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Changes That Heal, How to Understand  Your Past to Ensure a Healthier Future by Henry Cloud Changes That Heal
by Henry Cloud | Genre: Christian Living
Never before has an expert defined the steps toward self-fulfillment and satisfying relationships with such clear, insightful, and easy-to-follow guidelines. In Changes That Heal, Dr. Henry Cloud, a renowned clinical psychologist, combines his expertise, ...
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Financial Peace, Restoring Financial Hope to You and Your Family by Dave Ramsey Financial Peace
by Dave Ramsey | Genre: Finance
The author's own experience with debt and bankruptcy is the backdrop for the story of his journey from financial riches to loss of everything and then to survival when he found new success through his counseling efforts, which are framed by his religious ...
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Freedom from Addiction: Breaking the Bondage of Addiction and Finding Freedom in Christ,  by Neil T. Anderson Freedom from Addiction: Breaking the Bondage of Addiction and Finding Freedom in Christ
by Neil T. Anderson | Genre: Christian Living
Freedom From Addiction was written specifically to meet the needs of Christians with addictive behavior in recovery. Many Christians are locked in a cycle of addiction, particularly in the areas of alcohol and drug abuse. Many have turned to 12-Step programs ...
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Getting a Grip on the Basics of Prosperous Living,  by Beth Jones Getting a Grip on the Basics of Prosperous Living
by Beth Jones | Genre: Bible Study
God has a plan for your prosperity and this includes your well being spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Jesus said the gospel is good news to the poor...and that includes your financial condition! You'll enjoy this rich and ...
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Grail, The Pendragon Cycle Volume 5 by Stephen R. Lawhead Grail
by Stephen R. Lawhead | Genre: Fiction
The legend of King Arthur has been told many times—but never with the strength and resonance, passion and richness granted it in Stephen R. Lawhead's masterful, The Pendragon Cycle. Drought, plague, and war have left the Isle of the Mighty battered ...
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If Only He Knew, What No Woman Can Resist by Gary Smalley If Only He Knew
by Gary Smalley | Genre: Marriage & Relationships
Smalley explains a woman's deepest needs, shows a man how to meet those needs and gives ten simple steps to strengthen any marriage. He helps men to understand not only how to respond to a woman's feelings, but also how to make her feel important.
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Knowing the Truth About Salvation (The Defenders Series),  by John Ankerberg Knowing the Truth About Salvation (The Defenders Series)
by John Ankerberg | Genre: Theology
At one time or another, virtually everyone searches for God—or something beyond themselves—to give meaning to life. Is there one religion that stands out among all those claiming to be the way to spiritual wholeness? In the ever-growing quest for spiritual ...
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The Allies, American Family Portraits #6 by Jack Cavanaugh The Allies
by Jack Cavanaugh | Genre: Fiction
Theirs was a vision of peace. The world had outgrown war. Or so they thought. Belgium lies in ruins. France is about to fall. England is ablaze from nightly bombings. Can America and #146;s late entry into the Great War make a difference? Can the world ...
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The Facts on Psychic Readings: A Modern Deception of Ancient Lies,  by John Ankerberg The Facts on Psychic Readings: A Modern Deception of Ancient Lies
by John Ankerberg | Genre: Christian Living

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The Fire That Could Not Die,  by Rick Joyner The Fire That Could Not Die
by Rick Joyner | Genre: Charismatic Interest
This is the story of the revival that changed Christianity and for a time made Azusa Street in Los Angeles the most famous address in the world. The lessons in this story are crucial for anyone involv
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The Story of Jesus' Baptism and Temptation,  by Bryan Davis The Story of Jesus' Baptism and Temptation
by Bryan Davis | Genre: Childrens Books
Share Gods Word with children through lively poems and colorful illustrations that jump off the page! For more than 25 years, the best-selling Arch( Book Bible story series has captivated children ages 5-9. Each book presents a complete Bible story in ...
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The True Woman, The Beauty and Strength of a Godly Woman by Susan Hunt The True Woman
by Susan Hunt | Genre: Womens Interest
"Striving to be a true woman of God? This book is a valuable guide." --Elisabeth Elliot "This book goes to the center of all that it means to be a godly woman. Every American woman should have the opportunity to read it." --D. James Kennedy Have ...
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What Your Child Needs to Know About God,  by Ron Rhodes What Your Child Needs to Know About God
by Ron Rhodes | Genre: Parenting
This handbook helps you create an exciting time of sharing God's love and provision with your child. Short lessons focus on fundamental truths and provide interactive examples and stories for equipping your child with a Godly foundation.
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