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    In a constantly changing world we have a God that is constantly the same. He is unique in every way and is worthy of worship.

    Lovelite’s purpose as a band is to inspire praise in the hearts of God’s people and desire in the hearts of the lost. Lovelite does this through musical worship. Worship is eternal, even in the musical sense; and they want to spread that truth from city to city, offering the lost and the church a chance to join in the song of the saved. Lovelite is a worship band that desires to help all ages of people find God through music and direct their worship towards Him while offering a unique take on congregational music. So sing along!

    In the early stages of marriage Andrew and Jen Polfer began to realize their great desire to write songs for the church. Their singable melodies and creative arrangements quickly compelled the other members-to-be to form Lovelite.

    Lovelite is composed of Andrew Polfer (guitar/vocal) and Jen Polfer (guitar/vocal), with a rotating cast of supporting guitar players, bass players, and drummers, most regularly Matt Castle (bass) and Nathan Slawson (drums).

    With a sound familiar to both pop and indie fans, Lovelite blends guitar and piano with a Euro/Indie flair. Andrew’s voice can be likened to that of Keane’s Tom Chaplin or Embrace’s Danny Mcnamara, while Jen’s voice bares similarities to Feist. The two find a gentle balance with creative harmonies that come from many years of singing together. The music draws comparisons to Sleeping At Last, Embrace, Travis, and Athlete.

    Lovelite’s EP is truly an effective vessel for inspiring God’s children to return to the heart of true praise while giving purpose to its listeners to seek those still separated from God.

    “Worship exists inside and outside of the church,” says Andrew relating Lovelite’s yearning to be more than a band that just sings songs tailored to hit the heart of the average worshiper. Worship “brings people together to touch the heart of God. I think it can be a unique way to share in the character of God’s creativity.” Lovelite hopes to bring authentic and passionate music as well as an opportunity to put faith into action. Through partnerships with local churches and organizations, Lovelite intends to be the bridge between churches and their surrounding community with the hope that lives can be changed and God’s story of hope revealed. Music is the vessel but ministry is the mission.

    Lovelite is a band that, with God’s guidance and blessing, desires to bring hope, passion and action to a generation unknowingly surrounded by darkness in order to let God’s love shine through.

    According to Andrew, “There are only two eternal things in this world: God and People. We want to bring praise to God and hope to people.”

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    Interesting | Posted April 24, 2019
    click here

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    Good | Posted April 24, 2019
    nteresting[url=]Click Here>>[/url]

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    Adventurous Worship Music | Posted October 10, 2018
    excited for this new release! seems like it is quite a change for them!

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    Education | Posted June 02, 2017
    Artiest make their profile and it work for the good and perfection in need which work for the needy one. The aim for people seen in form of liking such one. The way many writing companies work for quality results for the needy form for the people.

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    CMM? Surprised! | Posted August 08, 2012
    Reminds me of the Peter Gabriel and The Cure with some Bon Iver. Liking this take on worship music.

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    sura2010 (90)
    Nice | Posted July 29, 2012
    All the best for you

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    Nice band name and photo! | Posted July 27, 2012
    Keep up the good work!

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    agbozo1 (52)
    Cool | Posted July 26, 2012
    I love this

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    Awesome! | Posted July 25, 2012
    Been a fan for a while, love what you put on!

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    HotaruSan (10)
    Lovelite | Posted July 24, 2012
    Wow, I've been listening to them for over a year and I'm surprised that their finally being noticed! I like Lovelite, their songs are very good. If you haven't heard their music yet, you should check them out. My favorite album of theirs is "All Color".

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