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Shawn McDonald [Roots]
Posted September 24, 2008
By christianmusicreview,

[Main Review]

In the newest Shawn McDonald album Roots, you contemplate on where is he going with this thought of roots. It is determined and understood that he is actually referring to the roots of a tree, growing deeper and deeper into the ground so that the tree can stand freely and strong. That can also be used as a metaphor in our lives as Christians.

In the song titled “Clarity” it refers to our earthly lives: beaten, torn apart, and shattered. Longing for clarity, truth, peace, freedom, guidance, love, and to be whole, but there is no way that this can be done without a Savior.

The only one that can fill that role is our Lord, Jesus Christ, for without Him nothing is possible. For my Savior captivates me, washes me clean, is the Light that guides me through the darkness, and will never turn His back on you. These concepts are realized in the tracks titled, “Captivated”, “Wash Me Clean”, “Shadowlands”, “Light”, and “Winter”.

“Shadowlands” concept is a lyrical form of Psalms 23. This is a powerful Psalm and I encourage all to take a glance at it.

In the track “Roots” you hear that a root is there for one purpose, to be support for the object that rests upon it. For without strong roots, it has no strength to hold itself up… that is the same thing about our lives. Without the word and knowledge of the Lord we are weak. For the word is a living word of a living God and will never change. It is truth.

For roots to grow they have to be planted and the Bible teaches us that we will reap what we sow.

Time is essence, time is short, time is everything; but there is a purpose for everything. It just takes time. This is expressed in the song “Time”.

“Hallelujah” is a song that gives us insight that by our actions is how we obtain our blessing and everything else good that comes our way it is all in the hands of God.

This album does have some powerful concepts and a powerful metaphor of what roots are. There is no way we can stand on our own. Jesus is our roots. We need Him.

So embrace yourself in the word of the Lord and let your roots grow deeper in the ground. We also need to be the water and pour our love, respect, and knowledge onto others so they can grow. We are to put each other into a higher level of respect and hold each other accountable for our actions.

This album is truly unique and carries a good message, but it could be missed if not listened to carefully. We need Jesus, who is our foundation for everything and we are nothing without Him.

Rating: 8.1 out of 10 (81%, B-)

Review written by: Barry Collins

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Staff Voices: A Journey Through Sound | Sarah Reeves Essentials | Narnia Coming To Life

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