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  • "All I Need" from The Joy of Being
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  • "Altogether Good (Live)" from The Joy Of Being Together (Live)
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  • "Holy Love (Live)" from The Joy Of Being Together (Live)
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  • "I Am Living in a Land of Death" from Citizens
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  • "In Tenderness (Live)" from The Joy Of Being Together (Live)
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  • "Joy To Be (Live)" from The Joy Of Being Together (Live)
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  • "Light of Your Grace" from The Joy of Being
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  • "Light of Your Grace (Live)" from The Joy Of Being Together (Live)
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  • "Looking Up (Live)" from The Joy Of Being Together (Live)
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  • "Made Alive" from Citizens
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  • "Made Alive (Live)" from The Joy Of Being Together (Live)
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  • "Madness" from A Mirror Dimly
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  • "Only Jesus Christ" from The Joy of Being
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  • "Only Jesus Christ (Live)" from The Joy Of Being Together (Live)
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  • "Relent" from A Mirror Dimly
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  • "There is a Fountain" from Join the Triumph
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  • "To Know You (Live)" from The Joy Of Being Together (Live)
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  • "You Brought Me Back to Life" from Join the Triumph
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  • "You Have Searched Me" from Join the Triumph
    Views 771 Views | Comments 0 Comments

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    (Tuesday, April 29, 2014)
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    Zach Bolen never saw himself working in ministry. Not only was he nowhere near envisioning himself on staff at a mega-church, he never imagined himself as a worship leader. 
    Hailing from the Northeast, Bolen moved to Georgia to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. He began volunteering at a church nearby, and after graduating, accepted a full time position as the student ministries worship leader. Rounding up students to play and urging them to actively worship, Bolen felt his heart for ministry completely shift.
    It was there that he started to develop the sound you’ll love as much as we do. Bolen began to cultivate passionate ideas about what worship could look like; noticing how musicians engaged and motivated their fans, Bolen was inspired to do the same. Instead of pursuing the crowd for his own sake, however, Bolen wanted to engage people through music for the glorification of God. Enter Citizens. 
    Bolen began working at the Mars Hill U-district campus. He started reconstructing the worship teams that played there, and in the process built a band of his own. Together with Nate Garvey, Adam Skatula, Nathan Furtado, and Tom McConnell, Citizens was created. Born out of Ephesians 2:19, the name Citizens brings to mind every Christian’s allegiance to God. 
    Bolen notes, “He made us citizens, and in that He has chosen to abide in us. In song, we’re all lead by the same spirit. We’re singing as one body, one family; we’re all conjoined together by Christ.” 
    Mars Hill Music, Citizens’ label, is made up of a variety of musicians and worship leaders who serve throughout the various Mars Hill locations. Since its humble beginnings in 1996, Mars Hill has been committed to the philosophy that each local Mars Hill Church would engage the culture in its local surroundings and point people to Jesus. Each Mars Hill band strives to do this with a natural expression and outgrowth of what God is doing in their cities. 
    In that same vision, the men of Citizens look forward to what God has in store for them in Seattle. Bolen may have never seen himself working in ministry, but we’re glad God did.

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    belisbud (91)
    Talented and Worshipful | Posted November 11, 2014
    Talented vocals, fun and beautiful music, and extremely worshipful lyrics. Great job :)

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    Good Job | Posted March 30, 2013

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    bhm1104 (85)
    cool music | Posted March 28, 2013
    cool music

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    AWESOME! | Posted March 26, 2013
    I have listened to this CD 4 times already. For me? That says a lot. I have so many CD's I have yet to listen to even a note. I first watched the Video of Made Alive, I like the funky sound here. I have heard this song many times already. Also really like "I am living in the land of Death" #5. Great Melody and message. But now I get to the sixth track. Simply titled, Jesus! What better title for a song? I say "Go CITIZENS!" I am a fan already. I have passed a cd to my sister to hear. Actually we share a lot of music. Only Christian. I told her to really give this new Band called "Citizens" a good listen. Very good stuff. Back to this CD that has my heart right now. The #9 song is also a great tune all the way around. A great rocker, a song to really dance to, and a perfect message to the masses. For me to really like 7 out of 11 songs is a very slim chance. For ANY band. But for me to also like the other songs as well is even more amazing. All I can say at this point in time is to be open? Honest? And really give this band a good listen to. While writting this I just really listened to #10, "Praise To the Lord" WOW! Make that 8 I am digging. OK! The closer is another really good song. This is my first review now. I did this only because these guys need to be heard. Come to the Detroit area please.Soon! I will be there. God Willing of course. Tony

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    Evan48 (161)
    Band | Posted March 19, 2013
    Look forward to hearing more!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    video | Posted March 16, 2013
    i like it. go on! GBU!

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    Annah (94)
    :) | Posted March 07, 2013

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    :) | Posted March 06, 2013
    I heard a song from you guys and love it :)

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment
    Honestly | Posted March 06, 2013
    Hey, Citizens! Honestly, I haven't heard any of your songs yet but I would love to do so.:D

    Comments(0)  |  Add Comment

    ewhart (1)
    Citizen | Posted March 05, 2013
    Good music with a great message.

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