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Confidence in the Truth
Posted March 25, 2021
By SelenaSchulz_NRT, Staff Reviewer

What You Need to Know: 
Jordan St. Cyr may be a new name to some, but he isn't new to the music scene. At the age of 14, he began leading worship at his church, and before that, he was writing poetry and music. You could even say songwriting runs in his blood since his father, a fellow songwriter, inspired him to begin pursuing music. For a while, Jordan was in a rock n' roll band playing songs simply because he enjoyed it. But that was before he saw the transformations music spurred. When he came to this revelation, he simultaneously realized this was more than a hobby; it was his calling. 

Since then, Jordan has been releasing music in the Contemporary Christian music realm and not without recognition. The awards he has earned include 2019 GMA Covenant Awards for Song of the Year, New Artist of the Year, Recorded Song of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, and Pop Song of the Year. Jordan recently released a four-song EP with his new label home, BEC Recordings.

What It Sounds Like:
Jordan is a breath of fresh air. His unique voice swallows up the listener until they stop what they're doing and simply listen. There are some basic instruments in the background that Jordan employs skillfully. None of them overpower his voice but instead contribute to its grandeur. Each song rises and falls in accurate time with the lyrics and the emotions are guaranteed to come as you listen. His voice perfectly captures the feelings of chasing the Lord and his passion engulfs the record beautifully. 

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:
This whole EP is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and it is breathtaking. Jordan focuses on the never-ceasing presence of God and how His strength is more than enough to fight our battles. "Be My Defender" is firstly a cry out to Him to come save us. It then builds into a declaration of confidence in God's power against our struggles. The song evolves into a beautiful melody of affirmation of the Lord's strength and the stability we can stand on when we trust in Him. "You are lifting up my head/ All my faith is in You/  You are singing over me/ You're my victory over death."

Best Song on the Record:
All four of these songs are amazing, but the one that really grabbed my attention is "Fires." Jordan proclaims an important message through the song and it's one I personally needed to hear. We are going to walk through fires in this life; it's just how it is and we can't always avoid them. Despite this, we are not alone in the fire; Jesus is right there with us. A lyric that struck me in this song was "I'm living out the victory/ Doesn't mean I won't feel the heat." Although we are made new in Christ, we aren't immune to the heat of this world. But as Jordan continues on to say, God will never desert us and we don't have to fear because we have Him right by our side. 

For Fans Of:
Dan Bremnes, Austin French, Ryan Stevenson

Final Word:
Jordan has produced a masterpiece. In just four songs, he acknowledges the struggles of this world, connects with them, and surrenders them to the Lord. I love this EP because it is full of strength and confidence. It is a true declaration of hope. The overflowing energy equates to shouting out loud "The Lord is my rock, I shall not fear!" This music speaks truth (and also has a great rhythm!) and I know you'll want to put it on repeat. The next time I'm feeling down, I'm going to listen to this empowering EP and I encourage you to do the same. 

You can find this EP on iTunes and Spotify

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