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Manafest Raises Support for Epilepsy Foundation
Critics applaud new album Reborn

Manafest Raises Support for Epilepsy Foundation

Posted: October 27, 2015, 12:00 AM | Category: General
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Source: Hoganson Media Relations

Christian Music News, New Christian Music News Singer/rapper/songwriter/author/skater Manafest is using his platform as an international recording artist to bring awareness to, and support for, the Epilepsy Foundation. In addition to creating and posting informational YouTube videos about epilepsy, Manafest also has donated to the cause five percent of the monies he raised during his PledgeMusic, crowdfund campaign for his new album, Reborn, which released Oct. 2 amidst acclaim through The Fuel Music.
Manafest's passion for helping those struggling with epilepsy comes in part due to his sister suffering with the disorder that affects nearly three million people in the United States and 65 million people worldwide.
"My sister, Virginia, has had two brain surgeries to help with her epilepsy, and statistically this year, another 150,000 people in the U.S. alone will be diagnosed with epilepsy," says Manafest. "Epilepsy is not funded as well as many other issues like MS and cancer in part because people don't speak out about it as much. I'm honored to be a voice for those, like my sister, who struggle with epilepsy, and to help support the work of the Epilepsy Foundation."
In addition to championing the work of the Epilepsy Foundation, Manafest is taking the new music and messages of Reborn, along with his long list of fan favorites, on the road. Manafest continues his "Reborn Tour" that launched Sept. 17 and includes a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association event Nov. 13-15 in Fort McMurray, AB.  (All the latest tour dates can be found at
With tracks mirroring the hunger and predominant hip-hop flavors accompanying this versatile artist's self-released debut a dozen years ago, Reborn is gathering critical acclaim:
"Don't try to pin him down. From rap and hip-hop to pop, rock and spoken word, Manafest easily skates between genres and personae. Reborn isn't just a spiritual concept, it's a hint at the music here. The Canada native has come full circle, returning to his indie roots for this hip-hop-heavy album with a deliciously stripped-down vibe...Crank up 'Let You Drive' the next time you're behind the wheel and roll down the windows. You won't regret it." --
"Returning to his independent roots seems to have lit a creative fire for Manafest on the aptly named Reborn. The singer/songwriter/rapper also taps back into his hip hop roots, resulting in a collection that's sure to hook longtime fans and instantly catch new ones up to speed...Manafest leaves listeners with themes of starting fresh through faith and all around renewal, which after more than a decade in the game, is both admirable and inspiring." -- CCM Magazine
"Manafest's Reborn finds the artist singing with a renewed passion. Packed with music that seems to draw from a revived well from within the artist, the record showcases Manafest at his best, spitting rhymes and singing songs that fans old and new are going to be thrilled to hear." --
"Manafest has once again created an amazing blend of thought-provoking and energy-releasing songs... The album is an amazing blend of encouragement and inspiration, comforting and energizing, covering many facets of life as a believer in Jesus Christ. Without a doubt, Reborn serves as a landmark in the vast landscape of contemporary Christian rap." -- The Christian
Produced by Seth Mosley (Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Sanctus Real) and Joel Bruyere (Thousand Foot Krutch), Reborn has already sparked the video and No. 1 radio hit, "Let You Drive" (CMW Rhythmic chart), and the compelling video, "Pray." The album also features longtime Manafest collaborator Trevor McNevan (Thousand Foot Krutch) on the chorus of "Shine," rappers Tedashii and Shonlock alongside Manafest on "I Have A Dream," and former Family Force 5 lead vocalist Soul Glow Activatur (Solomon Olds) on the rhythmic party rocker "Stick To Your Gunz."
For all the latest Manafest tour dates, music, videos and more, go to, as well as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram,, ReverbNation, Spotify, Google+ and BandsInTown.


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