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Space Time Continuum by The Washington Projects Space Time Continuum by The Washington Projects
 This brother/sister duo is really awesome! I love Group 1 Crew and TobyMac, so this album instantly won my heart. Their unique blend of hip-hop soul, R&B, funk and pop is very clever and like...
Light Up The Dark by The Washington Projects Light Up The Dark by The Washington Projects
 The Christian hip hop genre is something that I've always been a huge fan of, but this brother/sister duo are a great find! Their super catchy songs remind me of Group 1 Crew and TobyMac, who are...
People & Songs, Opus 1 Collective by Jennie Lee People & Songs, Opus 1 Collective by Jennie Lee
 This album is a fantastiac compilation of worship songs written by Jennifer Lee Riddle. It includes some of the most iconic worship anthems, such as "Faithful", "When The Stars Burn...

Paul Colman Trio: "Return" Review | Posted April-30-2011
 2004 was a sad year for Paul Colman Trio fans, as the band announced after five years of an exhausting schedule of touring and recording that they would be taking a break as a performing group, identifying "financial and family considerations" as the main reasons. It seemed that the PC3 story had written its last chapter, but that was not to be. After reforming as a band in 2009, the Paul Colman Trio are back this year with the exciting announcement of a new Australia tour (in which I was privileged to attend) and the launch of a brand new full-length studio release, titled Return. I was thrilled to receive an autographed tour-exclusive copy of the album and I will be delivering my review for you today.

Return kicks off with the first single "I Don't Know Why", which is a rocking and extremely catchy track that speaks of heartfelt thankfulness towards the undeserved and life changing love that God shows us, describing it as "Unbreakable, unshakable love/Unfakeable, insatiable love/Impossible, wonderful...". The guys from PC3 make good use of the "Woah's" throughout the entire song, in turn adding an infectious element to the melody. Without a doubt, this song receives the label as one of the best career, as it truly accentuates their intent as a musical group. "Show Me The Real You" is an upbeat pop rock tune that speaks of the desire to know God and see his real truth. "Show me the real you, I wanna see the real you/...So love me with you real love/This broken heart can heal/I'm here for the real thing, and I wanna see the real you."

"The Gathering" speaks of  a place where we can all unite, humbling ourselves before God and laying our burdens down before Him. "Come join the gathering, come join gathering/Lay your burden down, and get rest for your soul/Here in the gathering." By the time the last singing of the chorus comes around, the song builds up into a passionate collaboration, as the band's studio mixer Darrel Lehman and other friends of the band all harmonize in the background. This song even features a guest appearance from the legendary Phil Keaggy who delivers some excellent bluesy guitar work. "The Gathering" is my favourite track off the album because of its upbeat, worshipful vibe and the comforting message that we can come to God to lay our burdens down and receive rest for our souls.

"World You're Living In" is an upbeat rocking track that talks about how we can sometimes find it hard to understand the existence of God when our lives are consumed with pain. It uses the specific example of a girl who loses her father, and encourages us to invite the God of love into our lives. "That's the world you're living in/If there's a God above, a God of love/Why don't you let Him in?". "Wannabe" is a fun song that stands out for its hilarious and extremely clever lyrics. I couldn't help but laugh at these lyrics during the first verse, "Why don't 'ya take that fruit from the tree of life/And bake a hot apple pie?/And serve it out, give everybody a big slice." This song talks about the desire to be moving forward for God, and building your life on a strong foundation.

"5's & 6's" is a statement of intent from the band, as they explain their mission to not only sing about God's love, but be God's love. "Love don’t give up on me/Don’t hang up the phone on me/Love be the light in the darkest night/Come and reside in me/Fill every part of me/Turn all the wrongs into right." A big highlight of this song is the collaboration in the lead vocal role between bassist Grant Norsworthy and Paul Colman. Grant's vocals added variety to the project, as he has never had this role on any other PC3 album. "Salt Of The Earth" is based on Matthew 5:13 and relates back to what the band is passionate about, as it reminds the listener that we as 

Christians can sometimes come across as devoutly religious instead of displaying the love of God in our daily lives. The band encourages us to display the work of God in our lives towards other people and preserve the fact that we've been created to be the salt of the earth.

"I-53" is literally Isaiah 53 transformed into a song, as it prophecies about Jesus' arrival on Earth to sacrifice himself for our iniquities. "Say Goodbye" stands out for its interesting thought-provoking lyrics during the chorus, "Say goodbye to so called freedom/Say goodbye, goodbye/Better cuts from friends than kissing enemies/So goodbye." The following song "Judge Judy" is a fun and upbeat track with more clever lyrics about the "mean and evil" courtroom autocratic. The album then closes on a high note with  "Forever Friend", a fun song written to highlight the importance of friendship, and reflects on the journey that Paul, Grant and Phil have shared together since their formation in 1998. The beautiful classical guitar gives the song an almost romantic vibe, in turn ending the album in high spirits.

Overall, Return was an incredibly enjoyable listen. Filled with clever lyrics, upbeat melodies and emotional life lessons and classic PC3 songs such as "I Don't Know Why", this project will not dissappoint long time fans of Paul Colman Trio. The highlight of this album was how PC3 expressed what they're most passionate about; not just singing about God's love, but living a life that shows God's love. The Paul Colman Trio are back, and still singing about the greatest idea on Earth.

Top 3 Songs:

1. The Gathering

2. I Don't Know Why

3. Wannabe

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Excellent worship album! | Posted March-28-2011
Since joining Underoath over ten years ago, Aaron Gillespie has been full of success, from forming his side project The Almost and producing the hit single "Hands", to now producing his debut solo worship album. Anthem Song is 11 songs of straightforward, upbeat worship tunes that encourage us to sing praises to our almighty God.

The album kicks off in superb fashion with "All Things", an upbeat reminder that God is in control and that he holds the world in his hands. Aaron has humbly described this song as a "U2 rip off" as the delay effected guitar work is incredibly similar to that of U2's hit "Pride (In The Name Of Love)". The lyrics of the chorus were outstanding. "No life, no death/Could keep you away...No light, no depth/Could keep you away..." The following song "Hosanna", written by worship leader Paul Baloche, stands out for its rocking upbeat and worshipful chorus, "Hosanna, hosanna/You are the God who saves us, worthy of all praises/...Come have your way among us, we welcome You here Lord Jesus." 

"Washed Away" is a excellently arranged track. with a beautiful piano line and an encouraging message describing a desire to be closer to God and feel his loving grace. This song then immediately leads into the slow and gentle acoustic-driven track "Earnestly I Seek Thee", co-written with Stu Garrard from Delirious?.  Aaron's voice shines brightly in this song, as it eventually builds up into a passionate chorus with amazing lyrics. "None by You and You alone/Take my life and make it your own/In my offering build you home/Earnestly I seek thee."

The first single "We Were Made For You" follows, singing about how we were made to have a relationship with God.  "I Will Worship You" is a very powerful acoustic-driven track that talks about worshiping God through any circumstances that we might be going through in life. It is easily my favourite song off Anthem Song. Starting off on the slower side of things with some gentle acoustic strumming, the song then builds up into an incredibly passionate bridge with Aaron's vocals during the lyrics "Hallelujah, our God reigns!" showing off just how much talent he possesses.

The title track "Anthem Song" leans on the quicker side of things, as it talks about how God has given each of us an "anthem" to sing, and encourages us to share our song of truth, live and love with the world. "Hear it rise, our hearts they cry/Your anthem song, it goes on and on." "You Are Jesus" is a touching song where Aaron humbles himself before the Lord sining that Jesus is everything he needs to be satisfied in this life. "You are Jesus, You are Jesus/You are everything I need/You are holy, I am dirty/in You I am made clean...". "You Are My Everything" emphasizes a similar message to the preceding track as it describes how Jesus' love is everything we need when our world comes crashing down.

"Your Song Goes On Forever" ties in with the album's theme as it sings about how God's "song" will go on for all eternity. "Your song goes on forever/I will sing my part with all my heart/Your song goes on forever/I will bless Your name/I will sing Your praise." The closing song "I Am Your Cup" is a raw acoustic track that describes a prayer from Aaron where he asks God to fill his cup with His almighty love. "I am Your cup/Come fill me with Your love/My heart's in Your hands/It's broken for You...". This song closed the album in spectacular fashion and leaves the listener with an excellent idea of what Aaron Gillespie was trying to communicate with Anthem Song.

Overall, Anthem Song was a very enjoyable listen and one that gave me a surprise. I've never been a fan of The Almost and Underoath, and my knowledge of Aaron Gillespie was limited. Although Aaron doesn't bring anything new to the table regarding sound and lyrics, I am very pleased with what I've heard. 
Aaron's passionate voice and the album's simple yet remarkable theme were very endearing.This project is full of upbeat worship tracks that really reminded me to take some time out and simply praise God for who He is, and to keep singing the "anthem song" that God has given me.

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Unique | Posted March-16-2011
 I'd never heard of Worth Dying For until I saw Love Riot being promoted on the NRT home page. After I watched the music video for "Destroy" I was very intrigued. After listening to more of their stuff, I really love their sound!

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Great! | Posted March-14-2011
 This is another solid performance from Francesca Battistelli! As soon as I heard the first single for the album, "This Is The Stuff" on radio I just knew I had to go and check out the album. I recommend you do the same.

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Great album! | Posted March-14-2011
 This is a great album from an artist that has come a really long way. She totally deserved to win a Dove award for this album as well.  When I first heard "Free To Be Me" I was hooked!

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I Am Empire: "Kings" Review | Posted February-22-2011
 Throughout 2010, Tooth and Nail® signed a large batch of artists, including Rocky Loves Emily, Hyland and Swimming with Dolphins and I Am Empire. Now on January 25th 2011, I Am Empire release their debut album Kings, after only just forming in 2008. They are an upcoming band that have a lot of potential, and are almost certainly destined for success in the future.

I would describe I Am Empire as possessing a high energy, heavier than usual alternative rock sound, also comparing them to the likes of Disciple and Flyleaf. Their music is driven by incredible guitar solos and soaring vocals from the lead vocalist Austin Lyons, along with occasional screams. 
This album includes a vast range of genres, including metal, pop rock and even southern rock.  A hint of 80's metal influence can also be found on the opener "Brain Damage" as well as "Saints and Sinners". 

Kings was born out of the fractured childhood of the lead vocalist Austin Lyons. Austin's father abandoned him and his mum when he was only ten years of age, which created a lot of anger in Austin's heart. A few years down the track however, a stepfather came along and became very close to the family. However his stepfather also left, which compelled Austin to write the songs for the album. 
The album's theme of abandonment is highlighted in the opener "Brain Damage". It has an epic chorus that specifically states "We are the sons and daughters of broken homes". The opening track is a passionate rock anthem, with an extremely catchy chorus and an incredible guitar solo. It also maintains a catchy melodic guitar riff throughout its entirety, making it a stand out off the album and a great introduction of what's to come.

"Heart Attack" is an explosive and catchy track from the first seconds, where you're introduced to the crafty guitar work of  lead guitarist Andrew Stanton. Next up is the first single and fan favourite "Saints & Sinners". This song goes back to the album's theme, with Austin Lyons expressing some anger with the words "How can you be a saint when you're a sinner like me?". While it does possess some incredible guitar handiwork, the whiney vocals and the "Ha,ha,ha" in the second verse really let down the intended effect of the song, making it my least favourite off the album. "Hammers & Anvils" revisits the topic of Austin's dad leaving; how he handled the situation and his thanks to Jesus for pulling him through. "Oh it's hope that has embraced me/And my God who won't forsake me/Sweet Jesus you're amazing/You save me every single time I fall down."

"Love & Despair" slows down proceedings with some crafty delay guitar effects, before entering back into the passionate rock anthems with "To The Moon" and "The Elevator", exposing some pure hair metal influence and offering some intense guitar solos. Although "The Elevator" only lasts about two and a half minutes it is another standout off the album, with its engaging lyrics, pounding drum beat and crunchy guitar distortion. The duration of the guitar solo isn't very long, but it is still the best off the album. 

In the midst of the straightforward hard rock tunes that the album has to offer, I Am Empire also provides us with a slow ballad on "Take Me Away". In this acoustic driven and emotional ballad, Austin pleads with God to take him away from his painful situation and regret of his father leaving.  The closing track "It's Not Fair" is another acoustic driven track that also vividly describes his father leaving the family and is an excellent summary of the album as a whole. 

Overall, Kings was a good listen with some edgy and passionate rock anthems. The album cover is also very unique, making the album stand out on the shelves of a music store. There are a lot of in-your-face and energetic pump up songs on this album, but that wasn't always a positive with my viewpoint. The occasional wild screaming vocals from Austin Lyons was what severely let some of the tracks down, along with a few tracks that lacked altogether. However for a young band, I Am Empire's guitar work is incredible, which for me was the saving grace for the album. I wouldn't necessarily pay full price for this album, but if you see it at a discount I definitely recommend you pick it up. I've never been a big fan of Tooth and Nail artists, and I Am Empire don't change that fact. However they are a band with a truckload of potential that are sure to gain huge success in the future.

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Hawk Nelson: "Crazy Love" Review | Posted February-22-2011
 Ever since the release of their debut project, Letters To The President in 2004, Hawk Nelson have been among the most consistent bands in the Christian music industry. Over the course of their five studio album releases, they have produced incredible pop punk music, and with Relient K starting to take more of a secular approach, the pressure has been on these guys to step up and maintain the strength in their respective genre. After chopping and changing between genres over their past albums, Hawk Nelson's latest release Crazy Love marks the bands' return to their traditional pop rock roots, as the album is a high energy and fun filled extravaganza packed with fast paced and engaging tunes. These aspects along with the more Christ-centred lyrics make this album an improvement of Hawk Nelson's previous work.

The album kicks off with the abrupt shouting lyrics of "Tally Ho". It is a fast paced and chaotic rock tune, and only lasts for just under two minutes. The lyrics are centred around the powerful singing of "Pouring out the gasoline" and "Ignite the fuse". The song is very brief and the first half of it can get a little annoying, but once it reaches its peak by the end of the first chorus, there's no stopping. It's the only aggressive rock assault off the album and I couldn't help but air-drum along to it. It is a great introduction to the joyous fun and energy that is to follow with the next twelve tracks. Next up is "Your Love Is A Mystery", which uses electronic sounds and a dance beat. The lyrics in the chorus are in awe of God's mysterious love and grace, "I'm never always right and it's plain to see/You love me Jesus, it's a mystery/You know my faults/You know my wrongs/And You still love me." 

The lead single and title track "Crazy Love", co-written with producer Ian Eskelin, is my favourite Hawk Nelson song off all time and a standout off the album. Born out of the ideas presented in Francis Chan's book of the same name, it encourages us to grasp the true meaning behind the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and demonstrate the "crazy" love of Jesus to others. "...We're the ones who fight down on our knees/Who dare to love our enemies...". "My Next Breath" is a ballad that leans on the slower side of things and confesses the fact that we need Jesus more than anything in the world. "I need you/I need you more than my next breath...I know that I am loved/Because you've bought me with your blood." Hawk Nelson have some fun with the next couple of songs, "We're Alright" and "Skeleton". The former has some excellent guitar work, in fact the best of the album. The lyrics reassure us that we're alright, even though we might feel crazy sometimes. "Skeleton" emphasises the fact that we are immobile and incomplete without God, specifically comparing us to a skeleton. "Don't 'ya know?/ We all have a secret/We have friends who try to keep them/I'm just a skeleton without You now."
 The aggressive whispering near the end of the song also add to the song's energy and humour.

"We Can Change The World" is a reflection of the bands desire to make a difference in the world and calls all Christians to have the same life purpose. The catchy chorus states, "We can change the world, you and me/We can make a difference if we just believe/When the hands and feet start moving together/We can change the world forever.The message is similar to the title track in that it encourages Christians to stand out from the crowd and make a difference, in turn making the song a standout. I really enjoyed "Shaken" offLive Life Loud and this song reminded me greatly of that. "One Shot" encourages its listeners to live life to the full, take every opportunity as it comes and make the most of life while it counts. "You got one shot, all you got, take it now/You gotta get up, get up, get up/One life, live it right, keep on moving forward/You got one shot everybody it's your time/I want to see you on the other side."

I was dissappointed with the next few songs "Joanna" and "LAX". The rapid drum beat and fast muted guitar in "Joanna" were very enjoyable to listen to, but I found the lyrics to be disappointing.  The lyrics describe the breaking up in the relationship with a girl called Joanna instead of them revolving around God. "LAX" is a fifty-seven second song that is added to the set purely for laughs, and don't get me wrong it's hilarious! However the song ultimately ends up to be a minute of pointless screaming and I think this extra space on the record could've been filled with another full length song. Still, the song does bring out the humour in Jason, Jonathan, Dan and Justin from Hawk Nelson. 

"Done Holding On" really captivated me right at the end of the album with the chorus' thought provoking lyrics. "I'm giving up my secrets/I'm giving up my faults/Telling you I'm empty, should have known all along/It's taken me my whole life to realise that I'm wrong/I'm giving up my secrets, I'm done holding on."The closing track "Thanks For The Beautiful Memories" would be the perfect closer to a Hawk Nelson concert, as the band thanks their fans, crew and God for being with them throughout the long journey. They describe their life as a band, from signing their first record deal with Tooth & Nail at the age of 17, to selling over 500,000 copies of their albums. "Everything we ever wanted/We just want to thank you all for that we've been through together/Dreams become reality and we just want to thank you one more time."

Overall, Hawk Nelson's latest album Crazy Love was a very enjoyable listen. It was great to see some more christ-centred lyrics from the band, with the unfortunate exception of "Joanna". I loved the simple yet profound message of the amazing love that Jesus showed for us when he sacrificed himself, and the fact that we need to step out and show this "crazy" love to 

others. I'd only ever listened to a few singles from Hawk Nelson before this album, so Crazy Love was an excellent new listening experience for me. I would recommend this album to long time fans who loved their debut album Letters To The President, as well as to fans of Stellar Kart. I would call this Hawk Nelson's best project to date, and a must have for long time fans of the band.

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Red "Until We Have Faces" Review | Posted February-02-2011
Back in 2006, Red released their debut album End of Silence was nominated for a Grammy award. Three years later the band released Innocence and Instinct which sold over 39,000 copies in its first week, and also making history by being the first band in Christian rock history to have a single debut at #1 on radio. Now Red returns in 2011 with one of the most highly anticipated projects of the year, called Until We Have Faces. Inspired by C.S Lewis' work of a similar name, Till We Have Faces, this album is about finding your true identity and an anthem to those who are unsure of theirs.

Until We Have Faces kicks off with the heavy and extremely aggressive opening track “Feed The Machine” is written in the perspective of the world talking to the person, telling them to give up and be what the world wants them to be, instead of being who God has created them to be. This song is sure to please long-time fans of the band with its loud screams, violins, low growling vocals from the lead vocalist Michael Barnes and crunchy guitar distortion.

The first single “Faceless” continues with the story describing a situation where a person feels like they don't know where they fit in the world. The chorus has very passionate vocals and is also extremely catchy, “I'm not, I'm not myself/Feels like I'm someone else/Fallen and faceless/So hollow, hollow inside.” The following song "Lie To Me (Denial)" completes an excellent and engaging beginning, maintaining the hard rock sound.

After the aggressive beginning, the album slows with a few epic and emotional ballads. "Let It Burn" describes times where we as humans question the powerful presence of God during tough circumstances. "How long can you stand the pain/How long will you hide your face/How long will you be afraid/Are you afraid." Michael Barnes' vocals are at their best in "Buried Beneath". This song also has a diverse and interesting range of background noises in the chorus.

"Not Alone" reminds me a little bit of "Never Be The Same" as it is a very slow, emotional and passionate ballad. It reminds us that God will never leave us or forsake us and will always catch us when we fall. The harmonies from the rest of the band with Barnes' vocals during the chorus are absolutely beautiful, easily making it my personal favourite out of all the ballads. This song is different from any others in the set, because it doesn't use a lot of distorted guitar.

The album then grows into the heavier sound that was heard at the beginning with the songs "Watch You Crawl", "The Outside" and "Who We Are". "Watch You Crawl" is my personal favourite off the project because of its rapid guitar riff , passionate and triumphant chorus about conquering the devil and his evil temptations. "I will fight until the end/Get ready to collide/And I will watch you fall again/I'll bury you alive/You tried to bring me to my knees/You tried to take it all/Now I will stand and watch you crawl." The long screams in the bridge are so incredible that they make my spine tingle.

"The Outside" is the most aggressive off the album and was the type of song I'd been waiting for! This song is the one-of-a-kind edgy hard rock tune for the album with some incredible screaming vocals from Michael Barnes in the bridge.

"Who We Are" is an infectious song from start to finish that seems to take influence from Linkin Park's hit "New Divide". It reminds us that we don't have to worry about what the world perceives us to be in their eyes, because we are just who we are. "We can be who we are, now we are alive/We can fight, they cannot contain us/It's who we are, we are undying/We are forever." This song has to be my personal favourite off the entire album.

Until We Have Faces closes with "Best Is Yet To Come" and "Hymn For The Missing". "Best Is Yet To Come" is an upbeat tune giving listeners the hope that even after our world falls in a heap that there is hope of better things through God. "Hymn For The Missing" is a slow emotional piano driven ballad that reminds me of "Pieces" from the End Of Silence album. The song is dedicated to a friend of the band who has strayed from the Lord, as well as being a hope for other people who are lost in this world, that they will find the love of God. This song is very emotional, sometimes bringing tears to my eyes, and a perfect closer for the album.

Overall, Until We Have Faces is a very solid effort from Red, who prove that they are one of the strongest hard rock acts in the industry. It is a very challenging, thought provoking and emotional listen about finding our identity in this world. The only negative I have is that there was a lack of aggressive tracks on the album, with the opening track "Feed The Machine". I think that might be a bit of a blow to the hopes of long time fans of the band. The album definitely does take a while to grow on you, but once it does you're sure to be playing it over and over again. Red is one of those bands who can deliver a great mix of styles in their albums, and this one is no exception. This is a solid album, but not a great one, however it is by far the band's best project to date and definitely one to get your hands on, whether you're a hard rock fan or not.

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Great follow up! | Posted January-28-2011
This is a great second album from Brandon Heath! The lyrics are lovely and the music is magical! "Give Me Your Eyes", "Wait and See" and "Love Never Fails" were the songs that really stood out to me

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Brandon Heath "Leaving Eden" Review | Posted January-28-2011
With multiple GMA Dove Award victories, Grammy nominations and a bundle of smash hit radio singles to his name, Brandon Heath is no stranger to success in the industry. That fact will certainly remain a reality with the release of his brand new offering titled Leaving Eden. Brandon's much anticipated third studio album is everything that is expected from him,but with a few little surprises also thrown in to the mix. It's an album full of encouraging and upbeat adult contemporary hits that you're sure to hear on the radio throughout 2011..

Kicking off the album is the title track "Leaving Eden", a song which reminds us that the world is rapidly collapsing with each coming day. The lyrics are very similar to "Give Me Your Eyes", as he describes a handful of real life situations where Brandon feels like he's leaving the perfect world that God created. "I just waved to a stranger, he didn't wave back/....Teacher is hiding her bible, but at least she's got a job/ My local Salvation army just got robbed." Musically, this song is typical of Brandon, but it's the blend of rhymes that really make this song shine.

Following the title track is the first single "Your Love" and the exclusive pre order download "The Light In Me". "Your Love", which is already a powerhouse in Christian radio, highlights that God's love is all we'll ever need, while "The Light In Me" has a simple chorus which states that God is the one who puts the light in our hearts. I was a little disappointed that these two songs sounded very similar to his previous hit songs "Give Me Your Eyes" and "Wait And See" off his What If We album.

The acoustic driven "Only Water" is my personal favourite off the album. It sounds similar to "Love Never Fails" off the What If We album. It's such a peaceful song with Brandon passionately singing in the chorus "It's only water/And it washes over me/Like a single river stone/Changes everything/But has no power on its own." Brandon's perfect voice is at its best on this track and fits excellently with the low violin. It was great to see a song on this album that didn't have the expected hip hop beat like the others.

"Stolen" is a catchy and upbeat track that describes the captivating love of Christ, with its worship style chorus, "You catch me like a thief in the night/You hold me when I put up a fight/You chase me when I run from Your light/Because You love you won't give up."
"Might Just Save Your Life" sounds like a bit like a TobyMac track and it's the most unique off the album. It has some awesome electric guitar solos backing the pop beat. "It's Alright" is a piano driven song that is written in the perspective of Jesus talking to someone, comforting them saying that "It's alright/Everything will be okay/You just hold tight/I'll be with you all the way."

"The One" broadcasts the fact that is only takes one person to make a difference in the world, and someone just needs to step out and make a move. "As Long As I'm Here" is a perfect closer to the album, and has an airy feel and describes how one day we will be reunited with Jesus in heaven, so we need to spread God's word while we're here.

The main theme of Leaving Eden is temporary life on Earth, and the fact that we need to use this time to make a difference. The theme was one of the greatest factors of the album, and I believe that this a mission every Christian should strive to accomplish.

Overall, Leaving Eden, was a very enjoyable listen. The straightforward songs that are Brandon's speciality are excellent as well as the songs that contained new sound I didn't expect such as "Might Just Save Your Life" and "It's No Good To Be Alone". Long time fans of Brandon Heath might not enjoy the new sound as much, but I know I certainly enjoyed the mini transition. This album is not what you would call "Album Of The Year" material, but I am confident that it will bring more success to this profound singer/songwriter. This is Brandon's best work to date and also the first must have album for the year!

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10
Genre: Adult Contemporary

Top 3 Songs:
1. Only Water
2. Might Just Save Your Life
3. It's No Good To Be Alone

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