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Release Date: December 1969

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Dekker's Best Book (imo) | Posted June 29, 2012
I love mysteries. The suspense. The whodunits. Clue has always been my favourite games and 90% of my favourite shows are detective series. But I had always been wary of detective books, because of the graphic nature. I didn't need all the gory details.

Then I found Ted Dekker, and finially I had what I had been looking for! Dekker has a way with words, artfully weaving them together to form heart-racing, pulse-pounding, getting-papercuts-because-you're-turning-the-pages-too-quickly plots and stories.

His novel 'Adam' is perhaps his best. When the mysterious serial killer Eve sets out for another woman, detective Daniel Clark sets out looking for him. Little did he know that this manhunt would change his life in a seriously drastic way.

I really don't want to go much past that and risk letting some of the plost sneak its way in. So you'll just have to buy it.

Just don't read it when you're alone. Things become a lot scarier when you don't have anyone near you.

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Adam by Ted Dekker | Posted June 07, 2012
I immensly enjoyed this book, Dekker has a way of using everyday life and subtling changing it so that it becomes an intense battle of good vs evil with unimaginable love crossing paths with the most vilest of hatred. As always, Dekker points out that by ourselves we would lose to the evil, but with Him we can overcome it.

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Best Work of Christian Fiction (I have encountered) | Posted April 06, 2011
I have read other Ted Dekker books, but this is my favorite.  The amount of suspence and detail in this book is amazing.  I have not read another book that has had such a great effect on me.  The theme of the book is so deep and it is never fully exposed by the author; it's depth is something you will think about for weeks.  There are also a lot of factual grounding in this book, which makes the experience more real.  Highly recommended.  An absolute must-read.

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pacemaker (324)
Rated 5 Stars

great book | Posted April 02, 2011
 adam is one of the scarriest books i've ever read. props to mr. ted dekker.

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Best Dekker Thriller | Posted May 20, 2010
Adam is truly gripping. Once again besting most of his previous books, excepting the Circle Series, it latches on and bites hard. When Daniel Clark, a behavioral psychologist working for the FBI, dies at the hand of a killer known only as 'Eve', his beliefs and worldview are substantially challenged. After a miracle resuscitation, he launches a quest to find the Eve killer. With even more suspense when I thought no more was possible, Ted Dekker has truly mastered his writing. Outstanding!!

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:) | Posted December 31, 2009
EXCELLENT work by Dekker.. I liked this far better than Thr3e--though Thr3e was a masterpiece of its own. I just like the psychological aspect of Adam better than Thr3e.

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Great Read | Posted October 28, 2009
This book was one of my favorites that Dekker has written. I enjoyed it very much. His characters were so great and you really felt like you were there in the story. Dekker is very good at pulling you into the lives of his characters and keeping you turning the pages of his books. Adam was a great thriller novel. The mystery was great. It keeps you guessing until the last minute!

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Loved it! | Posted July 14, 2009
Adam was an awesome book. I really loved how Dekker went into the subject of demon possession; it reminded me a little of This Present Darkness & Piercing The Darkness by Frank Peretti, both of which are amazing books as well. The plot twist was so unexpected and mind-blowing for me that I had to stop reading for a few moments and just let myself process it. The only thing I didn't like about Adam was Heather - for some reason, her character really annoyed me throughout the whole book. I would've much rather seen Daniel end up with Lori. Of course, that's just me, and other readers may have different opinions on that. Either way, Adam is another amazing thriller by Dekker that everyone should read!

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Masterpiece | Posted January 13, 2009
Ted Dekker had really outdone himself with this book. In my opinion its a masterpiece. Beautifully written and grippin' he really made a great book. I loved it. It really kept me in its grip even after the book was over. By the time I was done readin' I was still tryin to figure things out. Ted Dekker is a great writer and I cannot wait to read his newest book, Kiss. Adam was great and it will leave you gaspin'.

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Another Dekker Authored Masterpiece!!!! | Posted October 28, 2008
Ted Dekker does it again with the novel "Adam." I don't think that Ted Dekker can write a bad book. The main story is the search of a Serial killer who has killed 16 women. Daniel Clark a FBI investegator has spent years searching for the serial killer called Eve. When Daniel Clark gets to close to Eve a near death experience occurs for Daniel and draws him even further into the mind of the serial killer. What happens next is a whirlwind page turning ride that will make you see the real light of God. A very powerful and intense story that keeps you wanting more. I love the way the book switches between the story and magazine articles. Im not sure if this ties into the rest of Teds book or stand alone but who know with the mind of Dekker.

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