The Truth About Guys,A Guy Reveals What Every Girl Should Know by Chad Eastham Christian Book Reviews And Information

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The Truth About Guys
A Guy Reveals What Every Girl Should Know
by Chad Eastham | Genre: Teens
Release Date: September 2006

The message is simple. We are different, very different. That is great, and sometimes weird, but it must be understood. Guys and girls do almost everything differently, from the way we look at our nails to the way we carry the emotions of our hearts.

Face it, girls, when it comes to understanding guys, it can be hard to know where to start! Here's your opportunity to sneak behind the scenes and finally learn The Truth about Guys. Author and speaker Chad Eastham gives readers an insider's take and offers faith-based answers about dating, commitment, sex, and all of the other secret guy stuff that girls are most curious about, like:

What does a guy really want in a girl?
Why do guys think and talk about sex so much?
Why are some guys such jerks?
Why do guys care so much about what girls look like?
Why don't guys like to talk about their feelings?
What's the deal with guys who try to act tough?
If we do small things differently, imagine how complicated it is when it comes to how we carry our emotions, how we send and receive messages, and how we give and receive care and love?

There are plenty of things that girls might really want to know about us, guys, and some helpful tips for their own lives as it pertains to their self-image. God made all of us, but he did it differently. I think he wants us to understand those differences and make them work together, in harmony.

Get honest answers (really honest!) that dig deep into some of your most mind-boggling questions, and be encouraged to see yourself as God sees you. Discover that the more guys and girls understand each other, the easier it is to make friendships and relationships work! And that makes life a lot more fun!

Pages: 232
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 1400309689
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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GREAT book!! :) | Posted November 19, 2008
Now I'm not interested in dating any time soon because I don't feel like that's the road God is calling me to go down, but I can honestly say that in reading this book, there was so much stuff that I highlighted. And I really did get a lot out of it. And although I may not use any of the information from it myself any time soon, it has provided me with a lot of resources and information that I will be loaded with the next time a friend comes to me for guy advice(I literally always have friends coming to ME for guy advice for some reason). lol I highly recommend this book if you are thinking about getting it. It will provide you with a lot of information about what goes on in a guy's mind and give you a better idea of how to communicate with them. Even if you think you know all there is to know about guys, I can guarantee you that there is at least one thing from this book that you will learn for the very first time. And if you're like me and not into the whole dating thing, then you can use the knowledge you gain from this book to help out friends when and if they ever come to you for guy advice. :D

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