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Album of the Year
Posted May 14, 2023
By KevinDavis_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know
Two-time GRAMMY Award-winning singer and songwriter Lauren Daigle recently released her new single, "Thank God I Do," and announced her self-titled album, Lauren Daigle, released May 12, 2023. "This is my most precious project," Daigle shares, "It's got fun, solemn, extrovert, and introvert moments. And I'm just thrilled about taking my songwriting further on this record than I've done previously."
"Thank God I Do" marks the launch of a new creative chapter for the multi-platinum-selling, Louisiana-bred artist, who announced the signing to Atlantic Records in partnership with longtime label home Centricity Music. The album showcases Lauren’s gifts as a songwriter and her shimmering, emotion-laden voice. This album is loaded with positive grace-filled messages of hope. Her songs address the pressures of life, and she understands that her identity only comes from her relationship with God.
What it Sounds Like
“Thank God I Do” is an incredible song. This song truly touches me in many ways. Many of us struggle with the idea that our past and present mistakes and thoughts of anxiety, worry, and depression define us, yet the Bible tells us that isn't true. Lauren’s passionate vocals set the tone for this exceptional album. So many people can relate to the song's messages. The standout songs also include “New,” “Waiting,” “To Know Me,” “Valuable,” and “Don’t Believe Them.” 

Spiritual Highlights
So many people can relate to the message of “Thank God I Do.” He's a God of infinite second chances. This song is a comforting message that there is always hope. Breathe it like oxygen, and God's hope will turn whatever you're going through into something different for His glory.
“New” is based on several biblical truths, including Lamentations 3:22-23. Whatever struggle or depression you face, know that God is always with you. Know that being His is enough. We have freedom thanks to His mercies which are new every morning. When you abide in His grace, you won’t be the same. His grace takes away anxiety, addiction, guilt, and shame. 
A prayer of thankfulness for the comfort and rest offered by God is beautifully captured in “To Know Me.” Lauren beautifully expresses gratefulness, “I could tell you all the details of who I am, but then again, to know me, you would have to know my friend.”

Best Song
“Thank God I Do” is my heart's cry and anthem to sing daily in praise to the Lord, regardless of my circumstances, doubts, or worries. We're free from our fears, addictions, insecurities, and perfectionism. Jesus died for us so we can all truly live in Him. We all have lies that we believe about ourselves. When you abide in His grace, you won't be the same. This song has become my anthem, and I sing along at the top of my lungs to the sincere and passionate lyrics of submission: “You’re my safe place/My hide away/You’re my anchor/My saving grace/You’re my constant/My steadiness/You’re my shelter/My oxygen/I don’t know who I’d be/If I didn’t know you/Thank God I do.”
“Valuable” is an excellent companion to sing over your life. From the beautiful refrain, you’ll understand how God feels about you: “What would God say to you? Oh, every tear He catches with His hand, And He knows the way your heart breaks within, You’re valuable.”

For Fans Of
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Final Word
I love Lauren’s intentionality and focus on God's provision in her life. She is a uniquely gifted singer/songwriter with a big, memorable, dynamic, yet intimate voice. These poetic lyrics poignantly capture life's simple yet vital messages. The emotional vocals and the prayerful lyrics in these sacred songs engage me. Lauren’s vocals will soothe your soul.

This is my favorite album by my favorite singer! I can’t get enough of these anointed songs by this anointed singer. Do yourself a favor and listen to these beautiful expressions of faith, hope, and love. Several personal pieces melt my heart, especially “Thank God I Do,” “New,” “Waiting,” “Valuable,” and “To Know Me.” Lauren Daigle is for you if you like female singers that make you think while you enjoy their catchy and empowering songs. I have three young daughters, and this is a captivating album filled with positive messages. This is my album of the year.


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