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Royal Tailor [edit]
by Royal Tailor | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 22, 2013

GRAMMY-nominated pop/rock band Royal Tailor released its sophomore Essential Records offering, a self-titled album, in 2013. The project delivers more of Royal Tailorís eclectic pop-infused rock paired with a purposeful message meant to inspire listeners to make a difference in the culture around them.

Track Listing
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01. Got That Fire
02. Jesus Love (feat. TobyMac)
03. Original
04. You Are My Rescue
05. Love Song
06. Ready Set Go (feat. Capital Kings)
07. Remain
08. Start Over
09. Making Me New
10. Give Me Faith
11. Bonus: Fight For Freedom (Let The Walls Fall)

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This Is What A Perfect Album Sounds Like! | Posted December 30, 2013

I never caught the vision for Royal Tailor’s debut, Black & White, when it released a few years back. For whatever reason, I wrote them off as part of “Boy Band Wave: Round 28” and was initially indifferent to their debut. But I keep hearing about them working hard, putting on an impressive live show and making plenty of noise and I finally came around to appreciate their efforts. But I was still on the fence on if this was a band that could actually break through and really impress me.

After the first listen to their sophomore, self-titled album, my doubts were instantly crumped up and dropkicked over the fence, never to be revisited again.

This is one of the best examples I can think of, in recent memory, of a band truly realizing their full potential so quickly and releasing an album that I’ll be enjoying, start to finish, for many years to come. It’s one of the most original pop albums I’ve heard, full of heart, energy, truth and flat out fun. In fact, I found myself grinning in a few spots, so proud that our industry could actually push the bar to this level.

I remember listening to “Gravity (Pulling Heaven Down)” from their debut for the first time and checking iTunes to see if, in fact, I was still listening to their album. I swear it had leaped to an unknown Michael Jackson track, but sure enough, it was still Royal Tailor. That comparison is certainly not shied away from on the new album as there are plenty of MJ moments throughout, both vocally as well as musically as most notable through the bass lines on “Original,” one of the strongest tracks on the album.

Royal Tailor is a pop album with plenty of surprises once you get past the polished production. “Got That Fire,” “Jesus Love (f/ TobyMac)” and “Ready Set Go (f/ Capital Kings)” are the album's strongest beats that would fit in any club. “You Are My Rescue,” “Love Song,” “Give Me Faith” and “Remain” provide much of the album’s depth and even in these heavy ballads, the music is driving, pulsing and alive with lyrics that make clear the Christian values these men hold close to their hearts. The closing track, “Fight for Freedom (Let the Walls Fall)” is a “going to war” anthem that builds and releases and builds again in multiple parts, ending in a beautiful two-minute reprise that puts the band’s creative talents on full display as they explore sonically while we sit back and enjoy the end result.

Closing Thoughts:
There have been few albums that have captured my attention as strongly as Royal Tailor and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m referencing this album as one of my all-time favorites a decade from now. Well done, gentlemen!

Songs to Download:
"Original" and "Remain" 

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And We Thought It Couldn't Top Black & White... | Posted October 27, 2013
I love this album. It has a song for everyone, every emotion, and every day. I never thought Black & White could be topped, but Royal Tailor completely blew it away. Thank you, guys!

Song reviews:

  • Got That Fire: I've listened to this song over sixty times, and it never gets old. The "Fire" reference is the Holy Spirit, and I love the imagery there. The lyrics are empowering, and I loved every second of roaring guitar, thumping drums, and bumpin' piano. Mind you, I didn't even like rock music until this band came along. 5/5
  • Jesus Love: First off, the beat to this song is really groovy. It may have to do with TobyMac's presence on the song, but "Jesus Love" sounds a lot like "Funky Jesus Music" (from his Tonight album), which I like as well. My favorite part of this song is the leadup, as the bass, lead guitar, and drums are just bouncing off each other in the background. TobyMac's rap is pretty sweet, too, but what else do I expect? 4/5
  • You Are My Rescue: The lyrics to this song are a declaration of God's faithfulness to us, and I love that. The choir-sounding back vocals during the beginning verses are a nice touch. Though this song sounds closer to more of the 'mainstream' CCM out there, it still sounds like Royal Tailor. 4/5
  • Original: Wow. This is one my favorite songs of the album. The "tell me" leadoff to the verse is killer, and the rest of the song just blows my mind. I can hear hints of "Jam" by Michael Jackson all throughout (plus a "Beat It"-sounding guitar solo by DJ), and as Tauren said, "This is real dance music". Either I'm hearing things, or I heard Tauren do a 'MJ' yell at 2:53. 5/5
  • Love Song: At first listen, it sounds like a typical CCM song, but it really isn't. The guitar in the background as Tauren sings about love for God is a great little rhythm, and the added harmonies by Tauren change this from typical to above-average. But, the best part is Tauren's note at 2:16. It really made me love this song (the lyrics were already great), and this is now my top favorite of the album. 5/5
  • Ready Set Go: I love this song because it encourages me to take action and 'go'! The constant guitar strum is rocking, and the dance beat of the chorus makes me jump up and rock out. Capital Kings came in for the bridge (can you call it that?), and the rap is spot-on. I love this group, too, and it was cool to hear them make an appearance. Overall, this song is a party blaster. 5/5
  • Remain: This was actually the first God-perspective song that I really liked, and it is about His loyalty to us during tough times. I identified with the message, and love having this song on repeat. It was as if my Father was speaking right to me, and that made the song comforting. The music of "Remain" is made for an arena concert for sure, but it is also perfect for God-and-me times, too. 5/5
  • Start Over: Another top song for me, "Start Over" is a good refresher song, when life is getting crazy and you're feeling lost. The bass by Blake has a great rhythm during the verses, and the chorus is amazing. It builds the song into a encouraging beat, and really boosts the impact of the rest of the song. The bridge with an early-90s (?) guitar sound is a neat touch, and I loved how it led into a simpler part of the song. It amps up again with Tauren's signature belt-out part. 5/5
  • Make Me New: Almost like "Wannabe", this is Royal Tailor's second pure pop song for me. It's light, fun, and bubbly. Very dancy and sweet, the music is technopop-ish and the lyrics are simple. It's a pretty nice beat, and a favorite for the younger crowd. 5/5
  • Give Me Faith: I love this song because of its message: give me faith. Sometimes, it can be difficult to just have faith, and I love the lyrics of just believing, and knowing God's got it. But, it also talks about being able to do some hard things in life with faith. The music is mainly acoustic guitar and drums with this song, but doesn't sound too cliche to me. 4/5
  • Fight for Freedom (Let the Walls Fall): You really can't explain this song enough. It has so many genres within six minutes that it left me speechless. The first part sounds like a Jonathan Thulin-ish mix with the bag-pipe sounding beats in the background. I absolutely loved the chorus with everyone singing "Fight for freedom" and "Glory, glory, hallelujah", which reminded me of the men's choir in Prince of Egpyt. However, the last minute of the song lessens unexpectedly with the verse by a little boy, and sounds just like an Israel and New Breed song. The whole thing had me loving every single second, and this bonus song is truly a 'bonus'. 5/5
"Royal Tailor" was an amazing album the whole way through. I have never heard something that could make me laugh, reflect, worship, and dance at the same time. Awesome work, Royal Tailor. God is doing some great stuff with you all, and I can't wait for more.

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Best Album of 2013 | Posted October 18, 2013
Royal Tailor is, for me, the most underrated group in the Christian Music industry right now. However, their upcoming release Royal Tailor will surely propel the band to new heights. It's too good not to...

The first track Got That Fire is a microcosm of the whole album. It's full of energy, has musical variety, boasts solid lyrics and musical talent. It begins with a short rap with only a drum and some backing vocals. Then the piano kicks in and at the utterence of "We about to blow this track straight up" the guitar riff begins and this anthemic opening song leaves the listener hungry for more, and Royal Tailor duly deliver. The next track Jesus Love is just as good as any other on the album (which means excelent), There is a catchy riff in the verse which flows perfectly into an energetic chorus. However that energy is somewhat dwarfed by the energy of tobyMac's rap. After a fairly poppy album Eye on It a year ago it is refreshing to see him return to doing what he undoubtedly does best. The album doesn't let off any pace in the next song Original this is a song that would quite possibly fit in well on a Michael Jackson album. It's catchy with a killer chorus and a great guitar solo towards the end.

The album does finally slow down with You are my Rescue, as a previous reviewer has commented, this song does have a CCM feel to it, and it is probably the weakest track on the album. However, the chorus is sweet and it is still distinctly a Royal Tailor song that will probably cater toward the needs of those looking for less tempo. Love Song follows, it is also a slower song with an acoustic guitar similar to Hold Me Together from their previous alum. This is a hidden gem that will grow on listeners the more they revisit it.

After a short respite the pace picks up again with another strong effort Ready, Set, Go. You will find it impossible to sit or stand still while listening to this with a thumping beat and guitar riff. Capital Kings add Party to the party with their rap at the end of this song followed by a guitar solo. Yeah, beat, riff, rap and guitar solo... the mind boggles!!! The first single from the album is Remain an uplifting track. Both musically and lyrically solid, with plenty to offer.

After that comes Making Me New a song that would fit in nicely on any mainstream radio station. The quick acoustic verse leads into a bridge that builds up to the chorus. Again Royal Tailor proves their ability to keep people moving with a danceable beat throughout.

My personal favorite from the album is Start Over. A track that starts slowly and builds and builds into something very special. Indeed at the beginning this appears to be a slow tempo song... Not so. If ever there was a place to mention Tauren Wells' soaring lyrics it is this song. He shows great range on the high pitched bridge that provides the perfect intro for a truely amazing chorus. I cant help but smile at the quick strings section that follow when Wells sings "Over". Again a guitar solo caps off an astounding song.

While Give Me Faith is fairly normal musically the lyrics stand out as probably was intended and in the end this is deffinately a worthwile track to listen to.

Finally comes the Bonus track Fight For Freedom. It is indeed a bonus track in every sense. As Got That Fire showed the diversity of Royal Tailor so does this song. It begins slowly, Trauren's vocals again shining. What follows it a short section backed by a harmonica and clapping which is the prelude to hard hitting guitar and backing vocals adding an epic feel to this song. The inclusion of "Glory, Glory, Halleluja" is a nice touch as is the rap that follows. The album finishes with the words "These walls are coming down" a message as strong as the album itself.

This album surpassed everything in Black & White. It's diversity and energy is unmatched in this industry and beyond. A big future lies ahead for this band, I can't wait to watch it unfold. 

This is the best album of 2013. 
Listen to the full thing at and be sure to buy the album upon it's release on Octover 22nd

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belisbud (37)

Beautifully Inspiring | Posted January 18, 2014
This album has beautiful music and vocals- and great uplifting lyrics to match. Its also a good balance between get up and dance songs and sit back and just enjoy listening songs. I'm definitely loving this awesome CD- especially for Ready Set Go and Remain! Also, Start Over and Fight for Freedom are so incredibly beautiful and inspiring- this CD is awesome in every way! Can't wait to hear more from you guys!

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Great Album | Posted December 29, 2013

This album is great in all respects. My favorites on the album are Got That Fire, Jesus Love, Making Me New, and Love Song. All of the songs are great too. The last song on the album, Fight For Freedom, is more of an anthem than a song. It's great. 

I was looking forward to this album for weeks, and it was well worth the wait. For all of those Winter Jam 2013 fans who want more, this is your album.

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Album review from a novice | Posted October 30, 2013
 This album is defintely one to get people's feet moving and fingers tapping!

Overall I enjoyed the album. The transitions between tracks and overall feel of the album was well done. In my opinion, the placement of the slower tracks allowed for a slight respite in between the fast-paced, but enjoyable speed of the other songs.

Like I said previously, it is an enjoyable album to listen and groove to!


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Awesome | Posted October 23, 2013
I love the intensity of some of the songs, exactly the music I like to hear: pop yet rock and a little bit of rapping in there! Great band and vocals overall I really look forward to getting this!! =)

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Kayle (7)

Love it! | Posted October 22, 2013
I love the new album! Aside from a few songs that I did not enjoy as much, I still rate this album one of the top albums I now have on my iTunes! Plus the release party for the album was definitely worth it (:

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Wow! Wow! Wow! | Posted October 22, 2013
Didn't make it through the preview before I had to order it!!  These guys are amazing!!  Incredible vocals and lyrics!!  This has to be the most interesting album to hit in a long time, ranking up there with Jonathin Thulin, and that's saying a lot coming from one of JT's most dedicated fans.  Stylistically, this hits the mark all the way around. A MUST-HAVE!!!!  Getcha some, folks!!

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Royal Tailor's GOT THAT FIRE | Posted October 22, 2013
 Royal Tailor definitely expresses their fire and passion for God through this album! After hearing the free stream they shared with their "Royal Fam," I absolutely loved it since they started playing the first song. Also, huge plus on special guests: TobyMac and Capital Kings are featured on "Jesus Love" and "Ready, Set, Go" respectively. I've been so excited for the album release, and look forward to opening up my physical copy very soon as soon as it arrives on my doorstep! Highly recommend listening to this album. So full of variety, great beats, and an uplifting vibe!

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Wonderfully Fun and Catchy Positive Album | Posted October 22, 2013
First off, I'd like to warn you not to get Royal Tailor confused with Royal Royal. I made that mistake, although I have no reason to believe anyone else will. Anyway, now you know.

The album is quite good, I must say. It's definitely catchy, more than catchy actually. Every song has a really good "funkyness" to it and in some songs a dance beat. I wasn't sure if I was going to like them, but I recognized one of their songs from Air 1 and I'm not too particularly crazy about it, but the rest of the album has definitely appealed to me. It has a good beat and a positive message of God's love in every song.

I would most certainly reccomend this album to anyone. 

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