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Addison Road by Addison Road Addison Road by Addison Road
When Addison Road's INO debut album came out earlier in the year(2008) I was somewhat skeptical and didn't even bother checking it out at all. Well through various plays on the radio and internet they...
Make Some Noise by Krystal Make Some Noise by Krystal
Krystal Meyers definitely knows how to make some noise with her newest album. Whether good or bad noise I will leave up to you. This album musically is very well put together. Everything flows really...
Something To Say by Matthew Something To Say by Matthew
Matthew West's newest album has a lot to say, but West almost didn't have a chance to say it. He lost his voice. And well, he's fine now and his voice is in great shape, but his two months of silence really...

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Great new CD! | Posted April-09-2008
First of all, this is my first Fireflight album I've heard, but I can't stop listening to it. I've listened to it 5 times in like 3 days. Dawn has a great voice and the rest of the band rocks along with her. The lyrics aren't always solid, but most of the time they hold good meaning. I honestly love almost every song on this album. Albeit, they aren't all perfect. On "Stand Up" the background vocals make me cringe occasionally at first and then I enjoy it for the rest of the song. But Overall it's one of those albums that I personally can just put on and enjoy while doing other things. Or I can sit down and relax to. Like I said some of their lyrics are a bit confusing, but they all hold good meaning when you listen to them closer. So I would definitely recommend this album to anyone who enjoys Rock.

My Score: 9.3

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Good book :) | Posted February-26-2008
This book was great. Showing the why we need morals in our world. I never read Hangman's Curse, but I still followed this book pretty well. There was a few times where Peretti's style confused me, but not much. It was a very enjoyable book and I'd recommend it to you. You may or may not want to read Hangman's Curse first. It wasn't a big problem for me, but the previous reviewer seemed to think it was needed.

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Good album, not amazing, but good. | Posted February-22-2008
It's sad that this band has broken up they were a promising band. Their lyrics are compelling and have a nice pop-edge to them. I got this album from my youth pastor and it's a fairly enjoyable album. One of my favorite sons on here is "Crazy" talking about how the world thinks he's crazy for living in the truth. And then towards the end of the album there is a great song called "Romans 5" which has some powerful lyrics talking about what Jesus has done for us, and then finally a song called "Holy" which just praises God. Not to mention other songs on there. The album isn't perfect, but if they would've continued they could've been a great band.

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Five Stars! | Posted February-22-2008
Casting Crowns debut album is an amazing album. I can listen to it start to finish without stopping. the messages are great and the song style is very enjoyable to listen to. Every song on it is great! If you haven't heard this album I'd advise you to pick it up ASAP.

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Great start for a band, keep at it guys. | Posted February-22-2008
After Edmund is an interesting band. The lyrics aren't incredibly deep, but they're deep enough to be appreciated. I have to be honest and say there's just something about this album that holds me back from fully enjoying it, and I don't know what it is. But they start their album out with a bang with their song "Thank God". And the best song on this album is "Like A Dream".

I think this band will be successful; because they're unique, just not my cup of tea for some reason. So go take a listen while you can and see how you like them. If it's past the free listening go look at the 30 second previews on itunes. That should be enough to give you an idea of their sound, and if you like it buy it, but I personally won't be buying it.

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Great But not perfect | Posted February-22-2008
Lift by Audio Adrenaline is a great album, but not perfect. The album starts strong and over half the album has great songs which include: "Beautiful", "Ocean Floor", "Speak To Me", and "I'm Alive'. But towards the end of the album it starts to lose it's momentum. Furthermore if you own Audios the Greatest Hits then two of these songs are on there. So while Lift has a great selection alone, but you may want to just get Audios or if you already own Audios possibly skip Lift. This is a great album, don't get me wrong, but your only paying for 3 or 4 good songs if you already own Audios. So in the end it really depends what you own/will own if you need to get Lift or not. So my verdict is get Lift if your not planning on getting Audios. The other option is get Audios and download "You Still Amaze Me", "I'm Alive", and "Speak To Me" online, since we do live in a digital age.

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great album! | Posted April-09-2008
I have to admit Switchfoot has never been that high of a band on my list, but Oh! Gravity definitely helped them become higher. This album has great lyrics and style throughout all the songs. My personal favorite songs are: "Faust, Midas, and Myself"; "Awakening"; "Burn Out Bright"; and "Let Your Love Be Strong"(honestly I wanted to keep on listing :P). There are only 3 songs on here I don't really like: "Dirty Second Hands", "Circles", and "Amateur Lovers". Otherwise I could listen to this album straight through with no problems. Definitely add this album to your collection, you won't regret it!

My Score:9.0

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Great debut album! | Posted February-22-2008
By now Sanctus Real is a very well known band, but their consistency is shown in their first album which has a great feel to it. They never cease to amaze with their great lyrics and catchy songs. This album doesn't have quite as many as their later albums, but they're still there. My favorite songs are: "Captains Chair", "Say it Loud", "Audience of One", and "Nothing to Lose". (There's also a fun little bonus track Called "Jesus Metal: Slam the Devil" that I wish was longer, but it's a nice addition) I highly encourage you to pick up this album if you get a chance. Also, since it's an older album you have a high likelihood of finding it discounted; so that's a plus too!

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Great CD! | Posted February-22-2008
I Wish We All Could win is a great debut album for a band. That doesn't mean the album doesn't have shortcomings, but it is an all-around good album. The main problem is that the album has a similar sound throughout it. My personal favorite songs on the album are: "Beautiful Love", "The Way You Are", and "Love Will Make You Beautiful", but the whole album is enjoyable to listen to from start to finish which is rare for an album; let alone a debut album. So everyone pick-up this album and enjoy The Afters.

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Jaimes voice makes this CD | Posted April-09-2008
Jaime Jamgochain has a great voice, if these songs were sung by anyone with a slightly above average voice the CD would fall flat. But Jaime's voice is beautiful so just listening through the CD is enjoyable even if the lyrics are somewhat forgettable. Her songs don't really bring anything new the the table in the sense of lyrics. But for just worship in general they aren't bad songs. I'm on the fence about her CD. So I will give this CD a pass, but I really do like her voice.

My Score: 7.4

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