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Always Ready,  by Susan Page Davis Always Ready
by Susan Page Davis | Genre: Fiction
Semper paratus. Always ready. Caddie Lyle strives to live up to the motto of the Coast Guard—and her father’s legacy—as she carries out rescue missions. But when she discovers other career opportunities and meets Guardsman Aven Holland, her heart begins ...
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Beginnings (Sommerfeld Trilogy #2),  by Kim Vogel Sawyer Beginnings (Sommerfeld Trilogy #2)
by Kim Vogel Sawyer | Genre: Fiction
Beth Quinn is struggling to find a place to belong in the Old Order Mennonite Community of Sommerfeld, Kansas. When she starts a business designing stained glass windows, two men-one a Mennonite, the other not-begin to vie for her attention. Andrew Braun, ...
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Blood in the Sand,  by Benny Hinn Blood in the Sand
by Benny Hinn | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
Having been born in the Middle East and raised among Arabs, Christians, and Jews, Pastor Benny Hinn has a truly unique perspective on the Middle East. For this reason Christians with a sincere desire to understand the roots of the conflict have questioned ...
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Church History, The First Century by Rick Joyner Church History
by Rick Joyner | Genre: Christian Living
Church history is one of the most compelling and interesting parts of human history, filled with wisdom and understanding about how the heights of human greatness can be attained or how the worst mistakes can be made. A popular quote and truth is, "Those ...
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Confirming Justice,  by Diane and David Munson Confirming Justice
by Diane and David Munson | Genre: Fiction
In Confirming Justice, Federal Judge Dwight Pendergast presides over a bribery case involving the son of a cabinet secretary. Suddenly the key prosecution witness disappears. When FBI agent Griffin Topping is brought in to locate the witness he soon finds ...
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Cottonwood Whispers,  by Jennifer Erin Valent Cottonwood Whispers
by Jennifer Erin Valent | Genre: Fiction
In this sequel to Jennifer’s award-winning debut novel Fireflies in December, Jessilyn Lassiter and her best friend Gemma Teague have survived prejudice and heartache in their lifelong friendship, but the summer of 1936 threatens to tear them apart yet ...
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Dancing on the Graves of Your Past,  by Yvonne Martinez Dancing on the Graves of Your Past
by Yvonne Martinez | Genre: Christian Living
Unresolved emotional anxiety and pain no longer need to breathe down your neck or hang around your ankles, keeping you bound. Dancing on the Graves of Your Past is an invitation to say “goodbye” to your past, rise to your feet and take ownership of ...
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Deadlock, (Return of the Stranger Series #2) by Al & Joanna Lacy Deadlock
by Al & Joanna Lacy | Genre: Fiction
The Zarbo brothers are seasoned outlaws with a reputation for killing. Already wanted in two states, they set their sights on Colorado and a string of bank robberies. They don’t count on running into Chief U.S. Marshal John Brockman. John arrests Lee ...
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Drops Like Stars, A Few Thoughts on Creativity and Suffering by Rob Bell Drops Like Stars
by Rob Bell | Genre: Christian Living
Product Description: This book is an exploration of the complex relationship between suffering and creativity, driven by the belief that there is art in the agony. From the Back Cover: We plot. We plan. We assume things are going to ...
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Eleventh Guest, (A.D. Chronicles Series #11) by Bodie and Brock Thoene Eleventh Guest
by Bodie and Brock Thoene | Genre: Fiction
The lepers in the valley of Mak'ob hear the rumors--that a miracle worker is walking the earth. Ten lepers are chosen to leave the valley to search for this healer, knowing that outside the valley lies certain death. Will they find him in time? Could ...
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Every Man's Battle: 10th Anniversary Special Edition, Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time by Stephen Arterburn Every Man's Battle: 10th Anniversary Special Edition
by Stephen Arterburn | Genre: Marriage & Relationships
"There is no more common enemy of true manhood than the diversion or the perversion of our sexual capacities. I welcome every contribution to the arsenal of resistance." -Jack W. Hayford, Litt.D., pastor of The Church on the Way and president of The ...
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Every Young Man's Battle Revised Edition, Strategies for Victory in the Real World of Sexual Temptation by Stephen Arterburn Every Young Man's Battle Revised Edition
by Stephen Arterburn | Genre: Marriage & Relationships
In this world you’re surrounded by sexual images that open the door to temptation. They’re everywhere–on TV, billboards, magazines, music, the internet–and so easy to access that it sometimes feels impossible to escape their clutches. Yet God expects ...
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Facing Justice,  by Diane and David Munson Facing Justice
by Diane and David Munson | Genre: Fiction
In Facing Justice, Federal Agent Eva Montanna’s twin sister died at the Pentagon on 9/11. Eva dedicates her career to avenge her death while investigating Email Jubayl, a member of Eva’s church and CEO of Helpers International, who is accused of using ...
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Fearless,  by Max Lucado Fearless
by Max Lucado | Genre: Christian Living
As taken from Chapter 1 of Max Lucado's Fearless, 'Jesus takes our fears seriously. The one statement he made more than any other was this: don’t be afraid. I wonder if the disciples ever reflected on the most-often-repeated phrases of Christ. If ...
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Forgiven, (Sisters of the Heart Series #3) by Shelley Shepard Gray Forgiven
by Shelley Shepard Gray | Genre: Fiction
Tragedy strikes­—a brother and sister find themselves facing a situation that will shape the rest of their lives. When a fire destroys the Lundys' barn, Winnie is injured trying to get the animals to safety. Confined to a hospital for weeks, out of ...
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Gone to Green, The Green Series #1 by Judy Christie Gone to Green
by Judy Christie | Genre: Fiction
Lois goes from being a corporate journalist at a large paper in the Midwest to the owner of The Green News-Item, a small twice-weekly newspaper in rural North Louisiana. The paper was an unexpected inheritance from a close colleague, and Lois must keep ...
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Haunt of Jackals, (Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy Series #2) by Eric Wilson Haunt of Jackals
by Eric Wilson | Genre: Fiction
A decade earlier, Jerusalem's Undead escaped their tombs in the Field of Blood. One of their group was missing, and he will return with a vengeance, fighting his fellow Collectors for control of a vile book--a blueprint that exploits "six things, no, ...
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I Know Why the Angels Dance,  by Bryan Davis I Know Why the Angels Dance
by Bryan Davis | Genre: Fiction
I Know Why the Angels Dance contrasts John Hanson with Phil Grayson, an atheist psychology professor. Phil loses his only child to disease, and is furious at John's attempts to console based on the departed child's deathbed conversion to Christ. John ...
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Jesus: Why the World Is Still Fascinated by Him,  by Tim LaHaye Jesus: Why the World Is Still Fascinated by Him
by Tim LaHaye | Genre: Christian Living
Jesus. Love Him or hate Him, He's everywhere. On our T-shirts, bumper stickers, and even the covers of leading news magazines, year after year. We see Him on the silver screen, in the headline crawl on the TV news, and on the homemade signs held up at ...
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Lucy Finds Her Way,  by Nancy Rue Lucy Finds Her Way
by Nancy Rue | Genre: Fiction
Lucy Rooney is a feisty, precocious tomboy who questions everything—even God. It’s not hard to see why: a horrible accident killed her mother and blinded her father, turning her life upside down. It will take a strong but gentle housekeeper—who insists ...
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Mountaineer Dreams: True Love Stands Strong,  by Yvonne Lehman Mountaineer Dreams: True Love Stands Strong
by Yvonne Lehman | Genre: Fiction
Take a journey through the history of the mountain state as the War Between the States separates Nancy Logans state and town, putting her brothers life in jeopardy and a Quaker doctor in a dangerous position. To give his grandmother her dying wish, Neil ...
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Religious Affections,  by Jonathan Edwards Religious Affections
by Jonathan Edwards | Genre: Theology
In Religious Affections, Jonathan Edwards (the central figure in New England's first Great Awakening) offers his most detailed description of false and true signs of religious revival, while highlighting the role truly balanced emotions play within the ...
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Say Goodbye To Powerless Christianity,  by Che Ahn Say Goodbye To Powerless Christianity
by Che Ahn | Genre: Christian Living
Ahn, senior pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California, shares practical insight to activate every believer to reach their destinies and influence society. This text is packed with incredible testimonies of miracles, divine appointments, healings, ...
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Say Goodbye to Powerless Christianity: Walking in Supernatural Surrender and Significance,  by Che Ahn Say Goodbye to Powerless Christianity: Walking in Supernatural Surrender and Significance
by Che Ahn | Genre: Christian Living
Pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California, Che Ahn shares how God called him to a deeper and more powerful walk with Christ. After hitting bottom personally and professionally, Ahn encountered the Holy Spirit's power and has walked with Him ...
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Stained Glass Hearts, Seeing Life from a Broken Perspectiv by Patsy Clairmont Stained Glass Hearts
by Patsy Clairmont | Genre: Christian Living
Stained Glass Hearts reminds us just how brightly the light of God can shine even amidst our darkest moments, uncovering the promise and possibility of redemption and transformation. Comparing people to stained glass windows, Patsy Clairmont explains ...
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Surrender the Wind,  by Rita Gerlach Surrender the Wind
by Rita Gerlach | Genre: Fiction
Seth Braxton, a patriot of the American Revolution, unexpectedly inherits his loyalist grandfather's estate in England. Seth is torn between the land he fought for and the prospect of reuniting with his sister Caroline, who was a motherless child taken ...
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Sweet Waters,  by Julie Carobini Sweet Waters
by Julie Carobini | Genre: Fiction
What happens when the fairytale turns out to be a soap opera? Tara Sweet is nothing if not sensible. Usually. But her engagement is off, and her mother—yes, mother—is newly married and gallivanting around Europe. It’s time for a change. So she convinces ...
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Sweetwater Run, (Copper Brown Series #1) by Jan Watson Sweetwater Run
by Jan Watson | Genre: Fiction
In 1891 in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, two young women stand at a crossroads. Both are protegees of the same mentor, Copper Brown, yet they couldn't be more different. Darcy Whitt falls in love with the town's handsome yet unscrupulous attorney ...
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The Blue Enchantress, (Charles Towne Belle Series #2) by MaryLu Tyndall The Blue Enchantress
by MaryLu Tyndall | Genre: Fiction
Get swept away in a high-tide of romance and adventure from acclaimed author M. L. Tyndall. Trying to forget about a painful past, Hope Westcott plunges into Charles Towne society trying to find love and acceptance. Captain Nathaniel Mason is determined ...
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The Deadly Hours,  by Matt Bronleewe The Deadly Hours
by Matt Bronleewe | Genre: Fiction
August Adams can't escape the mysteries and dangers surrounding rare books. Kill them all. God will recognize his own. These words were spoken at the dawn of the 1209 Cathar Crusade, a war devised to wipe out the most widespread heresy in Europe. But ...
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The Enclave,  by Karen Hancock The Enclave
by Karen Hancock | Genre: Fiction
When Lacey McHenry accepts a prestigious research fellowship at the world-renowned Kendell-Jakes Longevity Institute, she sees it as a new start on life. But a disturbing late-night encounter with an intruder leads to an unexpected cover-up by Institute ...
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The Hand that Bears the Sword,  by George Bryan Polivka The Hand that Bears the Sword
by George Bryan Polivka | Genre: Fiction
Following up the innovative The Legend of the Firefish, The Hand that Bears the Sword is longer and is twice as good as its predessecor. Unlike the first book in the Trophy Chase, The Hand that Bears the Sword has three to four parallel stories along ...
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The Hope of Refuge, (Ada's House Series #1) by Cindy Woodsmall The Hope of Refuge
by Cindy Woodsmall | Genre: Fiction
Raised in foster care and now the widowed mother of a little girl, Cara Moore struggles against poverty, fear, and a relentless stalker. When a trail of memories leads Cara and Lori out of New York City toward an Amish community, she follows every lead, ...
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The Knight, (Patrick Bowers Files Series #3) by Steven James The Knight
by Steven James | Genre: Fiction
Agent Bowers is used to tracking the country's most dangerous killers, but now it looks like a killer is tracking him. When he realizes the murderer is using clues from an ancient manuscript as a blueprint for his crimes, Bowers faces a race against time ...
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The Last Woman Standing,  by Tia McCollors The Last Woman Standing
by Tia McCollors | Genre: Fiction
After being married to their careers instead of each other for ten years, "Ace" and Lynette Bowers ended their marriage. Four years later however, it seems as though their love never ended - to both of their surprise and denial. Sheila Rushmore is Ace's ...
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The Magnificent Obsession, Embracing the God-Filled Life by Anne Graham Lotz The Magnificent Obsession
by Anne Graham Lotz | Genre: Christian Living
God longs to call you friend. Are you missing the essentials to living a joyful, purpose-filled life? Are you devoted to your church or your religion but still struggling to find meaning and passion in your faith? Do you love your family, work hard, contribute ...
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The Naked Gospel, The Truth You May Never Hear in Church by Andrew Farley The Naked Gospel
by Andrew Farley | Genre: Christian Living
Jesus plus nothing. 100% natural. No additives. It's the truth you may never hear in church. The Naked Gospel is a chapter-by-chapter assault on the churchy jargon and double talk of our day. It puts forth a message that is simple but life-changing. With ...
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The Power to Be Your Best,  by Todd Duncan The Power to Be Your Best
by Todd Duncan | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
Many of us are so busy trying to make a living that we miss out on life. Busy and successful? Happy and fulfilled? No. We just can't shake the nagging feeling that life is somehow passing us by. So we try to bury our discontent by accumulating more ...
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The Spinster Brides of Cactus Corner: The Spinster & the Cowboy / The Spinster & the Lawyer / The Spinster & the Doctor / The Spinster & the Tycoon ... Large Print Christian Historical Fiction),  by Frances Devine The Spinster Brides of Cactus Corner: The Spinster & the Cowboy / The Spinster & the Lawyer / The Spinster & the Doctor / The Spinster & the Tycoon ... Large Print Christian Historical Fiction)
by Frances Devine | Genre: Fiction
Four Cactus Corner, Arizona, women-unmarried by choice or circumstance-find fulfillment in volunteering at the town orphanage. That is until romance changes the course of their lives. India Cunningham is happy running her father's ranch until a childhood ...
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The Surpassing Greatness of His Power,  by Rick Joyner The Surpassing Greatness of His Power
by Rick Joyner | Genre: Charismatic Interest
We cannot be witness of the Almighty without power. We read in 1 Corinithians 4:20 "For the kingdom of God does not consist in words, but in power." When I wrote this book, I felt that it was one of the most important I had written, but now it seems even ...
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The Truth About Islam and Jesus (The Truth About Islam Series),  by John Ankerberg The Truth About Islam and Jesus (The Truth About Islam Series)
by John Ankerberg | Genre: Evangelism
Christians are often surprised when they hear Muslims say, “We believe in Jesus too, and we hold Him in great esteem.” But what do they really mean? Are the Muslim Jesus and the Christian Jesus the same person? Immersed in the Islamic worldview as ...
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Upside Down Living: A Template for Changing Ourselves and the World from the Book of Acts,  by Greg Laurie Upside Down Living: A Template for Changing Ourselves and the World from the Book of Acts
by Greg Laurie | Genre: Christian Living
"Those who have turned the world upside down have come here, too" -Acts 17:6 That's what the world had to say when the Christians came to town. "These men who have caused trouble all over the world...!" In the pages of the book of Acts, many in ...
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Welcome Home: Our Family's Journey to Extreme Joy,  by Kimberley Woodhouse Welcome Home: Our Family's Journey to Extreme Joy
by Kimberley Woodhouse | Genre: Family Living
Thanks to being featured on the hit TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the Woodhouse family of Colorado Springs is known across the country. Their poignant, heart-touching story of having a child with a rare medical disorder, which led to a mountain ...
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Word Pictures, Knowing God Through Story and Imagination by Brian Godawa Word Pictures
by Brian Godawa | Genre: Non Fiction-Misc
Brian explains the book’s genesis, “In recent years I went through a change of mind in how I understand theology and my faith. I have always been an artist, but in my theology and faith I overemphasized rationality and underplayed imagination. I learned ...
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You Have What It Takes: What Every Father Needs to Know,  by Stasi Eldredge You Have What It Takes: What Every Father Needs to Know
by Stasi Eldredge | Genre: Christian Living
Wild at Heart helped men to rediscover their masculine hearts-to be the men God designed them to be. Now this small book goes a step further, encouraging fathers to pass this insight on to their children. It is not by accident, contends John Eldredge, ...
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Your Own Jesus, A God Insistent On Making It Personal by Mark Hall Your Own Jesus
by Mark Hall | Genre: Christian Living
Too many people inherit somebody else’s Jesus, mimicking what they see in their family, friends, and pastor rather than facing the need to find their own Jesus. If we exist on someone else’s faith, we will miss the spiritual vitality and joy that comes ...
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