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Jesus Over Everything by Planetboom Jesus Over Everything by Planetboom
What You Need To Know
A youth ministry wing of Planetshakers Church, planetboom is out to reach a new generation facing a whole new set of challenges.
City of God by The Cashmans City of God by The Cashmans
What You Need To Know:
Husband and wife duo Jonathan and Britney Cashman, The...
To The One by Upperroom To The One by Upperroom
What You Need To Know

A Timely Contemporary Pop Offering | Posted September-11-2018
What You Need To Know

Rising from the challenges of a childhood filled with loss, Nathan Sheridan offers a pop debut that draws on the sonic footwork tread by many of his contemporaries, while employing an honest perspective that gives the production a fresh angle.

What's It Sounds Like

Mixing some slightly bluesy toe-tapping pop in the first few tracks with quieter reflective moments and more standard contemporary fare, the songs here never cease to be accessible to fans of modern Christian radio. The varied styles keep the album from becoming stale, and debut single "Loves Like That" is a fine example of Sheridan at his best with a catchy and rousing number.

Spiritual Highlights

The album's primary theme is encouragement, whether it's dealing with struggle ("Minute By Minute") or what it's like to be loved by Christ ("Loves Like That"). But, the album also deals with calls to action ("Starts With You and Me") and rejecting the need to live for the opinion of others ("Don't Get It"). These are all fairly standard CCM themes, but Sheridan's background and emotive voice sell the familiar messages in a fresh, new way. 

For Fans Of

MercyMe, Danny Gokey, Matthew West

Best Song on the Album

"Loves Like That"

Final Word

A living testimony of the healing power of Christ, Nathan Sheridan breathes some life into a common music style craving a new voice.

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Check Out This Great New Voice | Posted July-30-2018
What You Need To Know:

Drew Greenway has quietly developed a following online through a series of covers and other performance video. Debut single "Walk in the Light" is his shot at breaking out and making a mark on the greater CCM world.

What it Sounds Like:

With a mix of an acoustic guitar driven sound and modern dance-pop production, "Walk in the Light" is both a refreshing reminder that some music is actually still performed with real instruments and a relevant and musically modern song that fits well into what's popular on radio right now. Add in an impossibly engaging melody, and Greenway has a real chance to break out in Christian music with this song. 

Spiritual Highlights: 

The song's theme is pretty graspable from the title, offering a relevant message to Christians about keeping close to Christ in times of struggle. 

For Fans Of:

Stars Go DimEverfoundColton DixonTauren Wells

Final Word:

Don't let him being an indie kid deter you from checking out this high calibar standout track of 2018.  

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A Fun Summer Ditty | Posted June-22-2018
What You Need To Know: 

"California" is the debut single from Aaron Bucks, the newest face to the BEC Music roster. The single was produced in partnership with Ian Eskelin's Radiate Music.

What It Sounds Like:

The song practically oozes "summer." A light guitar beat and easygoing vocal performance, combined with the chorus's laid back and friendly vibes, combine to create a song made for dancing on the beach or backyard BBQs.

Spiritual Highlights:

The song encourages "Church on Sunday Morning" and offers encouragement to its listeners going through trials. The song's themes trend more toward positive and accessible than a deep faith statement, but its encouragement still makes for recommended listening.

For Fans Of:

Brandon Heath, David Dunn, Danny Gokey

Final Word: 

A fun and easy-listening summer song, and a promising introduction to a new voice.

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A New Worship Duo Rises | Posted June-14-2018
What You Need To Know: 

Worship leaders based out of Durham, NC, Mark and Sarah Tillman have crafted a new album aiming to offer listeners a unique and vibrant worship musical experience. 

What It Sounds Like

With Morning Sun, Rising Tide, The Tillmans have balanced two popular worship styles and crafted something engaging and special here. There are echoes of acts like All Sons and Daughters with dueling guy/girl vocals leading listeners to worship against a laid-back musical soundscape. The music reaches musical peaks that call to mind some of the big names in worship now like Hillsong United. Lead single "Found My Joy" goes for a big and climactic feel while cuts like "My Song Forever" opt for a bit lower key approach that is no less musically rich. The engaging melodies will have you singing along and the soaring music will have your spirit singing.

Spiritual Highlights:

"Thank You Jesus" offers a simple and candid thanks to Christ for all He's done for us that feels rarer than it should. Other songs echo common themes praising the greatness of God, whether it's reflecting on Him being a Father to us, or the joy we find in Him. 

Best Song on the Record

"My Song Forever"

For Fans Of

All Sons & Daughters, Hillsong United, Bethel Music

Final Word: 

Here we have eight well-crafted worshipful offerings that will also provide listeners with a sweeping musical experience.

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A Voice That Commands an Audience | Posted June-08-2018

What You Need To Know:

Teresa Peterson joins a small circle of Catholics in the Christian music industry with her third EP, Faithful. Written during a time when Peterson was learning the meaning of surrender and giving her career to God, Faithful aims to blaze a trail for Catholic musicians with a message accessible across denominational lines. (Editor's Note: This Catholic from Philly takes special pride in another Philly Catholic leaving a national musical footprint.)

What It Sounds Like:

Peterson's brand of worship pop is crisp and well polished. Her voice is strong but carries a slightly raw and intimate current that can help her stand out from some of her contemporaries. A lot of the songs come with musical surprises, such as the violin section of "Where I Should Be" and the climactic finish of "One and Only."

Spiritual Highlights:

Peterson's music is decidedly worshipful. Touching on common topics in the industry, Peterson bears her heart with five songs of surrendering our lives to Christ that should resonate with listeners regardless of their denomination affiliations.

Best Song On The Record:


For Fans Of:

Natalie Grant, Britt Nicole, Love & The Outcome

Final Word:

CCM may have found its next powerhouse female vocalist.

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An New Chapter Heats Up | Posted April-10-2018

What You Need To Know:

Sanctus Real became industry mainstays after several albums of tight rock and pop offerings. Over time, the "rock" side of things decreased with every album as the band matured. When The Dream came out 4 years ago, there was hardly a trace left of the powerhouse rock sound that drove hits like "Everything About You" and "I'm Not Alright" to no. 1 hits. The band's softer side boasted its own share of hits as well, such as the moving "Lead Me" or the driving "Promises." 

When lead vocalist Matt Hammitt stepped down from the band the next year, it left the band's future identity up in the air. Enter Dustin Lolli, who stormed the scene with an engaging new single that led to a 3-song EP hinting at the band's new sound. While we've gotten some singles these past few years, it's only just now that we're finally getting to hear a full-length offering from the new Sanctus Real. 

What It Sounds Like: 

Listeners should go in knowing that this does not deliver the rock of Sanctus Real's past. Early lead singles promised a soft pop CCM radio play, and the album largely delivers. The talent behind Sanctus Real works to the band's benefit. Many of these songs are potential radio classics in the making. Single "Confidence" is among the catchiest choruses the band has ever produced, and "Hello Love" promises to be a worthy successor. Dustin Lolli's voice is deeper and softer than Hammitt's, carrying a 90's-esque CCM feel that adds richness to many of the tunes. Songs that could otherwise feel too generic are given some life. The band has not fully embraced the "epic" feel of "This is Love," although "Hide and Seek" gives us a taste of such a direction. "Survival" carries just a hint of an edge that shows that the Sanctus Real boys do still have access to the rock fire, even if they aren't currently utilizing it. 

There is a lot to love here, and a lot of talent. As CCM albums go, while some of the songs may not be as memorable as others, this is a standout. It rarely feels like the Sanctus Real of the past, but it's easy to picture Matt Hammitt singing many of these tunes, and this is also a near relative of what the band had been doing toward the end of the Hammitt era. Perhaps on the early Sanctus Real sound, the book is indeed closed. And this new chapter isn't totally without its excitement.

Spiritual Highlights: 

One thing Sanctus Real always did well was craft vertical songs that were unashamed in their faith. On that front, nothing has changed. "Confidence" uses Old Testament figures to ask God for strength to meet trials, while other songs declare God's greatness, how He works in our lives and how He safeguards us. Some of the more profound aspects of relationships and of our brokenness don't get the attention past releases have had, and thus many of the (still commendable) lyrical numbers are not as challenging. Still, positive themes carry the album to recommendable status. 

Best Song on the Album: 

"Confidence" is catchy and classic and an excellent choice to promote the album.

For Fans Of: 

Jeremy Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman, Building 429

Final Word: 

Sanctus Real may have changed in sound over the years, but with Changed their heart and ability remain up close and personal in a worthy new offering. 

Find it now on iTunes.

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New Breath to an Old Era | Posted March-22-2018
For those of us who came of age during the 2000s, rock music was a part of our identity. As that distinguished brand of rock has faded more and more into the past, the cravings for a new face to deliver that sound in a fresh way have increased. Enter Andrew Serino. Having already developed a following through YouTube covers and auditioning on American Idol, Serino is poised to bring The Golden Thread to the music world. 

What It Sounds Like: 

It's like Serino was signed to Tooth & Nail Records in the mid-2000s and then came through a time portal to 2018. So many of the bands that defined the label during that timeframe have echoes on Serino's sound, while Serino still owns his own unique musical identity. Heavy guitars and mostly clean vocals dominate the songs, while quieter subtle instrumental elements round out the tunes into a full sound. Lead single "Wake Up" exemplifies all the best the album has to offer, including a delicious gang vocal hook and a rousing chorus. Beautiful duet "Shadows" with Andrew's wife Heidi Serino is another highlight, showing a slightly softer side of Serino's music. The title track sends the album off in a grand finale of a rocking closer, again highlighting the best of Serino's take on a timeless alt-rock sound.

Spiritual Highlights: 

Like the bands referenced by Serino's sound, Serino hasn't set out to craft a "church" CD here. The lyrics are more focused on positive themes, including calling out negative influences ("Arrogance") and ridding ourselves of harmful habits ("Wake Up"). "Shadows" is arguably the song most likely to be seen as a vertical one, albeit one that can also apply to human relationships. Regardless, the themes of encouragement are consistently above the topics promoted by the typical mainstream. 

Best Song On The Record: 

"Wake Up" captures everything that is best about The Golden Thread.

For Fans Of: 

Ivoryline, Anberlin, Sumerlin

Final Word: 

Andrew Serino has stormed a fairly empty rock stage with a guitar-driven sound that harkens to some old favorites while boasting enough spice to leave his own unique musical footprint. 

Get the album on iTunes here.


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​Pop Music Miracles | Posted March-14-2018
Miracles is the 3rd album since pop punk rockers Hawk Nelson reinvented themselves after Jon Steingard took over vocals from Jason Dunn. The title track has already been lighting up airwaves, and one look at the tracklist shows that the album promises to provide more of the radio ready hits the band has made a signature over the past few years.

What It Sounds Like:

Given the success of hits like "Words" and "Drops in the Ocean," it's no surprise that many cuts here follow a similar musical path. Complete with chanted "woahs" and a singable chorus that can both light up arenas and Top 10 playlists, these songs guarantee the band will keep themselves on the front of the CCM musical landscape. However, the band also explores musically with some juicy electronic hooks that balance some of the radio anthems. While any of the punk/rock influence of the Dunn era is reduced to the tiniest of flickers, Hawk Nelson's new songs prove that they can sing with the biggest voices in the business and that this third album of the Steingard era cements their thriving in their new identity.

Spiritual Highlights:

Since their reinvention, Hawk Nelson has been unashamedly vertical in their music, and these songs are no different. Whether it's the prayerful pleas for God to rescue us on "Parachute" or the ways that God works in our lives ("He Still Does (Miracles)," "Crooked Lines,"), spreading the kingdom of Christ is everywhere on Miracles. 

Best Song on the Record:

"He Still Does (Miracles)" exemplifies the best of the album's strengths with one of the band's most memorable hits to date.

For Fans Of:

The Afters, Tenth Avenue North, OBB, Stars Go Dim

The Bottom Line:

Fans of the last two albums from Hawk Nelson or good Christian pop in general will have 10 new reasons to celebrate this spring.  


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All Above The Pop Fray | Posted January-24-2018
All Above Me enters a music scene increasingly devoid of genuine rock with a sound challenging the danceification trend of modern rock bands. While the choruses on Return to the Battlefield are soaring and melodic, the riffs come unapologetic and hard. 

Making strong use of the Skillet-popularized guy/girl duet approach to hard rock, with the lead vocals going primarily to the girl side of that coin, the album embraces a sound rawer and less produced than their more mainstream contemporaries. Songs like "Go" and "Labyrinth" exemplify the best of the band's sound. Kevin Young spices up "King & Crown" with screams that makes it a sonic standout. 

While moments of ballad-like lightness are tucked only toward the end, both of the album's softer cuts make effective use of the change in tone. "Yesterday" is a delectable ballad that offers honest encouragement on overcoming the past, while the praiseworthy "Sing For You" offers a juicy solo amid the album's most electronically-driven track. Despite being a sonic outlier of sorts, it's also a highlight.

"Christian Rock Heroes" may take the crown of most meta rock song to hit the genre ever (or at least since Pillar's "Turn it Up"), giving nods to giants like Skillet and Thousand Foot Krutch. It's cheesy and playful, but will be sure to grab your attention. 

The Bottom Line: If you've missed music with a genuine guitar framework and also like production kept in check, you will be all over All Above Me's Return to the Battlefield

Song to Download Now

"Go" (Get it on their website here.)

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​Christmas Comes Alive | Posted December-15-2017
for KING & COUNTRY is arguably the biggest success story in the past decade of Christian music, owning an original sound in a sea of like-sounding contemporaries. Their 2012 Christmas single "Baby Boy" was the precursor to several subsequent holiday releases. Instead of just slapping those same recordings into a full length with a few new cuts added, the brothers Smallbone opted for a live Christmas album instead, bringing the listener to the front row of their Christmas tours with A for KING & COUNTRY Christmas: Live in Phoenix.

Every Christmas song for KING & COUNTRY has recorded in the past is included. The aforementioned "Baby Boy" and last year's radio hit "Glorious" highlight a quality yuletide set. Their rousing covers of some classic carols also make the album a joy to experience. "The Little Drummer Boy" kicks off the album and is probably the most natural carol possible for the band's drum-heavy sound. This live release has gotten them some well-deserved mainstream notice. 

There are also a few new recordings in the mix here. "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" is the standout, a big and bold version that should please longtime fans and intrigue new listeners. There's also an outro to the song called "Won't You Come" that is equally delectable, although it's a bit unfortunate that it is listed as a separate track, which could make playback a bit awkward. 

"Joy to the World" and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" get a more intimate treatment, with soft vocals carrying the tunes rather than the huge instrumentation the band is known for. A non-Christmas (but equally relevant) song closes the track listing out: "The Proof of Your Love" was the band's second hit, but arguably the first one that really became a smash. This version opts for a softer slow build that erupts during the song's climactic finish. What makes this version special is it features guest vocals from the original Smallbone to grace the CCM radio airwaves: Joel and Luke's big sister, Rebecca St. James. Her vocals fit well into the song's passionate structure.

It's hard to criticize anything put out by such a powerhouse. The record is truly enjoyable start to finish. If anything feels a bit lacking, it's that one or two more songs would have made the set feel fuller. Especially with the softer songs all playing at the end, a few additional high-energy songs could've helped keep the momentum the album began with alive. Still, it's better to have fewer songs that work well than many that don't. When the biggest complaint is that the music is so good that you want more, that's a mark of success in itself. 

The Bottom Line: A for KING & COUNTRY Christmas: Live in Phoenix is an experience to cherish for Christmases to come from some of the best voices in the business.

For Fans Of: Rebecca St. James, Everfound, Newsboys, Drums

Song to Download Now

"The Little Drummer Boy (Live)" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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