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New Way to Be Human [edit]
by Switchfoot | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 23, 1999

Switchfoot fly out the door, swinging from the first bouncy note of their sophomore album, New Way to Be Human, proclaiming that having a relationship with Christ is "the only way to be human." Brothers Jon and Tim Foreman on guitar and bass, respectively, are rounded out by Chad Butler on drums, and the multilayered harmonies of these young fellows stir it up like Rembrandts on crusade. Not surprisingly, the band's sincere message coupled with samples, pop whimsy, and clean hummability have already landed them soundtrack tunes on the television shows Dawson's Creek and Party of Five. At the record's center, the acoustic "Let That Be Enough," written and recorded on the eve of Jon's 22nd birthday, eloquently captures the wonder, fear, and hunger for wholeness that all folks coming of age experience. This track is a prayer, which ultimately conveys the essence of New Way to Be Human: in the singer's words, "that Christ's love" will be enough to see him through the threshold of manhood.

Track Listing
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01. New Way to Be Human
02. Incomplete
03. Sooner Or Later
04. Company Car
05. Let That Be Enough
06. Something More
07. Only Hope
08. Amy's Song
09. I Turn Everything Over
10. Under the Floor

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Love this album! | Posted March 23, 2011
This album is awesome, I totally love it. My favorite's are "Company Car", "New way to be human (awesome music video. ;P)" and "Only Hope". But all the songs are awesome. :) Switchfoot rocks! (Happy birthday, New way to be human!)

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pacemaker (319)

great album | Posted March 17, 2011
 listen to the lyrics of this cd and you will be hooked. they're amazing.

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a bit better | Posted October 28, 2008
this is an ok cd ... i do have to admit that they get a bit better as they go. So good Luck Switchfoot! Lol ... I love their newer stuff , ........... don't disappoint me

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Good Sound | Posted June 27, 2008
The only reason I didn't give this album five stars is because the diversity between songs on the album are not as strong as I would prefer, but this album is still so fantastic. Some of the most recognizable Switchfoot songs come from this album. They definitely kick it old-school with this one, but then again this is from the "old-school" days =)I would recommend giving this album a try, especially if you have never really gotten into Switchfoot before! It a great starter to a Switchfoot collection. Not bad for thier thord try!

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irocketh (88)

Fav | Posted March 25, 2008
This is the best Switchfoot album. Has one of the best worship songs ever Only Hope.

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username2 (375)

Sophomore Falls Short | Posted January 28, 2008
It still sounds good and there are a couple good songs on it but Chin still sounds better. Pick this up as part of the Early Years box set.

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switchfoot | Posted August 30, 2007
switchfoot is such a a talented band!! all of the songs on this album are fantastic!! I love this cd. =]

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Epilogue (19)

Switchfoot Turns Over a 'New' Leaf | Posted July 31, 2007
After their first album appeared, Switchfoot began to ascend in the world of Christian rock. This, their follow up album, 'New Way to Be Human', demonstrated they were now a major contender, here to stay.

Unlike the dull opening song of the last album with its soft muted guitar, this one opens up in a radically different way. A very poppy, entertaining, and quirky (remember that word) intro followed by Jon's straining vocals lead into a highly catchy chorus that all provides the backdrop for an excellent message on our need for Christ to truly be human (I belive that's a run-on sentence).

As I've mentioned before, the word 'quirky' becomes a Switchfoot mainstay here. 'Incomplete', 'Company Car.' 'Something More', and even 'Amy's Song' have a little bit of unusual tinges to them. 'Incomplete' with its chorus that greatly resembles the future chorus of 'More than Fine' is a fine song about our incompleteness without Christ (the main message of the album if you haven't noticed). In the fourth song 'Company Car' Switchfoot has laid out there song subject for their next four albums: humanity's depravity without Christ, and the evils of consumerism. But they do it in a way that's delightfully fun. Somehow the opening lines to Company Car ("Mike was right, when he said I'd put up a fight...") just stick with you, no doubt for the quirky music playing, ranging from a bopping guitar to a trumpet.

Switchfoot also shows forth their softer side with gusto. The marvelous 'Let That Be Enough' contains some fantastic lyrics: 'And it all seems so helpless/and I have no plan/I'm a plane in the sunset/with nowhere to land.' The song's earnestness, backed by the quiet, comforting acoustic guitar provides for a powerful song of brokenness. 'Only Hope' counters the brokenness with a song of joy, singing out to God with unashamed joy because He is our 'Only Hope.' The funky 'Amy's Song' is quirkiness to the extreme, but still very powerful. The spooky/catchy song 'Sooner or Later' just adds to the album likableness (wow, that's a word).

Overall, this album stands well on its own. You need not be a Switchfoot fanatic to enjoy the quirky, beautiful, and meaningful songs on this album.

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I L.o.v.e. this Cd! | Posted July 28, 2007
This Cd is awesome! My fav songs are: Sooner or Later( this song was in Elektra the movie)
Incomplete, Only Hope ( this was in A Walk to Remember) I turn Everything over, Amy's song.
All great songs, Oh and I can't Forget the song Something More.I really like this Cd and I hope that you will too.

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jwangy (31)

great | Posted July 27, 2007
this album uses alot more effects, which suits it perfectly, it was a good albuum to set up their next one. Well done boys.

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