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Skin Stripper by Vomitorial Corpulence  | CD Reviews And Information | NewReleaseToday

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0 . Barn Yard Grind
01 . Hammer Inflicted Brain Seizure And Hemorrhaging Cranial Gestation
02 . Curse or Blessing
03 . Malignant Cankerous Brain Feast And Tumorous Cerebral Beverage Of The Cranium
04 . Blink
05 . Numb
06 . Stenching Putrefacation Of Crepitated Decomposing Carcassile And Eroded Internal Intestinal Tract And Organs
07 . Goreaphiler Of The Flesh
08 . Life
09 . Defleshed
10 . Cudgellated Mephistopheles Brutally
11 . Do It
12 . One Question and One Answer
13 . Festering Insalubrious Bowel Hemorrhaging Of Cancerous Pustulosus And Abdominal Abscess Discharge Of The Intestinal Tract
14 . Holy Hypocrisy
15 . Cadaveric Necroticisum Of Neuropathological Catatoniar And Pyrexia Malignant Growth Of The Cerebrum
16 . Hill Billy Heaven
17 . Cerebral Turbulency
18 . Turn to Christ
19 . Hc4jc
20 . Excoriating Karrionic Cankerous Emanation Of Sludge And Ulcerated Flesh
21 . Pathetic
23 . Grotesque Mucopurulent Disgorgement
24 . Karrionic Hactician
25 . Abolishment Of Belial And All Impercating Creation
26 . Death Comes Quick
27 . Christ is the Demon Crusher
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27 . Christ is the Demon Crusher



"Cerebral Turbulency" Lyrics [edit]
by Vomitorial Corpulence | from the album Skin Stripper

Your mind's set on things of the flesh, Chaotic thought you need to address Unwanted brain rot clots your head, From all
the garbage you've been fed Unstable is your mind, Corrupt thoughts are all you'll find Mullignant cancer kills your brain,
Festering abscess gives you pain Corrupt thoughta make you insane, You've only got yourself to blame. Cerebral Turbulency!
Don't conform to the pattern of the world But be transformed by the renewing of your mind To be carnally minded is death,
but to be spiritually minded is life Put your mind on things above, Keep your eyes set on God Clean your brain with God's

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