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The Process of Illumination&Elimination by Everyday Process  | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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"The After Party" Lyrics [edit]
by Everyday Process | from the album The Process of Illumination&Elimination


IZ, how you fitten to get loose

Ainít nobody on lean from a bottle of goose

ya boyís ainít poppiní ex ainít no models in nude

exactly genius ya boy models the truth

and wonít spark the kiwi

never in the club donít go go like DC

I know a God and He sees

His kids on the daily and we live so Heís pleased

in fact were labeled square

cause every word and syllable donít follow up with a swear

we donít go were they go were mindful of the snares

never strapped to this life or concerned with its cares

ainít pressed for the gear

hardly stressed by ya thoughts never moved by ya stares

thereís a people who share

in the same burden of the cross not civilian affairs

sins cordial with nature immoral behavior is more of ya flavor

but the moral is mortals who marvel at sin later crumble like wafers

ainít perfect was cursed kid

thrilled that he purchased the worthless death I deserved it

so with a heart full of worship and purpose

Iím glad that he purges I owe him my service


saints you can move ya body

he/she lit with no Bacardi

this jamís for the people that are keeping it Godly

after earthís the after party


In the world and itís clear that we

beef wit deceived men who think god and sin are cohesive

believe this Godís holy and grieved with

the heart who hears truth with no plans to receive it

youíre conceived torn in the genes

and every heart needs to mend like the work of a seamstress

you know us Christian extremists

whoís life can be seen with a light full of Jesus

I know you thinking itís strange

we rather aim for the heart of God embracing His ways

thereís a hate for the old life ainít missing a thing

wonít drift toward weakness thereís commitment to change

ainít committed to fame

for instance we insist Christ as our king

consistent no shame wonít suffer in vain

though cultureís out of control like a hydro plane

we except the potential of death

no excessive indulgence in pleasure pleasing our flesh

a permanent eternal condition were free from the threat

of sin destroying this life and our hope for the next

no temporary satisfaction

I canít afford distraction

why thereís a change in passion

my heartís on Jesus the main attraction


saints you can move ya body

he/she lit with no Bacardi

this jamís for the people that are keeping it Godly

after earthís the after party


We goní live life Godly

Godís prodigy we vow to rep Him properly

this ainít a game wonít front as His property

endure all things for the sake of the gospel chief

most wonít receive us

cause sisters ainít bent on living life like divas

and dudes ainít strapped on they waste with heaters

new creatures you know how we do believers

we transformed in pursuit of excellence

completely surrendered to the Lord in every sense

since we donít lack in diligence

itís clear to the world that with Christ we intimate

no killers no thugs no mobsters

no players no bedroom hoppers

stand firm let nothing stop ya

sincere saints live life proper


saints you can move ya body

he/she lit with no Bacardi

this jamís for the people that are keeping it Godly

after earthís the after party

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