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Best Album of 2013
Posted October 18, 2013
By lmPike0712,

Royal Tailor is, for me, the most underrated group in the Christian Music industry right now. However, their upcoming release Royal Tailor will surely propel the band to new heights. It's too good not to...

The first track Got That Fire is a microcosm of the whole album. It's full of energy, has musical variety, boasts solid lyrics and musical talent. It begins with a short rap with only a drum and some backing vocals. Then the piano kicks in and at the utterence of "We about to blow this track straight up" the guitar riff begins and this anthemic opening song leaves the listener hungry for more, and Royal Tailor duly deliver. The next track Jesus Love is just as good as any other on the album (which means excelent), There is a catchy riff in the verse which flows perfectly into an energetic chorus. However that energy is somewhat dwarfed by the energy of tobyMac's rap. After a fairly poppy album Eye on It a year ago it is refreshing to see him return to doing what he undoubtedly does best. The album doesn't let off any pace in the next song Original this is a song that would quite possibly fit in well on a Michael Jackson album. It's catchy with a killer chorus and a great guitar solo towards the end.

The album does finally slow down with You are my Rescue, as a previous reviewer has commented, this song does have a CCM feel to it, and it is probably the weakest track on the album. However, the chorus is sweet and it is still distinctly a Royal Tailor song that will probably cater toward the needs of those looking for less tempo. Love Song follows, it is also a slower song with an acoustic guitar similar to Hold Me Together from their previous alum. This is a hidden gem that will grow on listeners the more they revisit it.

After a short respite the pace picks up again with another strong effort Ready, Set, Go. You will find it impossible to sit or stand still while listening to this with a thumping beat and guitar riff. Capital Kings add Party to the party with their rap at the end of this song followed by a guitar solo. Yeah, beat, riff, rap and guitar solo... the mind boggles!!! The first single from the album is Remain an uplifting track. Both musically and lyrically solid, with plenty to offer.

After that comes Making Me New a song that would fit in nicely on any mainstream radio station. The quick acoustic verse leads into a bridge that builds up to the chorus. Again Royal Tailor proves their ability to keep people moving with a danceable beat throughout.

My personal favorite from the album is Start Over. A track that starts slowly and builds and builds into something very special. Indeed at the beginning this appears to be a slow tempo song... Not so. If ever there was a place to mention Tauren Wells' soaring lyrics it is this song. He shows great range on the high pitched bridge that provides the perfect intro for a truely amazing chorus. I cant help but smile at the quick strings section that follow when Wells sings "Over". Again a guitar solo caps off an astounding song.

While Give Me Faith is fairly normal musically the lyrics stand out as probably was intended and in the end this is deffinately a worthwile track to listen to.

Finally comes the Bonus track Fight For Freedom. It is indeed a bonus track in every sense. As Got That Fire showed the diversity of Royal Tailor so does this song. It begins slowly, Trauren's vocals again shining. What follows it a short section backed by a harmonica and clapping which is the prelude to hard hitting guitar and backing vocals adding an epic feel to this song. The inclusion of "Glory, Glory, Halleluja" is a nice touch as is the rap that follows. The album finishes with the words "These walls are coming down" a message as strong as the album itself.

This album surpassed everything in Black & White. It's diversity and energy is unmatched in this industry and beyond. A big future lies ahead for this band, I can't wait to watch it unfold. 

This is the best album of 2013. 
Listen to the full thing at and be sure to buy the album upon it's release on Octover 22nd

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