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Matty Mullins Raise Funds for His Dog Maverick's Surgery
Fans successfully raise $5,000 to help the singer's yorkie walk again

Matty Mullins Raise Funds for His Dog Maverick's Surgery

Posted: September 19, 2017, 5:00 PM | Category: General
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Singer Matty Mullins posted links to a GoFundMe page on Thursday, requesting assistance in raising surgery funds for his 11 year old yorkie, Maverick Wyatt Mullins. Fans raised the minimum amount of $5,000 within four days.

Matty and his wife Brittany put together a video for the page, describing Maverick's condition that led to the dog's inability to walk. The Mullins noticed symptoms about a month ago when Maverick began to have trouble placing his front paws on the ground. Although they originally suspected arthritis as the culprit for their fur baby's worsening condition, their vet determined that a neurological disorder was to blame. After seeing a specialist and having a costly MRI done, they discovered that Maverick had three herniated disks and was in need of surgery. The Mullins had signed up for pet insurance long before their dog showed any signs of an issue, however the effective start date for the insurance fell just days after the first diagnosis, qualifying Maverick's issue as a "pre-existing condition" and therefore unable to be covered by insurance. So Matty and Brittany turned to GoFundMe, setting a goal of $5,000 which would cover the majority of costs for the MRI and the surgical procedure. Any excess funds would go toward Maverick's rehabilitation.

"Maverick has never been just a dog to us," Matty said in the video. "He's a big part of our family, he's a big part of our life... We dread the day that we'll have to say goodbye to him, but we don't believe that that time is now. We think that Maverick has some years left in him and we believe that these last years of his are going to be the best of his life." Matty added that he and his family strongly believe in the power of prayer, and that any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

While hundreds of sympathetic fans flocked to help contribute to the campaign, a few people unfortunately took the opportunity to criticize, making hurtful comments and posting false "information" about his band's income. Matty posted an apt yet gracious response, addressing the misconception of what the life of a touring musician looks like.

"I posted about a GoFundME that my wife and I started to raise money for our yorkie to have surgery," the statement read. "We have had an overwhelming amount of support in a short period of time and we are so thankful for that. Maverick means the world to us and we have done everything in our power to give him the best life possible. On the other hand, there were a few people that took this as an opportunity to question my motives and my integrity, googling my bands net worth and making comments that I should be self-funding this because I'm rich... lol that's news to me. Looking up a bands net worth to determine a band member's personal finances is like looking up the net worth of a hotel chain and then asking the front desk manager what it's like to be a millionaire."

Mullins further explained that the majority of the money a band brings in from touring and selling merch often goes toward transportation, equipment and production costs, as well as salary for all of the amazing people who work behind the scenes to put on a show. "If we were in it for the money we would have hung up the towel a long time ago. We pursue music because we love our fans and we desire nothing more than impacting their lives in positive ways with our songs. I see our fans as family and friends, and we created this GoFundMe to give them an opportunity to contribute to Maverick's life. I hope this post provides insight to those that assume everyone they see in a tour bus is a millionaire. I can't speak for every band out there but I can say with confidence that most give a lot more than they take."

Although the initial goal was reached, fans can still donate here towards Maverick's rehabilitation. Matty posted a photo on Saturday of post-surgery Maverick happily licking Brittany's face with a caption that read, "#MaverickMullins is home from surgery already smoochin! The incision is hard to look at but he's a tough cookie. HUGE thanks to everyone that's shown support! Recovery will be a long road but we're so happy to have him back!"

Matty Mullins is the frontman for mainstream metal/rock band Memphis May Fire, as well as a solo Christian pop artist. Matty uses his influence in both genres to spread the love of Jesus. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram for continued updates on Maverick.

You can also check Fuzzy Rescue for points you need to keep in mind while buying dog insurance.


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