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A Man After God's Own Heart, Devoting Your Life to What Really Matters by Jim George A Man After God's Own Heart
by Jim George | Genre: Men's Interests
As a devoted Christian, passionate speaker, and prolific author, Jim George has taught, trained, counseled, and mentored men from all walks of life. He brings more than 25 years of ministry to this bestselling book (more than 110,000 sold), now rereleased ...
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A Month of Summer (Blue Sky Hills Series),  by Lisa Wingate A Month of Summer (Blue Sky Hills Series)
by Lisa Wingate | Genre: Fiction
After a call from the Dallas police, Rebecca Macklin leaves her family and law practice in California to return to her childhood home to deal with her estranged father, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. She has built up a lifetime of resentment ...
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A New Joy,  by Susan Page Davis A New Joy
by Susan Page Davis | Genre: Fiction
Jane’s life has been one of trial. Orphaned at a young age, Jane was indentured as a housemaid. During an Indian raid, she was captured, carried off to Canada, and sold. Then her arranged, loveless marriage ended with the death of her abusive husband. ...
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A Simple Life: Gift Edition,  by Wanda E. Brunstetter A Simple Life: Gift Edition
by Wanda E. Brunstetter | Genre: Gift Books
Feeling too busy and stressed? Take a literary tour of Amish country, and learn a few practical life lessons drawn from this unique culture. Millions visit ""Amish country"" each year to enjoy the relaxed family atmosphere of this unique culture. What ...
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A Sister's Hope (Sisters of Holmes County, Book 3),  by Wanda E. Brunstetter A Sister's Hope (Sisters of Holmes County, Book 3)
by Wanda E. Brunstetter | Genre: Fiction
Lose yourself in Holmes County, where romance, suspense, mystery, and faith-filled Amish ways rule the day! Martha Hostettler is concerned about the continuous attacks being made on her Amish family. With a definite motive and a myriad of methods, Luke ...
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All For Jesus, A Devotional by Franklin Graham All For Jesus
by Franklin Graham | Genre: Devotions
The essence of the Christian life is Jesus-and when everything you do is aimed at glorifying Him, the life-changing consequences are limitless! In this new trade paper edition, best-selling author Franklin Graham and Ross Rhoads offer thirty compassionate ...
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All Through the Night,  by Davis Bunn All Through the Night
by Davis Bunn | Genre: Fiction
Wayne, scarred physically and emotionally, has a background in special-ops he's trying to forget. But he gets his arm twisted into helping a quirky group of seniors who've been scammed out of their retirement. Breaching the con man's high-security island ...
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Beach Dreams, The Beach House Series Book 3 by Trish Perry Beach Dreams
by Trish Perry | Genre: Fiction
Following up on Sally John’s bestselling Beach House series (The Beach House and Castles in the Sand—nearly 45,000 in combined sales) is a brand–new Beach House book from veteran Harvest House novelist Trish Perry. Tiffany LeBoeuf recently lost ...
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Between Us Girls, Fun Talk about Faith, Friends, and Family by Vicki Courtney Between Us Girls
by Vicki Courtney | Genre: Teens
Following her best seller Between, Vicki Courtney’s Between Us Girls is an all-new full-color and fun-paced magabook encouraging girls between the ages of eight and twelve to grow spiritually and socially in every area of life. Young readers will love ...
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Beyond Me, Living a You-First Life in a Me-First World by Kathi Macias Beyond Me
by Kathi Macias | Genre: Devotions
“Living with others in mind”: Beyond Me is an invitation to pursue true discipleship. Using sometimes humorous but always vulnerable and meaningful examples, Beyond Me ties together current, historical, and biblically documented insights and teachings ...
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But is it Real?, Answering 10 common objections to the Christian faith by Amy Orr-Ewing But is it Real?
by Amy Orr-Ewing | Genre: Theology
Is God real? Is it possible to know anything, let alone know him? Why do bad things happen to people who worship God? What about the spiritual experiences of other faiths? “Your relationship with God is just a psychological crutch”, “Belief in God is ...
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Can I Get a Witness?,  by ReShonda Tate Billingsley Can I Get a Witness?
by ReShonda Tate Billingsley | Genre: Fiction
The irony of a divorce-court judge getting divorced herself is not lost on Vanessa Colton-Kirk. After all, she's seen everything in her notorious Houston courtroom, where she's presided over the breakup of countless unhappy and disillusioned couples. ...
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Coming Unglued, Scrapbookers Series book 2 by Rebecca Seitz Coming Unglued
by Rebecca Seitz | Genre: Fiction
Coming Unglued is the second book in the SISTERS, INK series of novels. At the center of the creativity and humor are four unlikely young adult sisters, each separately adopted during early childhood into the loving home of Marilyn and Jack Sinclair. ...
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Compelled By Love,  by Heidi Baker Compelled By Love
by Heidi Baker | Genre: Journals
What does it look like to trust everything to God? In Compelled by Love, Heidi Baker gives you a glimpse of total dependence and authentic Christian community by taking a fresh look at the Beatitudes. In the war-torn, poverty-stricken country of Mozambique, ...
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Dating, A Pocket Bible Study & Journal by Hayley DiMarco Dating
by Hayley DiMarco | Genre: Bible Study
To date or not to date . . . that is the question. It's just a "sea of troubles!" Right? Hayley DiMarco's inductive Bible study for young adults will help you decide whether dating or waiting is best for you; keep your thoughts and actions pure; be honest ...
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Eighth Shepherd, A.D. Chronicles Volume 8 by Bodie and Brock Thoene Eighth Shepherd
by Bodie and Brock Thoene | Genre: Fiction
After Yeshua of Nazareth has raised his friend El'azar from the dead, news of Yeshua travels fast and the Sanhedrin begin their plot to kill him. Despite the danger, Yeshua and his followers begin the journey to Jerusalem for Passover. Meanwhile, Zachai ...
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Eyes Wide Open, Avoiding the Heartbreak of Emotional Promiscuity by Brienne Murk Eyes Wide Open
by Brienne Murk | Genre: Teens
In our postmodern world, we are so driven by our emotions that in “living for the moment” we’ve forgotten to guard our most precious treasure—our hearts. Young people may not realize it, but acts that appear innocent—such as e-mail and instant messages—can ...
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Finding Stefanie, Noble Legacy Series book 3 by Susan May Warren Finding Stefanie
by Susan May Warren | Genre: Fiction
Stefanie Noble feels like "happily ever after" has passed her by---until three needy kids show up in town. Movie star Lincoln Cash has one last chance to start a new career---in Phillips, Montanta. When Lincoln accuses one of Stefanie's charges of arson, ...
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Gideon's Dawn, The Pearlsong Refounding Bk. 1 by Michael D. Warden Gideon's Dawn
by Michael D. Warden | Genre: Fiction
A Parallel World, A Parallel Time...The light began to move toward Gideon. Racing, faster and faster, it silently brightened until it filled his whole world. As it neared, he leaned forward and looked into the light to see the power, the immeasurable ...
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God's Best for My Life: A Classic Daily Devotional,  by Lloyd John Ogilvie God's Best for My Life: A Classic Daily Devotional
by Lloyd John Ogilvie | Genre: Devotions
We all need fresh grace each day, says Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie in his bestselling God’s Best for My Life (more than 150,000 copies sold). Now available in a lovely padded hardcover with an attached ribbon bookmark, this daily devotional by the former chaplain ...
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Graffiti, Learning to See the Art in Ourselves  by Erin Davis Graffiti
by Erin Davis | Genre: Womens Interest
BEAUTY IS ONE UGLY SUBJECT!It's no secret that girls struggle with feeling gross, fat, skinny, tall, short, or inadequate, thanks to distorted ideas of what beauty really is. The media is no help, with its airbrushed and enhanced images of models and ...
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Graffiti Leader's Guide, Learning to See the Art in Ourselves by Erin Davis Graffiti Leader's Guide
by Erin Davis | Genre: Teens
Our culture is driven by a concept of beauty that negatively impacts adolescent girls. The Scriptures are full of assurances regarding our identity in Christ, inherent worth to the Creator, and the secrets to tapping into the source of true and lasting ...
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Halloween: What You Need to Know (Quick Reference Guides),  by Ron Rhodes Halloween: What You Need to Know (Quick Reference Guides)
by Ron Rhodes | Genre: Christian Living
Quick Reference Guides offer practical, biblical, and timely insights on today’s most important topics with concise facts and user—friendly writing. Attractive, affordable, and applicable, these serve as ideal resources for personal and church reference. Even ...
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High Is the Eagle, (The Kane Legacy Series #3) by Al & Joanna Lacy High Is the Eagle
by Al & Joanna Lacy | Genre: Fiction
Faith and courage are tested in the midst of the Mexican-American War! General Zachary Taylor sends Alamo, Alex, and Abel Kane home to rest, but it's soon evident that Mexico plans to attack. Returning to battle, the brothers come face-to-face with death ...
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Hotness, A Pocket Bible Study & Journal by Hayley DiMarco Hotness
by Hayley DiMarco | Genre: Bible Study
Wanna learn how to look cute and still honor God? Grab a girlfriend or two and spend six weeks with Hayley DiMarco on the subjects of hotness, sexiness, and all that happens with your body, mind, and spirit when it comes to how you look. With this study, ...
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Maine Brides: The Prisoner's Wife/The Castaway's Bride/The Lumberjack's Lady (Inspirational Romance Collection),  by Susan Page Davis Maine Brides: The Prisoner's Wife/The Castaway's Bride/The Lumberjack's Lady (Inspirational Romance Collection)
by Susan Page Davis | Genre: Fiction
Have you ever found it a challenge to keep loving someone through life's trials? Join three women of historical Maine who find themselves loving men whom the world has cast aside. Jack is in prison for murder and scheduled to hang. Edward has been presumed ...
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Mean, A Pocket Bible Study & Journal by Hayley DiMarco Mean
by Hayley DiMarco | Genre: Bible Study
When it comes to problems with mean, you're not alone! If you have a mean girl in your life, this study will teach you all about the subject of mean, why people are mean, how you can manage mean, and how to deal when mean won't change. This study will ...
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Merciless, Dominion Trilogy 3 by Robin Parrish Merciless
by Robin Parrish | Genre: Fiction
The Earth is gone. Rising in its place is a twisted, barren, dangerous world. A DarkWorld. Deep beneath the mountains of Turkey, Grant Borrows has fallen to his doom. But when something crawls out of the place where he fell -- something dark ...
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No One Hears But Him,  by Taylor Caldwell No One Hears But Him
by Taylor Caldwell | Genre: Fiction
An inspired story about the Man Who Listens - and the troubled strangers who seek comfort within his sanctuary. Through their very human experiences Miss Caldwell illuminates the spiritual crises of our time and brings into triumphant focus the power ...
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Not-So-Simple Life, Diary of a Teenage Girl: Maya, Book 1 by Melody Carlson Not-So-Simple Life
by Melody Carlson | Genre: Teens
Fifteen-year-old Maya Stark seems to have it all-fame, fortune, a Beverly Hills lifestyle, and an eighties pop star dad who's making a comeback. But looks can be deceiving, and on the inside, Maya is miserable. Her parents are divorced, her dad is away ...
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One False Move,  by Davis Bunn One False Move
by Davis Bunn | Genre: Fiction
Corporate executive Donovan Stone and reporter Claire Kingsbury join forces to investigate a mysterious conspiracy linking the use of designer drugs to an interactive, cyberspace game called Babylon.
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Schoolhouse Brides: The Reluctant Schoolmarm/School Bells and Wedding Bells/Dear Teacher/Prairie Schoolmarm (Heartsong Novella Collection),  by Yvonne Lehman Schoolhouse Brides: The Reluctant Schoolmarm/School Bells and Wedding Bells/Dear Teacher/Prairie Schoolmarm (Heartsong Novella Collection)
by Yvonne Lehman | Genre: Fiction
The lives of four schoolmarms are complicated by unexpected encounters. Judith questions her calling when a widower and his troubled children enter her life. Marin offers her services as a schoolteacher and soon faces unforeseen challenges, including ...
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Sex, A Pocket Bible Study & Journal by Hayley DiMarco Sex
by Hayley DiMarco | Genre: Bible Study
Isn't it time you learned the straight-up truth about a hush-hush topic? Hayley DiMarco's inductive Bible study shows teens and young adults (not preteens) what abstinence is, what sex is, and what your thoughts have to do with sexual sin. Unlike other ...
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Shadows at the Window, Shadows Series #2 by Linda Hall Shadows at the Window
by Linda Hall | Genre: Fiction
I wasn't always the law-abiding, churchgoing young woman I am today. Not too long ago I did shameful things and then ran far away. Not even my beloved fi ancé, youth minister Greg Whitten, knows the truth about my past. But now my worst nightmare has ...
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The Cowboy Takes A Bride, Mule Hollow Matchmakers Book 9 by Debra Clopton The Cowboy Takes A Bride
by Debra Clopton | Genre: Fiction
Small Town... Big Dreams Sugar Rae Lenox is famous... in Mule Hollow. For wanting her name in lights on a Hollywood marquee. For wanting to leave. And for thinking the local matchmakers are might mistaken! Why applaud the attraction between her and ...
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by Jesse Duplantis | Genre: Christian Living

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The Last of the Nephilim (Oracles of Fire, Book 3),  by Bryan Davis The Last of the Nephilim (Oracles of Fire, Book 3)
by Bryan Davis | Genre: Fiction
The Nephilim, a race of giants from ancient times, find a way to invade Second Eden, a peaceful civilization in an alternate dimension. A small girl on that world holds one key to a secret that will separate earth and Hades from their disastrous union, ...
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The Legend of the Firefish,  by George Bryan Polivka The Legend of the Firefish
by George Bryan Polivka | Genre: Fiction
Polivka has burst onto the writing scene with an innovative and creative alternate world book, The Legend of the Firefish. Perhaps the best thing about it is that no one from our world gets in. The seafaring world of Nearing Vast is simply there, wherever ...
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The Life Recovery Bible, NLT, Personal Size TuTone by Stephen Arterburn The Life Recovery Bible
by Stephen Arterburn | Genre: Christian Living
Now available in a stylish TuTone edition, The Life Recovery Bible is the #1-selling recovery Bible, with over a million copies sold. Designed for both the Christian who is seeking God's view on recovery and the non-Christian who is seeking God and answers ...
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The Man Whisperer, Speaking Your Man's Language to Bring Out His Best by Rick Johnson The Man Whisperer
by Rick Johnson | Genre: Marriage & Relationships
You can inspire your man to greatness like no one else. As a woman you have a powerful influence on the man in your life and can empower him to become all he was meant to be. Author Rick Johnson shares the secrets to bringing about positive change ...
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The Mandie Collection, Volume 2,  by Lois Gladys Leppard The Mandie Collection, Volume 2
by Lois Gladys Leppard | Genre: Childrens Books
Relive exciting mysteries and learn important life lessons with Mandie and Snowball and all their friends! Five books in this series loved by both young and old are combined into one volume. Mandie and the Medicine Man: a Cherokee legend about gold ...
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The Message In Our Music, 24 Song-Based Devotionals & Activities by pureNRG The Message In Our Music
by pureNRG | Genre: Devotions
Dig deep into Scripture with Carolyne, Jordan and Caroline as they talk about 24 of their songs from their albums pureNRG and HERE WE GO AGAIN. Plus, take part in NRGized games and activities recommended my pureNRG!
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The Molech Prophecy,  by Thomas Phillips The Molech Prophecy
by Thomas Phillips | Genre: Fiction
Former gang member Tommy Cucinelle thought he had left his old life behind when he became a Christian. That's why he's surprised when his pastor asks him to use his old "skills"???finding people who don't want to be found???to locate the church secretary ...
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The One, A Realistic Guide to Choosing Your Soul Mate by Dr. Samuel Adams The One
by Dr. Samuel Adams | Genre: Marriage & Relationships
In their bestselling book, The Ten Commandments of Dating, Ben Young and Samuel Adams showed singles how to date effectively. Now "The One" shows Christians who to date and how to negotiate the difficulties of choosing a soul mate. The biggest question ...
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The Ultimatum (The Reluctant Prophet Series #2),  by Davis Bunn The Ultimatum (The Reluctant Prophet Series #2)
by Davis Bunn | Genre: Fiction
In The Warning (Thomas Nelson, 1998), Buddy Korda received a message from God warning people of a coming economic disaster. The message proved true, and the world was plunged into a second Great Depression. Now Buddy has received a second divine message, ...
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Theology You Can Count On,  by Dr. Tony Evans Theology You Can Count On
by Dr. Tony Evans | Genre: Christian Living

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Twice Loved,  by Lori Copeland Twice Loved
by Lori Copeland | Genre: Fiction
Following the Civil War, Willow Madison is determined to rebuild her life and care for those she loves. Though much older than the penniless schoolteacher, wealthy Silas Sterling wants her to marry him. And she would if handsome mill owner Tucker Gray ...
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Waymaker, The Pearlsong Refounding Bk. 2 by Michael D. Warden Waymaker
by Michael D. Warden | Genre: Fiction
With the rediscovery of the Book of Dei'lo, the lines of war have been drawn across the Inherited Lands. Behind their fortified walls, the forces for good and evil are massing for the ultimate conflict, pitting the two Languages of Power against one another ...
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Welcome to the Family: What to Expect Now That You're a Christian,  by John MacArthur Welcome to the Family: What to Expect Now That You're a Christian
by John MacArthur | Genre: Christian Living
When you become part of God's family and join a local congregation, you encounter new expectations, privileges, vocabulary, and more. In this accessible book, Pastor John MacArthur shows new Christians how to process all this and "plug in" to the church. ...
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Where the River Ends,  by Charles Martin Where the River Ends
by Charles Martin | Genre: Fiction
A powerfully emotional and beautifully written story of heartbreaking loss and undying love. He was a fishing guide and struggling artist from a south George trailer park. She was the beautiful only child of South Carolina’s most powerful senator. ...
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Wide Awake, The Future Is Waiting Within You by Erwin McManus Wide Awake
by Erwin McManus | Genre: Christian Living
Shuffling and half asleep, so many people coast through the day. From class to class, home to work, and stuck in traffic in between, many have yet to tap into a passionate reason for living. It's not that this life is bad, but it's not the life of their ...
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You Can Do It!,  by Tony Dungy You Can Do It!
by Tony Dungy | Genre: Childrens Books
Linden Dungy is having a bad day at school. His tooth is aching, and his third grade teacher asks everyone in the room what each one dreams about being when he or she grows up. But Linden is the only one who doesn't seem to know. His older brother Tony ...
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