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Legend of Chin [edit]
by Switchfoot | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 17, 1997

Switchfoot is a fun-loving Christian modern-rock band with spiritual messages and a lot of energy! This debut album includes, "Ode To Chin," and "You."

Track Listing
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01. Bomb
02. Chem 6A
03. Underwater
04. Edge of My Seat
05. Home
06. Might Have Ben Hur
07. Concrete Girl
08. Life and Love and Why
09. You
10. Ode to Chin
11. Don't Be There

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Oh, Legend of Chin. How I love thee. | Posted December 07, 2011
In 1997, Switchfoot, formed a year earlier in 1996, released their first album, entitled "The Legend of Chin".
Okay, I'm just going to say it. This is probably one of the my favorite albums ever. Personally, I think it's one the most impressive debut albums I've ever heard. From "Concrete Girl" to "You", this album is just over-all awesome. Though this album was released 14 years ago, I feel it still very much represents Switchfoot as a band. If you heard it, you would definitely say, "Hey! That's Switchfoot!". So all in all, I do think this album FOR SURE worth hearing. Highly recommended!

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A Great Debut for a Legendary Christian Rock band | Posted August 19, 2010
Oh, the ninety's. That's where a lot of Our primary christian artist started out. I was born in the ninety's. So im about the same age as skillet, switchfoot, relient k, and many other christian artists. Although i think Switchfoot started off the best of any of the a fore mentioned bands. With their 1997 release, "The Legend of chin", they didn't start out like they are now, but they definitely got off of the right foot.

The album opens up with "Bomb", A typical rock anthem for the decade. Next we have the first radio single, and arguably the best song on the album, "Chem 6A. It starts off with a catchy guitar riff. its a rock song for the generation if you will.

Next we have "underwater" and "Edge of my seat". You will have the chorus of underwater stuck in your head all day long. It is a mainly slower paced pop/rock song, but at the end for the last part of the chorus it starts to pick up. Edge of my seat Also stars off pretty slow, but as a nifty guitar rift kicks in, so do Jon's vocals and it will have your head bobbin' back in forth in the car. It has a quite repetitive chorus, but it is almost as catchy as underwater.

"Home" really slows the album down with an acoustic guitar, a slow drum beat, and soft vocals. The chorus has some violins in the background, but to be honest the song can be boring to the listener. "Might have ben Hur" is a kind of mediocre song, although it has catchy vocals. I really like "Concrete Girl". It's the best slower song on the album.

The next two songs kind of bore me, I guess because most of the album is more upbeat and catchy. I just don't think they should have put "life, and love, and why" and "You" right next to each other. Although they are both good songs lyric wise, they musically bore me. "Ode to chin" saves the album by picking back up the rock pace. As Jon sings: "All that you've been Makes who you are now" it sets the tone for the chorus. "Don't be there is the best acoustic song on the album in my opinion. Jon really shows his true vocals in this song, and I Really enjoy his voice.

All in all, i would name "The Legend of Chin" a top ten album of the ninety's decade. Along with greats from: Audio adrenaline, dc talk, and newsboys. It is definitely a debut to remember.

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Great start | Posted November 04, 2009
The Legend of Chin is where it all started and it was a fine start for the once three-piece band from San Diego. Switchfoot brought a sound to the table that was raw, but also powerful and well presented. The lyrics were not as strong as they are on the albums following them, but in a way I was glad to see that because it has shown progression for Jon Foreman and his writing. Switchfoot has been my favorite band for many years now and they have never disappointed me. From the fun bass line in “Bomb” to the closing echo of “Don’t Be There” Switchfoot brought a sound that showed a lot of promise. The songs are easy to listen to and are also very fun to sing to. My favorite track is “Life and Love and Why”. I thought that lyrically, this was the best song. It asks the question why are we here? What is the purpose of life? It then relates the purpose of life to Jesus and his cause to love everyone. “Chem 6a” is also a very good song. It serves as a wakeup call to America’s youth to stop being lazy and to start living life with a purpose. The guitar line for this song is also very cool. As far as I am concerned, any Switchfoot fan should own this album. For one it shows where they started from and when you listen to their latest albums and the upcoming “Hello Hurricane” you will see the beautiful progression that this band has made. Well done Switchfoot.

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.... | Posted November 30, 2008
CD is

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ok | Posted October 28, 2008
this is an ok cd ... i do have to admit that they get a bit better as they go. So good Luck Switchfoot! Lol ... I love their newer stuff , ...........

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skyve (53)

cool | Posted June 07, 2008

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irocketh (88)

some of it's good | Posted March 25, 2008
I liked the first four tracks after that it gets too cheesy.

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RossMan (134)

good | Posted March 10, 2008
i love Chem 6A and Ode To Chin this is a good first album for them but their newer stuff but its pretty good

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username2 (375)

A Good Indie Debut | Posted January 28, 2008
Switchfoot burst onto the scene with 1997's The Legend of Chin. Through 11 tracks I can tell that they rushed to get this album finished but it still sounds great. Pick it up in the Early Years boxset.

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First | Posted September 22, 2007
The First album made by Switchfoot. Excellent stuff

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