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And We Thought It Couldn't Top Black & White...
Posted October 27, 2013
By RoyalTailorFan21,

I love this album. It has a song for everyone, every emotion, and every day. I never thought Black & White could be topped, but Royal Tailor completely blew it away. Thank you, guys!

Song reviews:

  • Got That Fire: I've listened to this song over sixty times, and it never gets old. The "Fire" reference is the Holy Spirit, and I love the imagery there. The lyrics are empowering, and I loved every second of roaring guitar, thumping drums, and bumpin' piano. Mind you, I didn't even like rock music until this band came along. 5/5
  • Jesus Love: First off, the beat to this song is really groovy. It may have to do with TobyMac's presence on the song, but "Jesus Love" sounds a lot like "Funky Jesus Music" (from his Tonight album), which I like as well. My favorite part of this song is the leadup, as the bass, lead guitar, and drums are just bouncing off each other in the background. TobyMac's rap is pretty sweet, too, but what else do I expect? 4/5
  • You Are My Rescue: The lyrics to this song are a declaration of God's faithfulness to us, and I love that. The choir-sounding back vocals during the beginning verses are a nice touch. Though this song sounds closer to more of the 'mainstream' CCM out there, it still sounds like Royal Tailor. 4/5
  • Original: Wow. This is one my favorite songs of the album. The "tell me" leadoff to the verse is killer, and the rest of the song just blows my mind. I can hear hints of "Jam" by Michael Jackson all throughout (plus a "Beat It"-sounding guitar solo by DJ), and as Tauren said, "This is real dance music". Either I'm hearing things, or I heard Tauren do a 'MJ' yell at 2:53. 5/5
  • Love Song: At first listen, it sounds like a typical CCM song, but it really isn't. The guitar in the background as Tauren sings about love for God is a great little rhythm, and the added harmonies by Tauren change this from typical to above-average. But, the best part is Tauren's note at 2:16. It really made me love this song (the lyrics were already great), and this is now my top favorite of the album. 5/5
  • Ready Set Go: I love this song because it encourages me to take action and 'go'! The constant guitar strum is rocking, and the dance beat of the chorus makes me jump up and rock out. Capital Kings came in for the bridge (can you call it that?), and the rap is spot-on. I love this group, too, and it was cool to hear them make an appearance. Overall, this song is a party blaster. 5/5
  • Remain: This was actually the first God-perspective song that I really liked, and it is about His loyalty to us during tough times. I identified with the message, and love having this song on repeat. It was as if my Father was speaking right to me, and that made the song comforting. The music of "Remain" is made for an arena concert for sure, but it is also perfect for God-and-me times, too. 5/5
  • Start Over: Another top song for me, "Start Over" is a good refresher song, when life is getting crazy and you're feeling lost. The bass by Blake has a great rhythm during the verses, and the chorus is amazing. It builds the song into a encouraging beat, and really boosts the impact of the rest of the song. The bridge with an early-90s (?) guitar sound is a neat touch, and I loved how it led into a simpler part of the song. It amps up again with Tauren's signature belt-out part. 5/5
  • Make Me New: Almost like "Wannabe", this is Royal Tailor's second pure pop song for me. It's light, fun, and bubbly. Very dancy and sweet, the music is technopop-ish and the lyrics are simple. It's a pretty nice beat, and a favorite for the younger crowd. 5/5
  • Give Me Faith: I love this song because of its message: give me faith. Sometimes, it can be difficult to just have faith, and I love the lyrics of just believing, and knowing God's got it. But, it also talks about being able to do some hard things in life with faith. The music is mainly acoustic guitar and drums with this song, but doesn't sound too cliche to me. 4/5
  • Fight for Freedom (Let the Walls Fall): You really can't explain this song enough. It has so many genres within six minutes that it left me speechless. The first part sounds like a Jonathan Thulin-ish mix with the bag-pipe sounding beats in the background. I absolutely loved the chorus with everyone singing "Fight for freedom" and "Glory, glory, hallelujah", which reminded me of the men's choir in Prince of Egpyt. However, the last minute of the song lessens unexpectedly with the verse by a little boy, and sounds just like an Israel and New Breed song. The whole thing had me loving every single second, and this bonus song is truly a 'bonus'. 5/5
"Royal Tailor" was an amazing album the whole way through. I have never heard something that could make me laugh, reflect, worship, and dance at the same time. Awesome work, Royal Tailor. God is doing some great stuff with you all, and I can't wait for more.

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