just gets better from there. The lyrics and the story were very Christ based which was a breath of fresh air and the tracks were just amazing. The songs fit every part of the story really well. "The Dirt" and "The Pig" are two of my favorite tracks on the album, but "The Beginning" is also a great track.

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Awesome album. | Posted April-29-2008
TFK really did a good job with this album bringing some of their best rock. The album is over all very well balanced and it rocks pretty hard as well. The lyrics have good meanings and the music is really good.

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Pretty good. | Posted April-29-2008
I really do like this album. I think it is Jonah33's best of the three. It has more of a edgy rock sound to it and the over all theme of the album is good. The guitar on the album is really good and the lyrics in the songs are also pretty good. Over all it's a good album.

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Not bad at all. | Posted April-25-2008
As a new band they have exceded my expectations. I believe taht in the future they are going to be really good. I really like some of the guitar fills that they do and also the vocals are pretty good. Time Is Running Out is a good start to the album and Get By is a very good finish. I do expect alot from this band in the future as they get more mature as a band and hopefuly they get more stage presence because their music is good live, but they don't move around too much.

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This is really cool. | Posted April-25-2008
This album really surprised me when I bought it. The combination between the duel vocals, the guitars and the synithisizers is really awesome. The lyrics were a little weird at first, but I really enjoy them. I was really surprised at the difference in style from their previous album. While the old one had a great amount of screaming this album had hardly any. Songs like The Jesus Lizard and Naked Lunch were really cool and kind of showed that raw rock style that Showbread is so very good at. I think this is a great album and I can't wait for their next two albums as well.

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