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Choices of the Heart  by Laurie Alice Eakes
Necessary Deception, A: A Novel (The Daughters of Bainbridge House)  by Laurie Alice Eakes
The Newcomer  by Laurie Alice Eakes

Lady in the Mist  by Laurie Alice Eakes
Better Than Gold (Thorndike Christian Romance)  by Laurie Alice Eakes
Jersey Brides (Romancing America)  by Laurie Alice Eakes

When the Snow Flies  by Laurie Alice Eakes
The Heiress  by Laurie Alice Eakes
The Glassblower  by Laurie Alice Eakes

Wild Prairie Roses: A Daughter's Quest/Tara's Gold/Better Than Gold (Romancing America: Iowa)  by Laurie Alice Eakes
Family Guardian  by Laurie Alice Eakes
Married by Mistake  by Laurie Alice Eakes

The Widow's Secret  by Laurie Alice Eakes

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Laurie Alice Eakes grew up in a family of readers. Some of her earliest childhood memories are of being read to. She liked adventure stories the best. Once she started to read herself, she carried a book with her everywhere.When Laurie Alice was naughty (more than she likes to admit), her mother threatened to take her books away from her.

Her transition into writer surprised no one in her family. When asked what her younger sister did for a living, Laurie Alice’s older sister said that Laurie had held many different jobs, from teacher, to receptionist, to editor, to human resources assistant, but would probably call herself a writer first. And that was before she sold more than one book.

She didn’t know her big sister knew her so well.

Laurie Alice grew up in Michigan, but always wanted to live somewhere else--somewhere history took place. The kind of history that interested her, that is. She began her odyssey out of state with acquiring her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and French secondary education at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. From there, she moved to New Jersey to work. From there, she moved to Pennsylvania, and from there, she moved to Iowa. . .

She fully admits that she had—and perhaps still does—a bit of wanderlust.

During her wanderings, she met and married a man whose career took them to Washington, DC, then to Texas, where she currently resides and writes full-time.

All that traveling didn’t stop Laurie Alice from receiving her Master of Arts degree in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania, a program she attributes to her achieving her dream of publication.

2006 saw the publication of her first hardcover novel, Family Guardian, which won the National Readers Choice Award for Best Regency. In 2007, she sold her first novel to the Christian publishing market. Better than Gold was released in 2008 and rereleased in Wild Prairie Roses, a collection in 2009.

She then despaired of ever selling another novel. Nothing clicked in her head or, apparently the heads of the editors. But, if nothing else, Laurie Alice is tenacious and kept trying.

And the floodgates opened.

In December of 2008, Laurie Alice sold The Glassblower to Barbour Publishing for their Heartsong line, which led to her selling the rest of the series of books set in New Jersey during the 1800s, The Heiress (April 2010) and The Newcomer (August 2010). She also signed contracts for a four-book series with Avalon Books, beginning with When the Snow Flies (August 2010). The other books of the series about young professional women—doctor, lawyer, merchant, chef--in the 1890s will be released in upcoming years, so keep an eye out for announcements.

Then, if this weren’t wonderful enough, over the next nine months, Laurie Alice sold six books to Baker/Revell. The two series, one a Regency trilogy, the other three books set in America and at sea between 1809 and 1842, features midwives as the protagonists, will be released in 2011 through 2013.

And, as mentioned, above, in the midst of all these sales and finally being able to write full-time, she moved to Texas with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. The cats have multiplied, not because they had kittens, as they can’t, but because strays keep finding them, discovering the are animal lovers, and sticking around.

Besides reading and writing, Laurie Alice likes long walks, knitting, though she’s not very good at it, and watching movies with her husband. Others, too, but especially her husband. If it’s around, they also enjoy live music and theater, trying new types of foods and visiting interesting places.

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