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"Is This Album Good?" Mmhmm!
Posted September 10, 2008
By TheLeviticalLawKid,

Relient K has been on a tear, impacting the Christian music world and music in general with their rocking music and hard-hitting lyrics. Mmhmm is an album that is pure Relient K: a full CD of songs you've come to expect from these guys.

Mhmmm starts off with one of the biggest RK hits ever: "Be My Escape". If you've ever heard of the song, you know how good it is. It really gets the album and its message kicked off with a bang.

A surprising song is the one that follows, "High of 75". It opens with an amazing and really quick acoustic guitar intro, then into a full blown assault of Relient K sound. The lyrics are about your life and attitude's up and downs, unpredictable just like the weather. The battle over "The Sun" and "The Clouds" for the weather in your life is some of the best symbolism I've ever heard in a song before. But, hey, this is Relient K. Their career has thrived off of word play.

"I So Hate Consequences" talks about running away in a sort of a getaway car from life and its mistakes. It's a conversation between this guy and God, where he finally tells God that "he just wants all of this to end". Very real, very good.

If you've ever had a Relient K album before, you know that the band would release a song that is:
2)Paired with a title usually longer than the entire song.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the crazy 73 second ride called "The Only Thing Worse than Beating a Dead Horse is Betting On One". Find it, and listen to it. Right now.

OK, you're back. Good song, huh?

"My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend" is the next song, and it is classic RK. The song reveals the story of a scorned guy, who happens to be the ex of lead singer Matthew Theissen's girlfriend. It's kind of a "Ha, ha. I've got the girl, and you're going to be stuck with someone less than her."

If you've ever had a period of time when you think that you're just a mess-up, listen to "More Than Useless". The sound is some of the best on the album, with mixes of piano and rhythm guitar "solos". Just remember, you are not useless. God is looking down and he sees you as his prize creation.

There are more good songs on Mmmhm, but "Who I Am Hates Who I've Been" is hit number two on this album. Just like the title states, this song talks about putting away your life before Christ and embracing the new. The throbbing intro with the best guitar part I've ever heard of should tell you this is a great song.

Mmhmm is a great album. Relient K has seemed to have grown up a bit, and that's fine by me. Some of their older albums have great songs, but Mmhmm won me over as a Relient K fan. And I have a feeling that even though this is the best RK album, the band hasn't finished putting out other great buys.

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