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Fame Becomes Them
Posted January 25, 2008
By username2,

After the success of Mmhmm, Relient K returns with "5 Score and 7 Years Ago." As the title refers to, this is Relient K's 5th album and it has been 7 years since thieir debut self-titled album came out. On this album they sound more alternative, but in a good way. The songs, as always, are solid and well put together. The last song on the album is an 11 minute epic telling the story of a man who is about to die and is going back on all the wrong he did in his life. This is the most ambitious thing this band has done and they pull it off with ease. Even Jon Foreman from Switchfoot makes a vocal apperance. The DVD that came with the CD is nothing special. It's just a video of the band playing some of their songs acoustically and an insiteful making of the Must Have Done Something Right music video plus the actual music video. All in all, a solid buy but I'd recommend the regular edition instead.

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