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Backyard Bandit Mystery, (Cul-de-sac Kids Series #15) by Beverly Lewis Backyard Bandit Mystery
by Beverly Lewis | Genre: Childrens Books
Stacy Henry wants to earn money for the Cul-de-sac Kids Club. But she can't get permission from Abby, the club president, who is out of town. The rest of the kids vote to go ahead with a yard sale. The friends make signs, and everyone brings old treasures ...
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How to Get the Most from God's Word,  by John MacArthur How to Get the Most from God's Word
by John MacArthur | Genre: Christian Living
From one of today's most popular bible speakers you can learn to effectively apply Bible teachings and principles to your own life. This practical Bible study companion cuts to the heart of God's Word and shows you how to do the same.
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River Rising,  by Athol Dickson River Rising
by Athol Dickson | Genre: Fiction
River Rising is an intriguing novel about a different side of the slavery issue. The story is about a man who comes to a Southern town of split races. The man discovers that he was born somewhere near the town. To say anymore would give away the unexpected ...
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Tarantula Toes, (Cul-de-sac Kids Series #13) by Beverly Lewis Tarantula Toes
by Beverly Lewis | Genre: Childrens Books
Jason Birchall is starting a zoo--in his bedroom! Besides a bullfrog, Jason now owns a tarantula. A big, hairy super-spider! And he knows a secret about his new pet. Something he refuses to tell even his friends in the cul-de-sac. Especially not Abby ...
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Terminal Logic, Ethan Hamilton Technothrillers Trilogy #2 by Jefferson Scott Terminal Logic
by Jefferson Scott | Genre: Fiction
In the year 2007, every GlobeNet user receives the following e-mail message: "This is your God. I have become displeased with all my worlds. Things have become unmanageable. Therefore I will wipe out all participants and begin again. Prepare to be purged." ...
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The Complete Book of Bible Answers,  by Ron Rhodes The Complete Book of Bible Answers
by Ron Rhodes | Genre: Bible Reference
Tackling the difficult issues, popular bible teacher Ron Rhodes offers straightforward, easy-to-understand responses to your questions about God, faith, and living for Christ, drawn from his five years of participation on the "Bible Answer Man" program. ...
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The Ghost of Krzy,  by Bill Myers The Ghost of Krzy
by Bill Myers | Genre: Childrens Books

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The Mystery of the Invisible Knight,  by Bill Myers The Mystery of the Invisible Knight
by Bill Myers | Genre: Childrens Books

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The Secret to a Happy Home,  by D. James Kennedy The Secret to a Happy Home
by D. James Kennedy | Genre: Family Living
Throughout the Bible, God has provided instructions on making relationships with family members work. Sometimes it can be difficult to apply these instructions and still maintain a joyful and loving atmosphere in our homes. Dr. D. James Kennedy ...
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The Swindler's Treasure, Riverboat Adventures Vol. 4 by Lois Walfrid Johnson The Swindler's Treasure
by Lois Walfrid Johnson | Genre: Teens
"Sometimes there's a cost to doing the right thing," says Captain Norstad after standing up to a swindler. But the cost is high—the possible loss of his steamboat. Another theft threatens Jordan's reputation. Can he find the money entrusted to him for ...
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When God Doesn't Make Sense,  by Dr. James Dobson When God Doesn't Make Sense
by Dr. James Dobson | Genre: Christian Living
An immensely practical book for those who are struggling with trials and heartaches they can't understand. Why does disease, natural disaster, divorce, rejection, death, or some other sorrow seep into our lives when we are trying to serve the Lord? It ...
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