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City on Our Knees
by Aleathea Dupree | Genre: Evangelism
Release Date: September 2010

Bestselling recording artist TobyMac has a passion for inspiring believers to step out and take action for their faith. Through compelling stories and Scripture, City on Our Knees will illustrate how Christians past and present have set aside differences, come together in unity, and stepped forward in action and prayer. Readers will be encouraged and inspired to do the same, summoning the commitment, courage, and devotion to bring a city to its knees.

Pages: 233
Format: Hardcover
EAN/ISBN: 0764208659
Publisher: Bethany House

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WOW | Posted February 05, 2014
Toby Mac's first book City On Our Knees is an inspiring book. It has a lot of uplifting and motivational stories and scripture. It teaches readers to step out of their comfort zones and stand up for the faith.

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Not Worth Missing Out On... | Posted September 27, 2010
tobyMac’s 2010 album ‘Tonight’ garnered acclaim from both Christian and secular venues. A big reason being songs like ‘Get Back Up’ and ‘Showstopper’, both which have recently graced radio and television alike. But one of the main reasons this album struck a chord with so many people, was the fast written first single off ‘Tonight‘, released in late Summer of 2009, called ‘City On Our Knees’. The song held on to the #1 spot on the Christian Billboard charts, and with over 17,000 units sold in the first week, it is also Toby’s fastest selling single to date.

All this aside, ‘City On Our Knees’ took on a life of it’s own. Toby is quoted as saying of the song “City on our Knees' is really about a moment. A moment that we all come together. Where our differences fall by the wayside. And it’s really a reminder that that moment could be right now, tonight.” In early 2010, an idea triggered behind this “moment” sparked what would become Bethany House Publisher’s ‘City On Our Knees’ --authored by Toby as well as a few others. This isn’t Toby’s first go around as a co-author, accredited as being an author of the Jesus Freak series (with dc Talk) and the Under God books (with Michael Tait). Much like the two aforementioned, ‘City On Our Knees’ showcases the lives of others, here in America and overseas, who have ‘stepped across the line’ to show the love of God, and truly become a city on their knees.

Throughout the book you will read stories that range from young to old, from Alexandra Scott, a 4-year-old cancer patient who went on to raise a million dollars through Summer lemonade stands, to John Crowley, who developed one of the first ever medicines to help cure Pompe’s, a disease his children were diagnosed with when very young. From time to time, the reader takes a few pages to read ‘Toby’s Blog’, which are sections in which he showcases a people he knows personally who have inspired him to become ‘a city on his knees’. From time to time, the book will shy away from stories and offer up simple prayers, wonderful scriptures and powerful quotes. Shaking things up a bit, as well as making it easy to follow.

I must admit, this book was much heavier than I had bargained for. Much like the ‘Jesus Freak’ series (which I HIGHLY recommend) there were several times when I had to set the book down and walk away. Some of these stories will stir you and inspire you to take action, where others will leave you in awe of what an awesome God we serve. I don’t recommend it for ages 10 and under, just because some of the stories do get rather heavy topic wise at times, but it all depends on the maturity level of the reader.

Even if your not a fan of tobyMac or his music, this book is not worth missing out on. It’s not only a powerful example of how anyone can change the world radically for Christ, but that you don’t need to be in a certain class to do so. God has defiantly used it to challenge me to “step across the line” in a few areas in my life… I have a feeling He would do the same for you as well.

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