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Posted August 18, 2008
By bah93,

One of the main reasons I Love Relient K, is because they're a group of guys who celebrate a life with a direction and purpose. They write their lyrics with a wisdom beyond their years, and from the look of this CD's particular Album Art, it seems that they're just students from High School.

All songs are well put together, and simply great. I admit that I've never heard so many profound Relient K songs all together in one Album such as this one, a track that gives a straight truthful messege is "For the Moments I Feel Faint." But of course, like all RK Albums, this CD offers lyrics that can crack a smile on your face guaranteed :D

Favorites would be...

"I'm Lion-O"
"Pressing On"
"Down In Flames"
"Those Words Are Not Enough"

..and that's just to name a few cause I basically love the whole Album.
Go Thundercats!!

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