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Disciple is very hospitable
Posted October 31, 2008
By Nathan,

With hits like “After the World” and “things left unsaid” it didn’t take long for even more people to catch on to the hard rock group Disciple, and for good reason because they are one of the few bands who can successfully translate their hard rock nature in a contemporary setting. Their latest effort, Southern Hospitality, is more anticipated than Scars Remain but will it hold up the expectations.

Right away for those who only enjoyed the incredible medium rock songs like “after the world” and “things left unsaid” this album is certainly not for you. Southern Hospitality at its heart is a hard rock album so Disciples’ attempts to recapture the fire in their softer songs fall short because their new softer rock tunes lack the emotion and the intensity of the previously mentioned songs. “Whatever reason” is one of the songs representing Disciples’ softer side but it’s gritty and the song lacks the passion. Compared to the rest of the album “Savoir” is a ballad and it tries hard to become a last song epic but it also lacks charm.

But when it comes to just rocking, Disciple does not disappoint. Right from the get-go the title track has gut retching guitar riffs and aggressive vocals which border on screaming (in the bridge it no longer borders) and true to the title, it has a southern rock influence. . “Romance me” is more of a standard rock song in the fact that there is no screaming, there is no southern influence, and there are no huge out of control riffs, but the song has a cutting edge chorus to go along with a crisp bridge. “Lair” is another fast paced intense rock song with some good electric guitar actions but the whole of the album is more like songs similar to “whispers so loud” and “phoenix rising” which are more out of control hard rock songs.

The lyrics are often as intense as their music, as Disciple does not back down from their Christian background. “Right there” starts from God’s standpoint and focus’ on his love and his protection (Before you open up your eyes / Know that I’ll be there / I’m always right there / Before you walk across the fire / Know that I’ll be there / I’m always right there / Right there’) while “whispers so loud” centers around keeping God’s word around (‘The words you spoke they burn / Burn within my heart, burn within my soul / And I will carry them with me forever’).

On “savoir” the singer does what he can to help a broken girl, but he knows that the best solution is in God’s hands (You love her more than I could love her / You’ve already given more than I could offer / So I put my hope in You). Songs deal with second chances (“falling star”), putting burdens on God (“lay my burdens”), and simply making a statement of faith (“321”). Amid all the scripture in “lair” the main course is dealing with a friend who is untrustworthy and dishonest(I will forgive you / But it will take some time to forget / I will forgive you/ But it’s gonna take some time’).

One of best rock albums of 2008 would have to be Southern Hospitality because of the sheer quality that is put in every rock song. The electric guitar may fly out of control a few times but the problem is not balancing the good rock tunes with emotionally gripping ballads. That aside the lyrics are incredibly solid and help make Disciples’ new release very hospitable.

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