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My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go! [edit]
by FM Static | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 05, 2011

FM Static is sure not to disappoint with their 4th studio album entitled "My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go!" Featuring the singles "Last Train Home," "My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go!!", and many more that you are sure to love.

Track Listing
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01. My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go!
02. F.M.S.T.A.T.I.C.
03. (Hey) I Want It
04. Lost In You
05. U Don't Know Me Like That
06. Cinnamon & Lipstick
07. Black Tattoo
08. Last Train Home
09. Breaking Me Again
10. Inside Out

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FM Static [My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go!] | Posted April 08, 2011
What's the difference between FM Static and Thousand Foot Krutch? Singer-songwriter Trevor McNevan and drummer Steve Augustine lead both bands, but the former is a side project to the latter. More than anything, having two names makes it easier to take some fun creative chances. This album is totally creative and so incredibly catchy, it reminds me of some of the best punk rock impact albums of the past 10 years, including Weezer's Green Album, Relient K's Forget And Not Slow Down and All That We Needed by Plain White T's.
My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go! kicks off with the ultra-catchy title track and in true FM Static fashion, I can’t get their infectious melodies out of my head which is a good thing. Just like opening songs on Dear Diary, “Boy Moves To Town With An Optimistic Outlook” and "The Unavoidable Battle of Feeling on the Outside," I play the first two songs over and over, especially the next song, “F.M.S.T.A.T.I.C.” which has a cheerleader led spelling of the band’s name and even more hooky and spiritually based lyrics, Just let go, If you wanna let go, Stop holdin’ on, To what you used to be, ‘Cause yesterday’s are no use to me.” This album isn’t quite as faith-based sounding as the last album, but knowing the past work of Trevor McNevan really helps listeners interpret his optimistic worldview based on his saving faith in Jesus. I also hear Weezer’s punk-rock musical influence on the song, “(Hey) I Want It,” which is another fun “party” song.
The best examples of FM Static’s faith-based lyrics are in my two favorite songs on the album, “Lost In You” and “Last Train Home.” I really love the second verse of “Lost In You,” where Trevor passionately sings to God, “You light up my sky, Just like a firefly, Your words are more than just, A passing breath, I want to feel alive, I need You in my life, You’re like a photograph, Never changing.” Musically the song is super catchy similar to “Shattered” by O.A.R. but with a faith-based perspective on life. The themes get a little deeper with the next set of songs, with “Cinnamon & Lipstick” including the reflecting on past and future with the challenge in the bridge, “We can still change the world, If we believe.” That theme continues with “Black Tattoo,” which has some of the deepest and most relevant lyrics especially in the chorus, “I don’t wanna care, About what everyone says, I don’t wanna live inside, A past that’s dead, I wanna touch down, Where miracles live, And show it like a black tattoo.” Similar to “Take Me As I Am” from Dear Diary, my favorite song on this album is first single “Last Train Home.” A real strength of FM Static’s songs for me are the strong messages imbedded in “fun” songs. A great example is the challenge to all believers in the bridge of “Last Train Home,” “I stopped lyin’ when I believed myself, ‘Cause I’d stop tryin’ if there was no way out, Faith is just the other end of doubt, Your truth is gonna make it alright.”

This new FM Static album, My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go! picks ups where Dear Diary left off and takes it up a notch in my opinion. Although this is a surefire hit for the younger audience, I highly recommend FM Static for all fans of the punk rock genre, like myself. Trevor's songwriting and singing is top notch and for me, this is my new Pinkerton by Weezer, which was the soundtrack album of my twenties when I wasn't saved. I love that Christian themed punk rock can sound this amazing!

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The Best | Posted May 04, 2011
The best release I have heard from FM Static so far. The album has a strong punk rock sound, but I do wish the message was a little bit stronger. Musically this release is very good and I think it will be enjoyed by anyone who likes this style of music.

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Awesome | Posted April 05, 2011
Yet, FM Static makes Hawk Nelson look like amatures. This CD is amazing, and is nice filler between TFK cd's. Nice beats, nice mixes, and concept. Pretty slick album if you ask me.

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WOW! | Posted September 05, 2012
This album is ridiculously catchy!  Such upbeat music, it'll put you in a good mood!  The entire album is fun!!  It reminds me of summer time!  You can't help but get happy when listening to this album!  So amazing!

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Go buy it | Posted February 10, 2012
 I've listened to FM Static for a few years now. I've always been a fan of TFK. I have every album and even though I absolutely LOVE Fm Static, I always get nervous when they release a new album. Haha not sure why! Because all of their albums have been AMAZING. I honestly think each album gets better. Such catchy upbeat energetic happy songs that get stuck in your head that have you singing everywhere you go. They've succeeded again! They deserve a pay on the back. This album came out right before my birthday. I was so excited! I can assure you they did NOT dissapoin! If you love FM Static, you'll love this album!

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FM Static does it again! | Posted April 21, 2011
I have been looking forward to this album for months!  Was it worth the wait?  You know it!  Every single song on the album is catchy.  FM Static has been an anchor in the evangelism of my life.  I had my entire football team in high school singing FM Static songs in the locker room!  Awesome!! 

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Momma67 (24)

Not sure | Posted April 18, 2011

I have never liked the pop and rock forms of music. Im more in to contemporary and worship. Think it might be aimed more towards younger kids. At least they have a good point to thier songs. Cant complain when you look at other stuff they could listen to.

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First Impressions. | Posted April 18, 2011
 I heard their hit song on the radio. I didn't like all of the other songs on the cd at first, but after I listened to them, I ended up loving all of them and can't stop listening to the album! This one is up there with Tobymac's Tonight CD on my iTouch plays. Great songs for the summer!

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Alright | Posted April 17, 2011
Not usually a big fan of this type of music, but my kids listen to it so much that I have gotten sort of acustomed to it. I like that groups like this are out there to play ositive music instead of all the questionable stuff.

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Another good one. | Posted April 16, 2011
I like everything about these guys. Their music is fantastic. The covers that they choose for their albums are really cool, and they have an awesome sound. Glad they keep the good tunes coming on each new record.

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Great cd!! | Posted April 12, 2011
 I would definitely recommend this cd to everyone. The music is amazing and we pick up something different each time we listen and the lyrics are great. We can't wait to go on another Route 66 trip with this cd blaring with our windows down. Thanks Trevor and Steve for yet another great cd.

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