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Smash-Ups [edit]
by Various Artists - General Miscellaneous | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 30, 2003

Smash-Ups represents a natural evolution in the art of remixing and a sign of the times in popular. Thanks to affordably priced computer software and the age of digital downloads, savvy DJs and music geeks have in recent years devised a new genre referred to as the "mash-up." The concept is simple: they blend the vocals of one song with the instrumentation of another. Usually this is done with the aid of vinyl remixes that feature the vocals more prominently, if not completely a cappella. Purists will insist that the songs be combined manually with turntables, but today's technology allows for amateurs to accomplish the same by digitally filtering out the unwanted music and adjusting the speed of one song to fit the other.

Of course, all of this is made considerably easier if you have access to the original multitrack masters of the recordings. Inspired by the relatively new phenomenon, Sparrow Records utilized their large catalog of artists who fall under the Chordant Distribution umbrella and commissioned a number of mixmasters to create their own smash-ups, including Tedd T. (Rebecca St. James, ZOEgirl) and David Larring (Matt Redman, Avalon). A successful mix in this case is to blend together two seemingly disparate songs and make them sound as though they belong together"the more bizarre the pairing the better. The trick primarily lies in the speed adjustment, and it should be noted that altering the background music is usually much easier than altering the lead vocal. Too much one way or the other and a vocalist can sound like a munchkin or a troll.

Track Listing
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01. Audio Adrenalin 'Get Down' Vs. Steven Curtis Chapman 'Dive' Vs. Grits 'All Fall Down' - Tedd T.
02. DC Talk 'Colored People' Vs. Newsboys 'Entertaining Angels' - Rusty Varenkamp
03. Grits 'Tn Bwoys' Vs. Switchfoot 'You Already Take Me There' - Rusty Varenkamp
04. Rebecca St. James 'God' Vs. Earthsuit 'One Time' - David Larring
05. Relient K 'Pressing On' Vs. Tobymac 'Yours' - Brent Hendrich
06. The Benjamin Gate 'All Over Me' Vs. John Reuben 'Do Not' - F. Reid Shippen
07. DC Talk 'Jesus Freak' Vs. Zoegirl 'Dismissed' - Tedd T.
08. Newsboys 'Shine' Vs. PAX217 'Tonight' - Rusty Varenkamp
09. Steven Curtis Chapman 'Live Out Loud' Vs. Out Of Eden 'River' - F. Reid Shippen
10. Carman 'Who's In The House' Vs. Zoegirl 'Even If' - Rusty Varenkamp

Entry last edited by art10 on 07.19.07

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art10 (115)

The Most Original Christian Music Album EVER! | Posted July 19, 2007
This has to be the most original album ever to come out of the circles of Christian music. Take two or three songs, and blend, that's the concept of this album. And surprisingly, it actually works to great effect in most cases.

The first song is the best, it is the only song that combines three songs, and it's mixed by the great Tedd T. The song is a great blend, and while SCC's verses are messed up, the problem is easily over looked when looked at a whole with the rest of the song. It's a great blend of rap, and rock. Tracks 2,5,8,9 are also great, expeccially 9.

Tracks 3,4,6,7 are tracks that might sound great to another person, but it didn't float my boat. They were OK, but in my mind nothing to write home about. Track 10 is the only track which I can't comment on because of my bias toward Carman, I personally hate the guy. The reasons are personal. So don't ask.

Overall, a great concept album, and major props to originality. But, the album was released four years ago, so my only question is, where's the sequel? The some of the songs on the album are classics, but most were hits at the time, and never made it to music memory. I fear a sequel will never be made. Although the public reaction was mostly positive, the critical was terrible, and when you have an album like this, you need the critics to promote sales, and they didn't have that. But, the fans of this album hopefully still have a voice, and a sequel will be made. But till then, we must watch the sky, and pray. You don't have to agree, but it's my opinion, and I'm sticking with it.

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Absolutely a must have for all music enthusiasts. | Posted June 15, 2008
If you love Christian music and if you love to hear your favorite artists clashed together, then you will definitely love this cd.
Some of these songs were just made for each other. The first track consists of 3 well-known hits, "Get Down/Dive/All Fall Down" smashed together to make 1 really fun song to hear. The next track, "Colored People/Entertaining Angels," was a perfect blend. Hearing dcTalk and Newsboys together - priceless. Track 3 with Grits and Switchfoot is 1 cool rockin' hip-hop song. Rebecca St. James and Earthsuit? Relient K and TobyMac? Who came up with those? Anyway, I found these songs very interesting indeed. I also liked how they mixed The Benjamin Gate and John Reuben together as well. That one should really make your head bob. Now comes track 7. I found this one a very interesting piece. First you hear the oh so familar "Jesus Freak" guitar riffs starting out, then you hear the vocals of....Zoegirl? Yep, your fave guy trio teams up with your fave girl trio. That one was indeed a surprise. Newsboys/Pax217 and Steven Curtis Chapman/Out of Eden were pretty cool mixes as well. Last but not least, Carman/Zoegirl. "Who's in the House" never sounded so good.
I enjoy this album more everytime I play it and I'm sure that you will too. You can find it for less than $10 at The people at Sparrow Records did an outstanding job on this album and I surely hope that they will start making a sequel very soon.

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aylaeh (203)

love this idea! | Posted August 24, 2007
this album is SO original. It makes me wonder how the creators came up with this idea. I love how the songs blend together.

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1grlbnd (48)

Great! | Posted August 20, 2007
I think this is a great CD and love how the songs are mixed together.

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